Criminal Spraying

This article goes out as a letter to all the scientists who regularly show up at geoengineering conferences. Those of you who have been photographed, interviewed, and have lectured on video regarding the illegal act of spraying humans from on high, now we want to impose on you this reality: The people are waking up. Attorneys are waking up. And guess who is going down first? That’s right my friends, you.

As your government controllers hide their identities, you are going to be left to the slaughter. And how might you ask are you at risk? Very simple. The only difference between you being a free citizen and a convicted criminal is the irrefutable evidence that your “theories” are being shat out of airplanes every day in every region of the world. So when the case is dragged into a court of law, your lectures, your papers, and your research will be going into the court with us. Your faces, your names, and your whereabouts are already documented.

When recordings of your hypothetical experiments involving aluminum and barium oxide are entered into the record, and the physical samples that are being given to us from the sky like evidence from heaven, the hot seat will be all yours. You won’t be able to escape the fact that your kind are the only humans above ground that are lamenting about the science that is debilitating and ultimately killing citizens around the world.

Once the connection is clearly made in open court, then comes the damages. The illnesses related to your toxic cocktails. The soil samples from around the globe that prove that your programs have imbalanced the acidic level of otherwise healthy fields. The metric tons of aluminum on Mount Shasta that have been measured 65 times the legal toxic limit. Every human, every animal, every plant, and natural resource polluted by your designs will be heaped on your back until your sentences constitute the longest any group of scientists have ever been given in a court of law. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, pal.

Then again, you could blow the whistle and save yourself. Up to you. We’re not waiting for your answer.

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