Ventura County CA - Nov 8th 2011

Yet again a massive undertaking is happening from the pilots of treason. From Ventura Country CA to San Diego County CA, we are receiving photos of an exceptional spraying. It is important that we continue to amass photographic evidence of their deeds and refuse to buy into theories that a classify these programs as a necessary or benign operation.

The latest PSYOP on the internet regarding Chemtrails involves a ridiculous assertion that the United States is protecting itself from Russia EMF weapons that are attempting to attack American citizens. This absurd theory has been taken up by many alternative media sources. The entire theory is baseless for the following reasons:

  • Chemtrials are sprayed globally by all nations over their own people, including non-populated areas.
  • Chemtrails are not sprayed during the summer months in Southern California. What? Are the Russians not attacking us during this timeframe?
  • Chemtrails are not only made of Barium salts, but Aluminum Oxide that has nothing to do with conductive EMF waves.
  • Barium would only enhance a Russian EMF weapon, not prevent it from working.

This latest theory is a PSYOP designed to turn the tables from an evil program being carried out to depopulate the world through the destruction of crops and the overall health of the average human, and attempts to repatriate its purpose to that of heroic pilots who are saving humanity.

What is happening is that people are watching Air Force bases. People are monitoring close relatives who are pilots. Ground personnel are taking pictures and revealing the construction of these planes. We are edging closer and closer every day, and once we reach the apex of their demise, it will all come down like a house of cards.

Long Beach County CA - Nov 8th 2011

Orange County CA - Nov 8th 2011

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