Deadly FLU Shot

Well, here we are on October 31, 2011. As a special gift from out powers that be, we have an invitation to toxic flu shots at a Ventura County Vons supermarket. And then with just a turn of the neck, there they are up above, the toxic discharge of the chemtrail planes. Happy halloween, citizen!

The supermarket makes your flu shot even more attractive by offering you a 10 percent discount on your Monsanto, GMO, Corn Syrup filled processed food purchases after you allow yourself to be injected with potentially hazardous flu vaccines.

But the fun doesn’t stop there.  As you exit the store, look up.  Every single cloud over the city of Ventura, CA today came out of the back of an airplane. These aerosol trails linger in the sky for hours and slowly expand into a web of thin, ugly, artificial clouds that drain their payload of barium and aluminum oxide on our crops and water supply.  Your kids breathe it.  Your pets breathe it. YOU breathe it.  For some reason people don’t look up and wonder why a perfectly clear blue sky is crisscrossed with contrails that don’t dissipate.

Ventura County California Oct 31st 2011

But the trick’s on the establishment this Halloween.  People are waking up all over.  Protests are spilling all over the world. The Global Insurrection Against Banker Ooccupation is gaining steam.  But we ALL need to look skyward and realize that we are being poisoned by above as well as below.

The irony that the establishment wants you to consume a toxic laden FLU shot in order to be healthy all the while spraying you with metal dust from above that will compromise your immune system should be a clue. They are making us sick so that we flock to the shots for help. The trails are the silent sheep dogs that herd us into the slaughter house of carefully designed vaccines that contain toxins that sterilize lab animals and contain 50% of their weight in mercury that will destroy your brain cells for the rest of your life.

We used to live long lives. We used to die of natural causes. Now we all suffer mental illnesses and die inside our bodies long before we should.

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