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The Truth movement is in full swing. The elitists are terrified to the extent they are trying to silence the alternative media with SOPA and or haul us away using NDAA. An important question to ask ourselves is are we doing our best to present information? Or are we just repeating the egomaniac driven press that the mainstream mass media has been doing for more than century. We think the answer is very clear: we’re slipping. 

Alternative media websites are starting to become ego driven fame seeking news sources. Hosts are passively bragging about themselves while trying to fallback on how they “aren’t” heroes. Nevertheless, their websites, their promotional materials all hail the leader of their organizations. You can’t get information without ingesting their photos, their names, their past deeds, etc. It is more important that you know THEM than to learn something important and informative.

We have tested many popular alternative media websites, and they almost unanimously refuse to acknowledge outside individuals. They are sequestered into their tight band of pre-approved largely repetitive sources. They won’t allow fellow websites to post in their forums, respond to their posts, or promote a like minded articles. The hoarding has begun. The fall of alternative media has begun. 

This is why we’ve created One Page News. We are a consortium of highly connected individuals who vet our information with face-to-face investigative journalism. We share our insider track with you after interviewing billionaires, politicians, intelligence agents, military commanders, doctors, scientists, and both present and former elitists who are tired of the charade.

So if you have to stare at the face of a personality in order to get the news…go somewhere else. For you will have your valuable time wasted by mantras of self importance, self congratulating pompous individuals who value their own rise in fame over what is most important, FREEDOM. Our nation’s first leader was a man who refused numerous times to be its leader. One Page News isn’t ONE person, ONE personality. WE are the PEOPLE. WE are YOU.

One article about something is better than ten articles about nothing. Free yourself from more of the same.

In a perfect world the information we received would be devoid of any ulterior motives, marketing, profit, and simply be the pure truth and nothing but the truth from as many perspectives as possible. Sadly, the news has degraded into a crisis driven money machine that dictates for many virtually every input of reality. This article is going to attempt to give you a means to read between the lines of how and why various news organizations report what they do.

Death Of The Journalist

Some of you may know the name Ida Tarbell. She was the investigative journalist that took down the Rothschild backed Rockefeller Standard Oil trust. Ida uncovered the monopoly and the damaging non-competitive practices that raped all those who tried to compete. What Ida reminded those in control of the world is the true power of a single individual to investigate the truth and present that truth to correct an injustice. Capitalism has its merits, but in the form of a monopoly it can no longer serve the people, and this was her point.

In the following decades journalists continued to hone their skills and take on big corporations and even government corruption. In response various moguls were funded to take over every single newspaper in America, and install editors that would control the flow of truth verses “yellow journalism” stories that were made from sensationalism and gossip.

As of 2004, five corporations own the overwhelming majority of all news outlets. Time Warner, Disney, Murdoch’s News Corporation, Bertelsmann of Germany, and Viacom (formerly CBS) — now control most of the media industry in the United States with General Electric’s NBC coming in as a close sixth. This should concern you, because every one of these corporation seek profit over benefit to man. They control your perception of the entire planet.

Birth Of The Reporter

The title “reporter” is a perfectly accurate description of what you’re getting when you read or listen to one. They get their information from different sources, and report it to you. Those sources are questionable at best, and merely need to survive light public scrutiny to be granted certification for your ears.

The psychology of a reporter differs from that of a journalist in that they aren’t individuals who question. They are people who are accustomed to being told what is and simply repeating that information.

Today’s local news is filled with personalities that you are expected to care about and develop loyalty to. The idea is to create yet another barrier of trust. Your “friend” wouldn’t lie to you right? And if you think your news reporter is your friend, then you automatically tend to believe what they say.

Before you believe another reporter who quotes from the AP or Associated Press or Reuters, keep in mind this; The House of Rothschild bought Reuters in the 1800s. Most recently Reuters bought the Associated Press. The Rothschild family also owns Havas in France, Wolf in Germany and many others in both the United States in Europe. If there was ever a monopoly that needed to be broken up and given back to private investors it is the press and news outlets that “reporters” derive many of their articles from.

Chaos and Order

News organizations stay in business using one mechanism; Profit. If they could not generate enough profit to pay for the high-rises, helicopters, equipment, etc., they would have to shut their doors. If any of you have worked for a major corporation or even a small one, one reality becomes true; when that institution develops profit problems; they fudge the truth. The car salesman who bends the truth to close a deal when his kids are days from not eating. A banker who sees an opportunity to get another summer-house down by the lake if he closes yet another stated income home loan to an individual who is clearly lying about their means to pay a mortgage. However, when it comes to news, we are talking about the world’s perception of reality, and this is where desperate measures should not be taken in our opinion.

As the current financial crisis fills every news organizations reporting it should be clear how crisis is big business. Each morning the stock market shows the flashing beacon text “BREAKING NEWS” to capture your attention from your breakfast or lunch. They want your eyes on their product as the commercials roll, and if for a second their ratings drop, they work into the night to find the next crisis.

This addiction to chaos is running our lives. Terrorist organizations that may or may not exist are pounded into our minds until we believe. Swine flu (N1H1) that is less harmful than normal flu is propagated as the next plague. All of this chaos is largely manufactured to create and maintain a sense of urgency and in many cases hopelessness that only the news and related corporations or government institutions can solve.

Order is found in the gossip columns, sports sections, and anything that qualifies as a pastime to cease paying attention to how the world really works. American Idol finalists, which celebrity is dating who, are crafted to entertain the masses from investigating, learning, and becoming aware. One must fight the urge to lose oneself in the make-believe world of other people’s lives. To the degree you live your life for these pastimes, is to the degree that you are proportionally asleep from the world around you.

It is sad that one cannot trust those who run the world, but this is the reality before our generation. Do we have the right to enjoy a good football game? An entertaining reality show? Yes, but we caution your dedication to these investments without balancing your intake with what those in power are trying to accomplish. You are being entertained on purpose. Yes there is profit within every solution, but even those solutions are restricted from incorporating the truth. If the writers of 24 wanted to divulge how global warming was a scam, they wouldn’t be allowed to air the episode, and would most likely lose their jobs.

The Magician’s Hand

Have you ever seen a magician dangle a shiny object to get your attention, simply so they can withdraw or hide an object with their other hand? The press use a very similar technique to pull your mind away from what is vital to your life from what is mundane or outright sensationalized. Now in all fairness to the press, many events around the world are staged by organizations to give the press something to report while other events that those same organizations would like you to ignore are being committed.

Crisis news is a mechanism used to bait the mind away from crucial events that cannot be avoided. A summit of world leaders to discuss population control. An ever-growing body count of dying soldiers fighting a geopolitical war to install a corporate entity where a sovereign nation once stood. On any given day either small or large articles of distraction are at work to lure the mind away from issues that otherwise would be front page stories.

The recent reporting of pirates in eastern Africa trying to rid themselves of ships dumping toxic chemicals into their oceans and fishing all the livestock out of their seas are front page stories while the world banks are still trying to hide where they spent our money from Congress. The most dangerous place to be is in a nation labeled as an “axis of evil” when politicians or bankers need a diversion. In the end the crimes committed by pirates if guilty pales in comparison to the global suffrage inflicted by those in control and their banker minions.

The Government Connection

Very recent (May 2009) the Department of Homeland Security updated their Lexicon document defining all Domestic Extremism groups. In this document they tell the nation of United States citizens that if you do not believe in the events of the world as dictated and published by the Mass Media and or like products, you are an extremist. To quote their new definition for alternative media:

alternative media
(U//FOUO)  A term used to describe various information
sources that provide a forum for interpretations of events and
issues that differ radically from those presented in mass
media products and outlets.

What this does is connect the government with the press. This blatant admission of cooperation between profit driven corporations and the supposedly unbiased government institutions is not what it would appear. Those who control the government of the United States ultimately control the press by way of either ownership or status to those who do.

This addition to the Department of Homeland Security is not the first attempt to police the publics ability to believe what they want. Other additions attempt to enforce the belief in Unconstitutional practices such as the 16th amendment that was voted on during a Christmas eve with virtually no one voting the matter. Despite our Constitutional guarantee that any attempt to tax the citizens of this country would be done in a fair and even flat tax, the amendment continues to this day to be used to pay the interest on loans taken from the world banks to fight wars they help to instigate. It should also be noted that all IRS taxes on earned wages is “voluntary” and it even states this in their tax code. However, the department of Homeland Security has made it a crime to read this line of tax code from the IRS and believe such statements.

We’re awaiting the moment when the Homeland Security goes head to head with the IRS since they publish statements that are illegal to merely believe. If you have any doubt of the voluntary aspect of paying taxes on earned wages, please see Aaron Russo’s film Freedom to Fascism. In this film he interviews a former tax commissioner who verifies what the Department of Homeland Security has deemed an extremist act to believe that taxes on earned wages are voluntary.

How Televised Talk Shows Work

A great misnomer about talk shows is the casual nature in which they appear to function. With shows such as Jay Leno, it doesn’t really matter. They book guests. Interview them ahead of time, lay out the jokes, the responses, and do their best to pretend it was all natural on stage.

For a news show, a fleet of producers are assigned to interview hundreds of possible candidates weekly, and based on their ability to articulate about an agenda that has already been hand selected by the chain of editors, they are either shunned or booked. In the case that FOX News would like to push a more right-wing agenda to propagate the left right paradigm from the right’s perspective, strong right-wing speakers are invited, while other less articulate and forceful left-wing guests are invited to spar against them.

In the case of a highly controversial and potentially damaging subject to those who control the world, the subject is usually shunned until the underground movement through the alternative media wakes up society to the extent they must confront the subject. In these rare cases those invited to represent the controversial subject are either shills who are pretending to represent the movement, or the least articulate and assertive people in the movement.

Another technique is to schedule a very quick interview to prevent well researched guests from revealing too much damaging evidence. When the revered Professor Steven Jones from Brigham Young University revealed in a talk show interview that he found patented military grade thermate in the ruins of the World Trade Centers, the host proceeded to use Steven’s soft polite demeanor to stifle his dialog and in the end cut the show short before undeniable evidence could be aired.

The Pump And Dump

One of the biggest areas of deception is in investing or business news advice. Virtually all business shows feature lobbyists or financial executives who work directly for investment firms who are constantly tasked with selling something, and selling it now. They build it directly and indirectly the propaganda platforms that make one believe in a form of investment only to carefully disappear from later criticism or humbly admit deception like Jim Cramer earlier this year.

Many investment books start off by telling the reader to avoid watching the news or reading papers like the Wall Street Journal. They lament about how to read behind the news. If everyone is saying to buy oil, it’s a good sign that oil is in trouble. If they say to save all your money in a savings account (like now in May of 2009) the best bet is probably to find a different place to invest that isn’t subject to inflation.

In most cases all financial news is aimed at selling a product or deferring blame. Corporations can blame banks, banks can blame each other, and the government blames both. What you need to understand is that every vehicle of news is an incestual snake eating its tail. The news organizations are owned by giant corporations that are owned by bank cartels. These same banks own our politicians and our country’s agenda. As they wish to unveil strategy after strategy they can do so with ease from every corner of the world and from every direction.

The Purpose Of The News

When it began it was ethical. It was a business of selling information. Once those who control the world understood the significance and the value of information the tables were turned. As each new form of information is developed, those in control work endlessly to stifle it. Right now (May 2009) as you read this article they are crafting legislation to censor the internet. Under the pretense of hate crimes, they are edging us slowly towards a place where you will have to watch every word you use, less you be deemed a criminal.

The Department of Homeland Security has been tasked with shutting down organizations that distribute information about them. Labeling websites, blogs, and individuals as sources of information that is damaging to their agenda of world domination, they will stop at nothing. In regards to these illegal factions, we must resist. As they believe they are getting closer to their final end game, they will become drunk on their power and their sense of their final achievement. They will drop their guard as they bite off more than they can chew. They will become foolish, and with your help, they will fail.

As you read or listen to the news keep in mind where the information is coming from. All news organizations are filters owned and operated by a select few. Editors are the governors of what agendas are allowed. The overwhelming majority of reporters and employees of these organizations have no idea how the above management operates. Of those that do, they will most likely tell you themselves what articles are acceptable and which are not. They have capitulated to survive, to stay employed.

It only takes one of them to break free and become the hero we need.