Nearly a century ago, various elite families who were investing in the medical care of others, discovered a fascinating financial reality when it comes to one person taking care of another. When a person loves another person, they will stop at nothing to keep them alive. Including the complete and utter depletion of their entire life savings. This reality was accidentally discovered, but has since been intentionally exploited.

Now take the thousands of ways that a human being is poisoned into neurological illnesses that result in brain damage (often blamed on autism), dementia, and the ever growing and more popular Alzheimer’s. Each one of these illnesses can be prevented by refraining from FLU shots, eating foods laced with mercury such as tuna, and eating any number of sugar substitutes. Yet, in today’s modern “cool” culture, the catchphrase “You have to die from something” is thrust into the vernacular of young and ignorant citizens to defend their carefree lifestyle, which will land them in an assisted living facilities with health aging bodies, but mentally impaired minds. Their loved ones will be forced to spend thousands of dollars a month to have their every need supervised, thus ensuring that whatever money they had raised over their life, goes back into the pockets of the very folks who poisoned them in the first place.

When it comes to terminal illnesses, the gutting of your personal finances is nearly immediate, and usually results in debts that take decades to pay off, even if the patient had insurance at the time of diagnoses. Cancer is the most popular man-made illness that the elite help manifest in your body, so that their medical institutions will eventually inherit you as a patient and rape your family of every dime they have. Consequently, the insurance companies that write you the nice letter letting you know that your coverage has been canceled are also owned by the same folks.

When it comes to government healthcare, it is important to be careful in seeing this as a self-regulating method of cleaning up the food supply. The draconian mandate to buy overpriced coverage-lacking healthcare from a government agency only means that the odds of making money from such an empire have shifted. The private for profit insurance companies that will underwrite the policies handed down by the government will see massive swells in premium revenues, as they continue to pay themselves for medical services. To put this into perspective, one group of people bring you into this world with their hospital, feed you toxic food from their mega corporations, then take your money as you die in their hospitals. This is what John D. Rockefeller called, “cradle to grave” economics. The goal of his family was to own a human from start to finish, and that is exactly the scam they have been running on society since the 1920s.

You can brake this chain of dependency by detoxifying your life. See our article on Immediate Health Risks and do your best to adhere to every initiative mentioned therein. We want you to live a long and healthy life.

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