As we all get forced into yet another unfounded war far far away based on no evidence and politicians lying minute to minute, it’s a good time to take a step back and understand that society as a whole is getting duped yet again. The tender hearted baby boomers are cowering into the corner of xenophobic propaganda and blindly shoving the youth of the world into a foreign region regardless if any of their hand appointed representatives are telling the truth. This will be America’s third giant war where men and women who are alive today to read this article, will die senseless deaths in a country full of people who meant them no harm to begin with.

So as you sit in restaurants and bars and listen to stodgy old men lament their rationals for going to war, look them in their eye and tell them “Iran is not making nuclear weapons. Iranian people do not want to kill you. Stop sending our youth to early graves simply because you won’t do your homework and figure out who’s running the world.” We’d like to add some choice vacation resorts you could suggest they visit, but we digress.

There is no threat from Iran. The bankers of Europe want the Middle East sovereignty to be destroyed, and they are using the traitors within the United States government to make it happen. Keep in mind these aren’t true American citizens, but people who have infiltrated American or turned since birth to serve banking cartel members overseas. It is time we route out these criminal agents within our country and make an example of their acts of treason.

How do we find the traitors? 

Very simple. Anyone who supports a war with Iran is a traitor. They will use more lies just as they did with the war on Iraq sighting weapons of mass destruction, and without everyone pushing for arrests, these individuals will get tens of thousands of American’s killed just like before and never see a day in prison. General Colin Powell trusted the criminals and pushed the button killing thousands of young soldiers. Let’s not make the same mistake again. Refuse to support any war with Iran. Make a list of all politicians from the highest order who support such a ridiculous assertion that simply gaining nuclear energy instantly means nuclear weapons. Let’s also take a step back and understand that we have no business restricting others from having the same weapons we have.

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