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In the past decade a lame duck tactic to throw an election is to tell the public that two candidates were neck and neck. The 49% to 51% lose / win scenario is a very rare and statistically improbable event that mathematicians deem near impossible with truly chaotic conditions. Yet, we are to believe that two presidential elections set President George Bush into office both in 2000 and 2004, and countless politicians across the nation. If one reviews any candidate that has won with these percentages, you will find in nearly all cases, voter fraud.

Tonight this same gimmick is being used to tame the Ron Paul supporters into believing that their candidate nearly won. As of the writing of this article, he is in the lead, but we are sure as with all previous attempts that black suited unknown factions will take over the voting tallies, replace the results with the Bilderberg predetermined numbers, and give the win to one of their hand selected candidates. The percentage will not be split between two candidates, but nevertheless a close call scenario is a handbag tactic of revising history in a way the unknowing public will accept. Don’t be duped. Ron Paul has won Iowa.

UPDATE: Just like the script of a bad Rocky movie, the contender likely to beat the predetermined winner, Ron Paul is allowed a quick lead, only to be pushed to a ludicrous loss. Be ashamed Iowa. You have failed the protect the Republic.

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