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When one grows up in America, one is inundated with the responsibility to take on the worlds problems both near and far, and offer up our land, resources, and personal lives to ensure that others never suffer. Sadly this mantra was instilled on the United States by the European bankers that knew she could not withstand this attitude indefinitely.

If one travels the world, one will soon realize that every other country in the world practices the near complete inverse of what American youth are taught. Germans live in Germany. French live in France. Jewish people live in Israel. The list goes on. With the recent introduction of the European Union, the proliferation of “melting pot” mentality has finally started to make people outside the United States think. We would like to suggest that there is no moral imperative that a nation coddle or offer refuge for others unless a temporary emergency has been declared, in which case every measure should be taken to reinstate the source country with its sovereign foundation.

America needs to end this devotion to being the world’s savior and more specifically the world’s police. We need to ensure that the American way of life stays intact, and does not get diluted by outside forces. This does not mean that individuals from other countries can’t migrate lawfully into the country, but each citizen does need to understand intimately the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and be willing to sacrifice his or her life to ensure its safety.

A World Without Culture

One of the scariest notions about a world where the guilt inflicted “melting pot” tagline is used is that we as a people lose our individual cultures as a result of its proliferation. We lose our rituals, our forms of entertainment, our stories of centuries past, our food, our language, all of it. As a race we need to continue to strive to keep our individual differences alive, so that as a people we don’t grow impatient with a lack of exploration within our own limited realm. The Internet has already accelerated the shrinking of the world. We cannot afford to further accelerate this to the point of no return.

As a matter of immediate concern, America needs to shed this saboteur concept that we have to rescue the planet. As third world countries are overrun by multinational corporations that enslave their people and engage in human trafficking, America is expected to take in the citizens willing to escape what should be morally repulsive. We as a people should refuse these corporations to make our products in sweatshops in South America, China, India, and Mexico. When you see a product that comes from these sources, refuse to buy it. Look for American made brands before they run out. Eat at small local restaurants. Shop at local stores regardless if they have all the fancy wares you’d rather have. If you can get by, DO IT.

America has the RIGHT to be America. This does not mean that she’s not made up of every race, color, and creed. It just means that she needs to cease taking on immigrants that are illegally crossing her borders. It means that our domestic and foreign policies need to reflect America first. It means that for the first time in 100 years, she should take care of herself for a few decades. Pull our troops home. Shut down all wars. Replace our currency. Kick out our politicians. Root out all corrupt government workers. Revoke all terrorist based legislation created since 9/11. Shut down the Federal Reserve. Kick out the banks. Hunt those who have done wrong until all are brought to justice. Feels good just reading it doesn’t it?

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