Once upon a time there was a man named Stanley Meyer. He invented an engine that could fracture hydrogen from normal tap water. He then created a replacement for your spark plugs that allowed you to retrofit any vehicle on Earth for around $1,500 to run on water. On March 20th 1998, Stan was poisoned to death for daring to create freedom from the mega oil companies. Since then, people around the world have collaborated to build his devices and decipher his electronics. Below is one of the best videos presented by Stanley himself. What you are seeing are the electronics that will replace the normal combustion engine with digital circuits. Next Stanley will demonstrate the installation of the technology on a vehicle.

You are being duped into believing that oil is our only option. We don’t need electric cars. We don’t need petrol cars. We don’t need refineries. We just need to use what mother nature has already provided. Clean burning hydrogen that is only created at the moment it is needed. No tanks of dangerous explosive chemicals. No more fuel stations. Just water, and a tiny battery to get the ball rolling.

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