Boeing 777 – Malaysia Airlines

On March 8th 2014, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur International Airport headed for Beijing China. After an hour and twenty minutes, the plane, its passengers and crew vanished from radar. As of March 12th, 2014, only rumors of debris have been found.

However, the most important reveal of the missing Flight 370 is the reaction from societies everywhere, and especially Americans. Independent citizens are drawing nefarious conclusions based on preprogrammed fear mongering installed in them from years of negative indoctrination. What has been put in is finally coming out. People are full of nothing but darkness when it comes to the unknown.

The most disturbing realization about society’s reaction is that their internal IDs have been so programmed with fear mongering terrorism, that man is struggling to give this story a peaceful ending. It can’t have crashed. It had to be hijacked. It had to be hijacked by one of America’s “Axises Of Evil.” The theories were limited, however immediately acidic in nature. The world needs to understand that our souls have been programmed for nearly 15 years with nothing but illogical made-up stories about other cultures hating our way of life. This needs to change.

We as a people need to publicly discuss this lame duck pattern of deception of blaming terrorism. Will there be more banker sponsored terrorism? Of course, but we need to understand who carries out these acts. We need to understand that even a suicide bomber is having his family paid off by a banker who wants to overthrow a country, or at a minimum control its citizens through fear. We need to expose this pattern and search for those with the means to move money into the pockets of those either too gullible to know who they are helping, or too self-loathing to care about who they are hurting.

The Absurd Iranian Connection

It has been suggested that Iran used two forged passports to hijack Flight 370. The idea is that Iran wants to use a commercial Boeing 777 to hurl a bomb into the bowels of its notorious foe Israel. Nothing could be more ridiculous than this idea. For one, people do fly in Iran. They fly in normal commercial aircraft. Iran, if they wanted to bomb Israel, and wanted to do this via some 9/11 attack, wouldn’t need to steal another country’s plane to do it. They would simply hijack their own craft, and divert it to whatever target they wish.

But let’s take a step back for one logical moment. Iran knows that the West is yearning to bomb them. Israel knows they’ve wronged millions of Arabs in segregating their promise land from its previous Arab owners. Iran knows its in the middle of a diplomatic balancing act between surviving the 21st Century, or being wiped out by some manipulated coup or outright act of war that would leave her a sheet of glass in the desert. Iran isn’t stupid, and has never engaged in such a proactive act of massive terrorism. Hurling a bomb into Israel via a plane would constitute an immediate and devastating retaliation, and that is why it will never happen UNLESS it’s conducted by Israel or her allies to accuse Iran of such deeds.

They Know What Happen To It

In today’s day and age, countries like America and Europe have the ability to sense a missile launch within seconds. They know where every vehicle in the sky is, and where its headed. When 9/11 happened, we quickly learned that all flights in the air are tracked in a global X,Y coordinate system, but that the plane is responsible for reporting its altitude. When the hijackers of 9/11 turned off their transponders, it was reported that the planes suddenly appeared on every air traffic controllers monitors for their triangle of responsibility. However, the traffic controllers couldn’t determine who’s altitude triangle the plane was in. For some reason, this reality doesn’t apply or hasn’t been reported for Flight 370.

With tensions running high between Asian nations like North Korea and China to the United States, it is safe to say that extra surveillance has been applied from space to monitor the actions of such vehicles in the region. The moment a plane vanishes from radar, these systems and their recorded histories would be reviewed by the military authorities until resolved. Of course these organizations don’t want to reveal their abilities to the public, so they confirm it wasn’t hijacked, and or poses a threat and they move on with their standard operations.

In conclusion, try to resist the theories that push this story into a dark pocket of your mind. Hijacking planes is no longer a viable way of accomplishing anything since 9/11. The authorities know how to track this above all other means of terrorism. The plane had limited fuel, and could not have escaped identification into enemy territory.  Take a deep breath and accept for one second that we don’t know what happen. Try not to draw from your internal Department Of Defense programming to see evil in everything unknown.

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