Have you noticed the recent trend to try and convince people not to buy computers in lieu of portable devices? Industry leaders are replacing desktop units with handheld technology as if the two compare. There is a reason for this migration. What should be a companion piece of technology is being thrust onto the public as an imperative. We urge you to resist for a number of reasons.

Sovereignty Ends At The Cloud

We never thought we’d see the day where a hard drive would take on the value of sovereign land, but it has. The control hungry of the world want the right to snoop on everything you do. They have legislated 4th Amendment violating laws to force mobile carriers to spy on every packet of information going over the web. It is law that they must track this information to turn it over to the NSA for analysis by huge super computers that if enough keywords are found, they escalate your information to individuals for human review. As government controlled websites continue to lure individuals into using free email accounts, spreadsheet software, and many other solutions that track your every move, society is forgetting the vulnerabilities that are being opened up. If the current trend continues, all your data will be stored in the cloud, you won’t own a computer with any storage, and the companies that have complete possession of your life will have the ability to turn on a pay service you can’t afford. In the end you’ll lose all your photos, all your personal information, correspondence, everything if you can’t pay the bill. We urge you to maintain the desire for a computer with local software, and local storage devices that do not connect to the cloud.

Stealing Identities

To add insult to injury much of your photo and video software has face recognition features that can’t be turned off. Social networking sites can scrape the faces from your photos without telling you, because in the end they own your content the second you upload it to their sites. What you need to understand about face recognition software is that all the faces being scraped from your photos are being stored in a database on your local computer and made available to intelligence agencies that ping your computer for data. This data is transmitted in a binary fashion to the querying computer without the ability for any local software to detect the transmission. In many cases these invasions of your privacy have been pushed on the public without the ability to turn them off, and as long as one person allows this to continue, and you just happen to be in their Disneyland photos, you are being tracked. Remember too that most cameras track GPS location information with timestamps. Should the elite determine that you are a problem for their concealment of truth, you could be tracked without knowing it.

Carrying Your RFID Chip

For those of you who are new to the awakening, you need to understand that for more than 20 years the elite have been discussing viable techniques to get every human on earth microchipped. They want to do away with hand held currency and control your entire world by banning your chip privileges. Should you manifest a sickness due to ingesting their diabetes ridden fast foods, your chip would limit your purchasing power due to this medical development. Should you not want to go along with a new agenda of tyranny, they could turn your chip off all together rendering you powerless to eat, sleep, or travel outside their control circles. It sounds far fetched, but it’s already happening around the world.

Portable Devices Never Turn Off

It used to be possible to turn an electronic device off. Now we put things on stand-bye. Not only do they continue to work, but in the case of household items, they continue to consume a ton of electricity while waiting to be turned back on. When a device is powered down by holding down buttons and sliding virtual switches off, the core of the machine continues to operate, just in an idle fashion. This means that it can take in information and carry out tasks without your knowledge. Hollywood soon taught the public that removing power supplies was the way to kill this ability, but very soon after this knowledge spread the phone manufactures started designing their phones to enclose the batteries without the ability to remove them, thus keeping them powered on constantly.

We don’t write this article to instill feelings of hopelessness or paranoia, but to bring you up to date on how the world is being dumbed down before your very eyes. One might contest that we’re old fashion and denying the future, but our assertion is that we the people should be given choices to continue with private information being stored within our homes. The elite have turned every utility in the world into a pay service and the people have accepted this like sheep. Our technology needs to be defended as well as the sovereignty within these domains. The cloud is flawed due to horribly slow internet connections in America. We’re yet to meet an individual who uses face recognition software for their personal needs. If the bankers have taught us anything, it’s the value of sovereign money. We should be able to own a device without being spoofed by an intelligence agency.

Our forefathers had it right, “Don’t tread on me.”

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