Ventura County CA Nov 3rd 2011

They’re back, and pushing hard this time.  After a one day break (due in large part to Santa Ana wind conditions) the chemtrail program is in full swing over Ventura county, CA. In the photo at left, taken at  8:00 AM, the sky is already covered in creeping fake clouds while new trails were being sprayed on top of them. As the day wears on, the blue will be replaced by an artificial milky haze, blotting out the sunlight, and showering the population with aluminum, barium, and a host of other contaminants. Below you’ll find a recent expose done by a concerned patriot, shedding light on this  aerosol attack.

To the pilots and commanders enabling this program, we are getting closer and closer to your identities. The public is waking up to your treason on the world. New punishments will be devised to house your withering bodies. New penalties will be created to ensure that you and your families will never see the light of day, and that your genetic code is atomized and burned in an eternal flame of deceit and dishonor. You’ve been warned.

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