When it comes to your health, there is a common phrase that acts as a rebuttal to any claims of a conspiracy against your longevity, and it goes something like this, “Well, if [toxin being discussed] killed, I’d be dead years ago!” The idea being that all toxins are equal. They’re not, and we’re going to try and explain some of the reasons why.

Some toxins enter your body and take 20 to 30 years before they start to disrupt your brain, your heart, your lungs, and your overall state of cancer free being. Now if one consumes a known toxin like say, Liquid Draino, then one would predict quite accurately how the next one to 15 minutes of your life would go. If you live, you’d be lucky, and there isn’t a soul that would argue to the contrary. However, what if you were to ingest a toxin that builds up over decades? A toxin that accumulates in the brain cavity? Something that kills brain cells for example, or something that disrupts cellular mitosis? Would you be able to keep track of the cause? We would suggest that few ever connect their eating habits with their eventual illnesses.

There has been a formula in place for nearly a century to conceal deadly toxins within the food supply and cause individuals to lose their mobility and mental awareness. Why would anyone do this? The answer is two fold. There are factions around the world who are now openly discussing population control. These individuals openly discuss the drawbacks of trying to convince the world not to procreate. The openly agree that all initial efforts need to be covertly imposed in the people by any means necessary.

Ever wonder why so many big pharma corporations get away with murder? Why giant manufacturing plants that dump toxic poisons don’t get shut down by the governments they reside in? There is a good reason, and it only partially involves profits. Profits are always a desirable byproduct of operating a business, but if the message comes to the elite on high that a corporation has effected a population in a way that will kill off a sector of the world, there is a reward that is given in the form of slow court cases, tiny settlements, and immunity in ways that allow this company to continue manufacturing indefinitely. The top executives seldom see any penalties, jail time, etc. Instead they are invited to elite parties, promoted into higher positions at even more toxic companies that typically do more harm the longer they stay in business.

So why again would anyone do this? The answer is actually very simple. The same elite families that own the hospitals you’re born in, also own the food companies that distribute these legal toxins, and they own the nursing homes that will drain your family’s wealth (should you amass any) prior to death. It’s a perfect closed system that owns you from cradle to grave. It completely and utterly owns you and prevents you from ever breaking free from the system of poverty in respect to those who own the world.

So the next time you drink a diet soda, eat a sugarless food, press a cellphone against your head, accept a free FLU shot, and generally minimize the effects of known and reported toxins on or in your body, understand that you may end up in your later years with a body capable of living another two decades, but a mind that can no longer think, remember, or participate in being alive. All the while you will be a burden on your children robbing them of their ability to ascend through the trials and tribulations of life. They deserve to be free from your choices, and you do too. See our article on Immediate Health Risks before you live another minute. Do what you can to rid your life of things that promise zero side effects, but eventually corrupt your very being.

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