Those who manipulate the United States Presidential elections subscribe to the theory “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” The sleeping two party public has been buying a lie for the last 12 years, and this lie is called a “Dead Heat” election race. The idea is that the country is split down the middle and can’t decide which candidate should be elected. In the end the real story is that the margins are being publicized from either manipulated data sets or old fashion yellow journalism.

This scripted technique was first debuted on the Bush vs Gore ticket of 2000, and again in 2004 with Bush vs Kerry. The public bought the astronomically impossible scenario twice in a row at the Presidential level, and several dozens of times at the local level. It needs to be noted that a true 51/49 split is extremely rare in elections, yet is being pitched to society as a normal occurrence.

Early in the Ron Paul Republican primaries the “close call” cover story edged out his early lead. The masses who largely ignore matters of public office looked the other way while Ron Paul was carefully positioned in the polls as a near winner in every scenario where he actually won. Slowly overtime as the elite controlled mass media gained techniques to simply ignore mentioning Ron Paul at all, he was removed from the election lexicon and the sleeping public were able to bring this annoying event of a Presidential election to a close.

Now with Mitt Romney the declared winner of the Republican ticket, we get to see what the Bilderberg’s have decided. Will they allow their loyal servant Obama to continue to sign executive orders in the cover of night to destroy the American Constitution as he has for the past four years? Or will they pass the pen to Romney to continue things as set in motion by the false flag of 9/11?

This year the Bilderberg’s are meeting as they did four years ago just outside of Washington D.C. to hold meetings with all potential candidates to hear their pitches of loyalty to the European banking cartels. It’s highly unlikely, but should they give Romney the nod, Obama will begin to get slammed in the public eye by all sides. However, we think the fix is already in for a reelection of our backstabbing commander and chief.

As this year’s election is manipulated from the people once again, keep your eyes open for this “Dead Heat” cover story. It’s fake, just like the election itself.

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