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We have dealt with many individuals attempting to come out of their propaganda comas, and noticed that one of their chief stumbling blocks is being called a Conspiracy Theorist. For some, this term still sends a spike down their spines, thus compromising their initiative in seeking the truth. We would like to encourage all of you to consider for a moment that life as a whole is a conspiracy. Let us explain.


From the moment a newborn enters this world, the conspiracy by big pharmaceutical companies to guilt trip parents into injecting deadly vaccinations into their children begins. The conspiratorial agenda behind vaccinations is so huge and powerful that doctors, nurses, politicians and school officials all are so convinced in the validity of these pharmaceutical cocktails they would even pass a lie detector test attaining to that belief. They haven’t completed a second of independent research into the subject. They haven’t been made aware of the nefarious undertow that runs through the current vaccine agenda, so that agenda is pushed onto the population as if it’s a benevolent act. The result? Parents shoot dangerous drugs into their newborns, programmed by the system into believing they are doing the right thing, and that vaccinating their children is a mandate of the law, which it isn’t.

Once a child leaves the hospital they are immediately subjected to a mass marketing scheme that makes them not only crave but become dependent on a materialistic lifestyle. They start to believe through television and neighboring children who have been likewise hypnotized that material goods are to be equated to love. They are told that comfort foods are the solution to every hardship life has for them. They are told that holidays act as qualifying moments to see if their parents truly love them. This bombardment is achieved mainly through television and other media outlets, but there are other avenues. Once the conditioning becomes ubiquitous throughout the society, it sustains itself as the population just accepts it as the norm, and those values are passed to the younger generations who accept it without question.

Removing The Child From The Parents

In the 1970s, parents surrendered their ability to support their families with a single household income. Orchestrated largely by tendrils of the Rockefeller apparatus, the “women’s liberation” movement was manufactured and generously funded to a specific end. Not to say that women don’t deserve rights equal to those of men, it’s absurd to think otherwise, but the meme forced into the American consciousness was that the traditional female role of caring for children was passe, it was of the Old Ways and needed to be abandoned. This achieved two major goals: it brought the second half of the adult population into the workforce and began bleeding them for income tax money, and it separated the children from their mothers as children were carted off to “daycare” centers for the day. The responsibility of Motherhood was being slowly removed from the Home transferred to the State, under the guise of “liberation.” In this way the foundation of the Propaganda Coma can be poured and begin its solidification process in the minds of children.

Schools also start to feed our children mountains of processed, nutrient deficient foods. Where most schools in the 1980s and prior used to regulate the nutritional guidelines, most schools now take cash in exchange for product placement and offer children both semi-healthy meals, or if they’d rather, pure sugar. Children can now eat a slice of pizza and have the processed tomato sauce count as a vegetable. Malnourished minds can’t function at their full potential, so for that we can thank the European owned food companies. America’s plummeting scholastic performance starts with starving brains, then goes down the rabbit hole from there. There’s a simple way around this: intervene and make absolutely sure your kids take their healthy homemade lunch to school, and provide no money for candy. You are what you eat.

Reprogramming Human Nature Through Schools

Once middle school arrives, a child is thrust into the second level of pier pressure to conform to cultural norms that include sex, drugs, and frowning on education–as if having an IQ is a disease one wants to avoid at all costs. Kids are also further pressed into material desires that are rebranded as needs, which often result in parents of lesser means enduring children who think they are unloved if they don’t get the latest device or cellphone. This is where we would like to suggest that the sense of entitlement takes its first deep roots. When one group of children can criticize other children’s parents in relation to their social status or income, the child on the receiving end of this taunt may often have a warped perception of self worth. Inferiority complexes, brought on by the materialistic society meme, can often manifest later as aberrant psychological conditions.

As far as the educational agenda goes, basic instruction that covers reading, writing, and arithmetic are being systematically pushed aside for the mandated “ED” classes. Any class with the suffix “ED” tagged on to it is a pure construct of the social engineering matrix, and more importantly, these interferences in the educational flow dilute the parent’s ability to teach their children at the appropriate time about such vital subjects, sexuality being the prime example.

This “ED” system is pure bombastic intervention in the educational responsibility of home life. When the establishment intervenes at this point in a child’s life, the message is clear: WE are you parents. WE know what’s best for you. WE are the keepers of truth. Impressionable, lost, hormones in turmoil, a youngster is taught nothing but the physicality of sex without the adhesive of affection, thus anethestizing the individual to one of the greatest adventures of the human experience, which is, of course, romantic love. They run the risk of being so sterilized and institutionalized that they may never have the experience. This makes them passionless and easier to control. This is by design.


At the tender age of fourteen most children are thrust into the culture shock world of High School. The aptly named “freshmen” are often socially if not physically beat down by the elder students, the mirror of the “upper class” they may encounter later in life. High school brings a whole new level of ups and downs. Those who can steer clear of the darker influences do well. Those who find themselves outflanked by older, more mature (or perhaps more fully indoctrinated) students tend to take on drugs and alcohol to avoid ostracization, and run the risk of wedging themselves in a permanent loop of arrested development. A colossal culture shock, coupled with painful emotional stress and the force-feeding of establishment propaganda, can have life-long results.

It is also in this phase where the subjects taught to children who aren’t in gifted or advanced placement tracks tend to learn nothing of any value. Math that became elective at eighth grade tends to disappear all together from a child’s curriculum in High School. Art and sciences are often nowhere to be found. Many students lose interest and purpose in going to school all together. This will largely establish the path for some of these students, and they will accept a road filled with abuse and taking orders and never asking questions lest they stand out and invite ridicule. This too is by design. The system wants compliance, the system wants people that accept whatever they’re told and refuse to repudiate the status quo for fear being called to the carpet. We think that high schools starting at ninth grade was a direct result of nefarious forces. The desire is to ratchet up the social stress and tear town the individual so that they can be built up in the image of the establishment. A supercharged version of this method is used to great effect in the military. It might be that sixth graders no longer need to be in grade school, but pushing everyone up one step was an idea made by people who’s primary agenda was certainly not the welfare of students.

Learning To Party, The College Debt Trap

Should the child make it through the High School matrix with marks high enough to attend a University, the conspiracy goes into high gear. The daily allocation by states to feed and house children transfers directly to the parents. The perceived free ride through taxpayer funded education is over, and the tuition fees rear their ugly heads. College tuitions have quadrupled in the last twenty years for one main reason: they are directly tied to the loan industry. Student loans are poisonous. To make matters worse, the degree that will be earned by the end of the four year run of debt gathering will most likely be worthless.

Colleges that used to require a student to finish their first two years of general education before declaring a major, now often mandate that a student pick a major before being admitted into the institution. This has been one the most academically lethal developments in college scams we’ve seen. A student who comes from an often subpar school system is now required to know what lifetime career they want on day one. It has been our experience that even the most academic students are without supreme knowledge at the age of 18. They haven’t traveled, they haven’t experimented in various trade skills and lack the rounded foundation and parental independence provided by the first two years of college.

Once the student enters college the fuse is lit on their indentured life. School loans pile up while banks throw every student a pre-qualified credit card. Given that none of them are taught how compound interest works in high school, they accept what they believe to be free money, and drive themselves further into debt above and beyond their college tuition fees.

Meanwhile, American culture has convinced both parents and students that college is not for learning, it’s for drinking and partying. Parents will argue this ridiculous objective, because when they were growing up life was different. Degrees resulted in true employable knowledge, and America wasn’t on the brink of disaster.

Next comes graduation, which could be looked at now as a ceremony celebrating being unemployed for the majority of their adult lives. The number of students that leave college with immediately unemployable careers has skyrocketed. Colleges take no responsibility for ensuring that a place of employment exists for a given degree, yet they allow the students loans to be garnished from whatever wages a student can muster with their useless diploma. A degree in “visual communications” or “women’s cultural studies” is worthless. A degree in applied computer science or other types of engineering disciplines is worth a hell of a lot more, and there’s no guarantees there, either.

Indoctrinated Codependency

Next up: relationships. Hollywood teaches young girls to get into relationships as soon as possible. The result is crushing peer pressure if any female remains single for any length of time. To the somnambulist public it means she’s ugly, has no personality, and might actually have to pay for something. After college the race is on to ensure that life won’t be spent alone. It’s also a race to pretend to be grown up. The young men weave their social misfit habits from college into their social lives. They both spend wildly beyond their means in order to impress others, exacerbating debt. In some cases this results in a parental bail-out, having failed to respect the connection between deeds and their penalties. Parents pay, because otherwise they might be viewed as bad parents.

Forever Adolescent

It used to be that a child that reached the age of 18 knew a trade skill and used college to merely hone it to perfection. Today we are largely ignorant of the world even after a four year degree. The twenties for most Americans is spent behaving like a child. The goal of growing up is ridiculed. Entitlement is been instilled at such a deep level that young adults are unable to cope with the fact that hard work is the only definition of luck that exists.

In the 1970s and prior, a person was expected to be mature and productive in society after college. They were to have their own home, have children, raise them well, and not borrow money from their parents. Today, the exact opposite is the case. Kids are expected to leave their parent’s home as late as possible, and if they reside in their parents house after 30, there is very little consequence from society. Women still marry their man-child’s due to culturally inbred codependency and poor self-perception, while the men rarely gain an employable wage before someone else who refrain from all the above offers them an oasis of chance.

Picking A Two Party Deception

When and if life calms down, a person wanting to develop a sense of purpose will undoubtedly find a political party to adhere to. If they are like most of the world, they will choose from one of the wholly controlled groups being the Democrats or the Republicans. They will learn the platforms over the course of a few years, and begin hating half of their fellow man to be good abiding drones. What the individual doesn’t know is that both parties are controlled by the same source and have done nothing to benefit their constituents for the last 50 years. Yet, they will bask in the feeling of unity and purpose all the while fueling the deception of choice to their children and fellow man.

There is no greater way to be had than to buy into the two party political system in America. It is completely owned and controlled by nefarious sources that use the Bilderberg Group hiring agency to select the only allowed and endorsed candidates, the Counsel On Foreign Relations to handle local affairs, and the Trilateral Commission to handle mega outsourcing to India and Asian based countries.

FLU Shots, A Retirement Into Ailments

As the indoctrinated grow ever jaded against the reality that never panned out as it was promised, the citizenry is slowly fed a constant stream of mind programming commercials and advertisements to convince them their body isn’t working, and that every natural ache and pain is the result of some chronic illness that needs an immediate prescription or vaccine to solve. As Chemtrails blast populations below infecting their prey with an everlasting supply of respiratory illnesses, grocery stores offer 10% discounts on purchases if the unsuspecting elderly take an injection of mind rotting mercury and live FLU strands. The goal is to kill off the old whilst driving them into abject poverty to pay for assisted living either by exhausting retirement funds or bleeding their family members dry. Those who avoid such regiments of mass media driven medical hysteria live longer healthy and happier lives.

As is clearly demonstrated, life is a constant string of conspiracies. The only thing we’re asking you to do is to reach beyond your threshold of comfort to add to your awareness those conspiracies that effect you most from the highest places of power, and with the greatest level of consequence. We will continue the series, but in the meantime, understand that forces hide deeds on the other side of your ability to comfortably accept reality. If we don’t pierce this fourth wall, they will be able to continue manipulating us indefinitely. Break the cycle. Break the wall. Set yourself free from their caged make believe world.

Irony is Diet Coke sponsoring a cancer fund raiser. There is no end to the number of continually escalating reports about people who are developing and dying of cancer. We have been conditioned to believe that it is natural, and or something that it is built into our genetics. Cancer is not natural. Cancer would have eliminated the human race millions of years ago given the exponential curve that’s occurring today.

We would like to take you through some simple reminders to help you safeguard yourself from developing cancer. As those around you develop cancer, you will be empowered to study their diets, environment, and recommend changes that will greatly increase their chance of battling back the disease and living a long healthy life.

Poisoned Water

There used to be a time when the water that came from our pipes was clean. An appliance didn’t have to be washed by CLR to remove the calcium and other metals that build up and damage pipes. Nevertheless, some people still cook with this, and on occasion, drink it. The overwhelming majority of water plants in America fluoridate. They fill our water with poisonous toxic chemicals that promote tooth decay, osteoporosis, and rot our pineal gland.

This global poisoning and dumbing down of citizens needs to be halted. The water company does not have the right to prescribe medicine to the public. Fluoride is a toxic byproduct of heavy industry. The CDC tells parents to take their children to poison control centers if they swallow a pea sized toothpaste, but hands out no warnings for consuming the same amount of fluoride in a single eight ounce glass of water.

Buy a fluoride water filter for your home. Whether it is a countertop unit, or a system that filters it at the source, you must defend yourself against the mind altering substance at all costs. If you have the means, block it at the source. You shower in fluoride, and no tests have been published to measure the amount of fluoride that is absorbed by the epidermis. Understand that normal water filters DO NOT filter fluoride, and the ones that do only claim 97%. Until we can incarcerate city council members worldwide for knowingly allowing this toxic destruction of lives, we have to defend ourselves.

Fake Food

The first contributing factor to man’s global increase in cancer is directly related to our drastic change in food supply. Man has routinely struggled over the millennia to feed himself through famines, but during the last 100 years we have replaced the notion of fresh food purchased daily with heavily processed artificial fast food that convinces our bodies we’ve eaten when we haven’t.

Today fresh food grocery stores are sprouting up all over America. Heavily processed outlets are losing customers daily to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Mother’s Market, the list increases. These alternate stores still struggle to fill their shelves with safe food, but what is available is making its way into the ever more knowledgeable public. For those eating healthy, life is different. Their minds work better. Their bodies are full of energy. They live longer, richer lives.

If you think you can’t live without your favorite fast-food, remember this: Every single fast-food chain is owned by a company that gets its food from genetically modified sources. Most of their ingredients are fake. The meat isn’t meat. The cheese isn’t cheese. You aren’t eating what you think you’re eating. Fast-food chains rely on the worst grade of beef for the little they use. They get kick-backs for pawning diabetes causing drinks onto the public. Each time you eat a fast-food product, understand you are eating pure poison. Your body will spend the next digestive cycle fighting off the cancerous cells that that meal created. This is not an exaggeration. One of the key reasons why cancer is blamed on genetics is that if it weren’t, fast-food chains would be shut down overnight once a single study would dare to be published linking the two.

Sugar Substitutes

One of the toughest areas that people battle is in the area of sugar. A hundred and fifty years ago sugar was a much rarer commodity for the average public. Books wrote of special months out of the year where parents would splurge and allow their children to consume something made of sugar during the holidays. Today we raise our children on mountains of sugar to stimulate “good” behavior, and to satiate their video game entertained lives. Other parents ban sugar all together, while some, intending to fix the problem, feed their children any number of sugar substitutes that directly create cancerous cells in their bodies.

One of the most dangerous sugar substitutes is Aspartame. This highly toxic substance has been linked to brain tumors, convulsions, and the residual existence of methanol and formaldehyde in the body. This substance is the single fastest way to put you and your loved ones at risk of cancer mentioned in this article. If you must, eat real sugar. If you can, reduce pleasure based consumption to the best of your ability.

Electrically Pulverizing Our DNA

Remember those reports long ago that homes near power lines put their residents at risk for cancer? Well those were valid warnings, but now we bring the threat directly into our homes. There are two areas of concern when it comes to electricity. The most lethal is the most common, electromagnetic poles. These are experienced when a device is placed on or near the human body. The more the voltage, the more harmful the electrons are that shatter your DNA. We have an article on cancer you should review for details. The most common devices are cellphones that put out an amazing level of electricity. When a cellphone is struggling to reach its signal tower, it drains the battery up to four times as fast. If you have this device placed against your head, you run the risk of getting lymph node cancer behind your ears, and salivary cancer just inside your jaw. One need look no further than Robert Ebert to see the damages of this condition.

The second and less dangerous are radio frequency (RF) waves that are in all forms of matter, especially life matter. Plants, animals, and humans all exude RF waves, so the electronic industry leans on this fact to usurp its “natural” property. The big difference as you might imagine is that the sheer amount of frequency coming from normal consumer devices is tens of thousands of times more intense than, say, a tree. What does this mean for you?

The bottom-line to take away from this article is that one needs to be careful surrounding oneself with electronics. Where possible one needs to limit technology in and around the body. If possible, wire your home with hard lines. Leave your electronic devices in a different room than you sleep. Use electric blankets to warm, but not to heat throughout the night. Don’t use laptop computers on your body. Don’t store cellphones in your pockets or on your person, and by all means use a wired headset to take phone calls. Over all, reduce your use of devices if possible; buy good old fashion paper books.

Kill Your Microwave Oven

There were lies a long time ago that microwaves create “radioactive” food. They don’t, but what they do create is toxic food elements from food compounds. Ever notice that a meal loses tastes once reheated in a microwave? That’s because the original food had compounds that combine two or more elements into a structure that created a desirable flavor. That flavor was destroyed when the microwave shattered it.

So what’s the danger? The danger is that certain food elements should never be ingested on their own. For instance there is a fatty acid called methyl ester that is in the skin of an apple. If that skin were microwaved, it shatters the methyl ester from the pectin and thus exposes the body to pure methanol which is toxic. This is just one example of how microwaves can harm you and your loved ones. It also disrupts the electrical frequencies within your body by just boiling water. If you’re still not convinced, understand that Russia ban the use of microwaves back in the 1970s, because they knew that their citizens were going to get sick from its effect on food, and that their socialistic model for medicine was going to go broke trying to pay for the treatments.


We at OnePageNews want you to be healthy above all, because we know the more you rejuvenate your lives with good solid energy, health, and happiness, the more you’ll have time and energy to find your destiny in the universe, and thus identify those who are trying to repress your journey. You are human, and hence capable of accomplishing any number of amazing things in your life. Be smart. Be well.

Raw Milk

There used to be a time when milk would expire within the week. Its nutrients would go sour, and one had to buy new milk on a regular basis. This is where we got the friendly milkman. The milkman was necessary and desired by culture, because he was the only way to facilitate the short lifespan of pure natural untreated milk. Then in comes the elite. They know that milk helps provide massive immune system boosters. It also nourishes the bones, and keeps people generally more healthy, and consequently taller, stronger, and more able to stand up to bullies who might try to take over their captors.

In comes a new invention called pasteurization. The big promise? It will extend the lifespan of milk. One will no longer have to get their supply from a weekly person who drops off fresh nutritious milk, but allow one to go to the store and buy a carton that will last a couple weeks on average. This extension of life in the milk is made possible by killing off all of its natural enzymes that make you healthy as a result of drinking it. Enzymes are the building blocks of proteins, which your body uses to create fresh healthy younger cells. Without a good supply of protein, the body will grow older, weaker, and usually result in some form of cancer or worse catastrophic organ failure due to cells that are starving for their base component.

Today, the Federal Government has taken it upon themselves to harass, arrest, and bully anyone trying to sell pure natural healthy milk. Local police, and FBI work together to destroy supplies of such wholesome natural and healthy products, because they have been told that its dangerous. Dangerous because it could contain bacteria that is boiled away by the process of pasteurization. The threat of bacterial infection is merely a scare tactic to completely and utterly annihilate its instant and unquestionable benefit to mankind.

Pasteurization is a barbaric process that destroys all that is healthy about milk. Today milk is injected with vitamins, because without them, it has very little to offer the human body besides fat and more often than not, cow hormones. Organic raw milk is the supercharger for your body and mind. It will keep you younger longer, and give your children an amazing natural boost that will make them smarter, stronger, and overall less sick.

It is time we take back our right to eat untampered food. It is time we stop writing and passing legislation every time a rare event in food sanitation occurs. The government and the elite of Europe who want to enslave us from the genetic code up, have been conspiring to fluoridate our minds, poison our food supplies, replace normal fresh food with genetically altered substitutes, and resell raw food that was available in the 1970s back to us in the 21st century under the label “organic.” Organic is simply the food we used to eat on a daily basis 30+ years ago.

It’s time to return to the basics. It’s time to recapture our right to decide what we put in our bodies. Alcohol is a known danger to almost every organ in our body, yet it’s legal to drink. Cigarettes have been linked to cancers of all kinds, and yet it’s legal to smoke. Raw milk is not harmful. Raw milk is pure and natural. Raw milk is the form of milk that humans should consume. The scam of pasteurization needs to end. Spread the word.

Cancer At The Supermarket

The next time you are at the supermarket and the checkout girl asks you if you’d like to “round up for breast cancer research”, let this little idea knock around in your skull.

“Cancer Research” has raised billions and billions of dollars over the last decades from well meaning folks that would like to see a deadly disease eradicated….yet cancer rates have spiked at a terrifying rate. Cancer centers open in cities across the United States. Oncology wards have waiting lists.  Grade school kids suffer chemotherapy and deadly radiation treatments. Women have parts of their bodies removed before the poisonous treatment eventually destroys their ability to fight disease and infection. It’s a ghastly deathgame, where the profit is in the prolonging of suffering, not the elimination of the disease.

What does that tell you? There is no money or future in a cure for cancer. The apparatus feeds itself on the billions of dollars made in the treatment of the disease, the money raised to perpetuate the illusion of dedicated scientists in a deathgrip battle against the cancer scourge, not the true enemy: THE SOURCE OF CANCER ITSELF.

So when the checkout girl asks you to contribute, float this response: “perhaps a better idea would be to warn people about the fake food on aisles three through fourteen and stop cancer before it starts.”

The American diet is filled with poisonous artificial, genetically modified, nutritionally bankrupt food. The body was not designed to absorb such an onslaught of toxic intake. Expecting a population to live on processed, depleted food and then wonder why the cancer rate is in the ionosphere would be like tossing a trout in a pool filled with chlorine and salt and then wonder why it went belly up.

People mean well when they contribute to Cancer research, they really do. But the hidden part of the equation is that the cause of cancer is woven into our very lives, perhaps even on purpose to breed dependence on the medical system once problems inevitably arise.