We haven’t had any complaints, but we wanted to proactively address the issue of comments on our articles. We would like nothing more than to have a public forum of real people commenting on our articles and thus enhancing the perspectives and opinions of all said materials. Sadly the government PSYOP workers would take advantage of this artery to “grief” our value as they do with the Occupy movement and previous Tea Party campaign.

Our goal is to create a clean and safe website free from egos and advertising that would otherwise erode our integrity, and give people reasons to leave before they’ve had a chance to read a single paragraph. We don’t write an article every single day, because we want to ensure that our views are uniquely informative, and down to the point. There are many patterns of deception in the world, and we are exposing them one at a time.

If we ever discover a way to allow in comments from the outside without being bias to the writers themselves, we will implement that solution immediately.

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