As the wave of propaganda absurdity that was the KONY 2012 movement comes to a close, and their leader who has revealed himself to be a fraud, the invisible agenda to take over Africa has seen the thread of fulfillment pulled by an ignorant masses. The agendas of the elite can be best be visualized as a very long list with an ever increasing goal of complete and utter control of world population. Their techniques are typically centered on convincing a people to enslave themselves, rather than to present their objectives in a clear light.

For instance, when the elite wanted to tax America, they created a Robin Hood story about taxing the rich, and giving to the poor. Shortly after the 16th Amendment was falsely ratified in 1913, the citizens of America soon realized that the rich had written the initial tax code filled to the brim with loopholes that gave near full immunity to the wealthy. Again, the people were duped into thinking that they were serving themselves, only to find that they had placed the handcuffs of constraints on not only their immediate generation, but every generation to follow.

As we’ve mentioned numerous times on this website, the elite’s top agenda is the take over Eurasia. The goal is to control the money, and the oil that gives that money value. The next agenda is to turn America into a dictator controlled country where every Amendment in the Bill of Rights will become the code of what not to do to stay free. President Obama is shamelessly signing laws into power in the cover of night, with zero descent from the people, his party, the GOP, or Supreme Court that has been put in place to ensure that these very violations in Constitutional laws are prohibited, reversed, and punished to the maximum extent of the law. Talk show host such as Judge Napolitano are being fired for dare eluding the hoax being perpetrated on America.

Africa has always been on the elite agenda. There are at least two ways that Africa is being controlled. One is suppression. The goal of suppression is to restrict the overall growth of Africa to ensure that when the takeover agenda engages, that she will not be able to defend herself. The suppression agenda keeps Africa in famine, infected with deadly vaccines, horribly under resourced, all the time pretending to be sending billions in aid to solve these exact problems.

The second agenda is the full and complete take over of the country, its people, its resources, and its monetary system. Actors are being lured into campaigning causes to dedicate significant forces into the areas to solve problems that have largely been over for decades. Genocides that have already taken place are being used to raise the overall consciousness of American’s in an effort to convince parents to send their children in harms way to die for causes that the actors themselves will never fear.

The recent lunacy that was the KONY 2012 movement is actually an attempt to rid Uganda of a warlord that posed the greatest threat to pending deals to sell out the lands of Uganda to the IMF and its partners for resource raping. Corporations do not have the ability to easily hire a mercenary army to rid a jungle of 30,000 rebels who are trying to displace the corrupt Ugandan officials. However, a good willed population in America can be easily manipulated into labeling the resistance as a hostile enemy to unknowingly benefit the banking cartel that have plans to take over the continent.

Now we aren’t saying that a warlord isn’t a criminal. We personally don’t have enough information on any warlord to certify this notion either way, but what is known is that the Ugandan government is known for all the crimes that KONY was accused of perpetrating. They believe in superstitions that have led to killing their female youth for fear that they were witches. We haven’t heard George Clooney hold a hearing in the senate about this.

The youth of America have little to any knowledge of what makes up Africa. They fail to realize its multifaceted composition of Arab, European, and African inhabitants. What the youth of today need to understand is that this continent contains perhaps the largest remaining stockpile of natural resources on this planet. From gold, diamonds, uranium, oil, the continent of Africa is worth multiple trillions to the banking cartel that have passed legislation to globally restrict the sale of these precious commodities to the rest of the world. From reinforcing the monetary value of their fiat currencies, to mining the radioactive uranium to make yet more plutonium and DU weapons, the greed bubble behind the invasion of Africa is huge.

But there is a catch with invading Africa. A large portion of this continent has been at war for decades. Their soldiers have been lethal weapons since childhood. Unlike the innocent Arab populations of Eurasia who have only recently taken up arms to defend their countries from invading American forces, Africa is packed to the brim with soldiers who define what it means to fight guerilla warfare. They know their complex jungles. They are armed to the teeth, and they have seen massacres on a daily basis where American soldiers have few stories to share.

As the KONY 2012 support laments war in Africa with no intent of joining the military and devoting their latte expertise to the frontline, we would like to remind the population at large that this ridiculous movement to squeeze out a particular warlord will only result in the few controlling the many as Uganda is sold to the bankers for exploitation. All the while the hipsters of the world will pat themselves on the back for a job well done, as they soon forget the suffering they’ve personally caused through ignorance.

Africa needs to be left alone. We need to stop invading her lands with western intervention. We need to stop dumping toxic chemicals off her shores and then blaming pirates who want to fight back. We need to pass international resolutions to forbid European banks and or corporations from engaging in any form of exploitation. We know this won’t happen, but we wanted to seed your mind with a snapshot of lucidity for the next time you hear about a movement against any one individual in Africa that if killed will free an entire continent from oppression. The sheer suffering in Africa is so great due to western hands that government officials are easily bought off for pennies on the dollar.

Before supporting a war that will get thousands of Americans killed abroad, try fighting the bloodless revolution here in America to restore the Constitution of the United States. Fight to reject NDAA and HR347. Fight to remove the TSA from airports as they legally grope citizens unconstitutionally. Work to repeal the Patriot Act II. Revoke the Military Commissions Act and end eavesdropping and legalized child torture. These are movements to care about. Changing any one of these factors will be a story to tell your grandkids.

Put down the coffee with the pretty picture in the cream. Take off your winter hat, it’s summer now. Peal off your skinny jeans and lose the indian-style knit chunk sweater. It’s time to grow up boys and girls. It’s time to do something actually profound.

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