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male-dramaEver wonder why folks lust for negativity? They love to be the barer of bad news? Or they love to self-destruct their lives? The answer might amaze you. There is only one brand of endorphin in the body.┬áThere isn’t a happiness brand, and a sadness brand. There is one brand, and it is used for both emotional states.

When a person experiences love for something, we often discuss the level of endorphins that are introduced into the body. This can be triggered by a love for an object such as food, a new book, a stereo system or even a car. So what happens when someone is angry? Answer, the same thing.

When a person experiences any over arching emotion, endorphins are spilled into the blood stream. A minor moment of high is experienced by the person, and depending on their state of mind, an addiction can form. We don’t have the exact test levels, but it has been our experience that anger produces a fraction of what love produces. Love produces longer sessions of endorphins due to its lustful nature within our human psyche. We continually induce moments of love. We eat an entire meal for 45 minutes, make love for the same, or shop for hours. Therefore the sheer amount being dumped into our bodies is high and consistent over time.

What happens when someone can’t find happiness?

What happens if someone is without a lover? Money to buy things like fancy meals, or items? They do the next best thing, they create drama. Dramatic moments that make the heart rate increase, and that instill moments of fight or flight, such as bar brawls or horrible news of betrayal or death, put the body in a mode of despair. This begins the flow of minor to major levels of endorphins, but since we don’t desire these moments to last, the levels soon peak, and diminish leaving the subject in question needing more drama to fulfill their need for positive chemical emotions.

What do we do with this information?

We need to begin educating each other on this reality. It isn’t taught in schools, and it isn’t past down by generations of elders. That needs to change immediately. Many of you have friends or children who are destroying their lives intentionally, people who are in constant states of depression, and not yet on mind rotting pills. For those not suffering from chemical imbalances, but who have slipped into poor life habits, there is hope.

It is imperative that we let individuals know about this pattern of addiction. Many individuals want to escape their hunger for drama, but don’t know why they continually push the envelope of negativity. If you explain to them that they’re simply addicted to the same natural chemical associated with love, they can begin to understand where the true solutions are found. Not everyone can instantly find a lover, but they can begin to repair their lives at a fundamental level of living.

If this concept is new to you, take some time to understand it. Look out over the world and observe how individuals instigate crisis in their lives in order to orchestrate this rush of endorphins. Study your own life to ensure you have your house in order. Once you can see what can’t be unseen, begin to spread this news to all. You’d be amazed at how quickly people respond, and begin to autocorrect their lives.

Be well.