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The fundamental question of where wars come from has been largely distorted by pop-culture, history sections in bookstores, and of course the mass media that gets nearly all of its content from elite owned and operated Reuters and Associated Press feeds. We would like to take a moment to explain where wars come from, who benefits from them, and more importantly who dies as a result of this charade.

Wars are created by Banks

The only benefactors of war for the last 200 years of American involvement have been by banking cartels in Europe. As governments are weaned onto debt based monetary systems whereby each dollar made requires interest baring payments to be paid at a later date, wars are used to create massive debt bubbles that are impossible to pay back without half century pockets of peace to recoup the loss.

Since September 11th, 2001, America has been drawn into a war to facilitate the take over of the Middle East. Once each country is conquered, the political and financial infrastructure of that country is handed over to the IMF and World Bank. They in turn install carefully selected politicians, rewrite the local fiscal laws and tie their people into a debt based money system. This eventually bankrupts the country into complete and utter slavery to the same masters that run the United States.

Duping the People

The citizens of the United States are addicted to scapegoating their unfulfilled lives by living within hate paradigms. It starts from simple concepts such as rivalry sports teams, and descends quickly into political and perhaps religious hatred. This pattern of inhumane behavior incubates a social hatred between all men. If something is wrong with an individuals life, they are taught to divert that blame onto another social group or race as the result.

This scapegoating addiction leads a society into sending their children to war to rid the planet of their own self-hatred. Meanwhile, their offspring are being injected vaccines that will eventually kill them, exposing them to depleted uranium, and of course facing combat head on. There is nothing courageous or noble about these wars. There is nothing to justify a nation sending its children to die for foreign banks that work endlessly to enslave the same population.

Individuals of Treason

So who would be so unpatriotic to sell out their own country? Our first counter question would be, “Who told you they were from your country in the first place?” America has a President that remains a non-American born citizen. Many of the Pentagons top officials were not born in the United States. Ever driven a rent-a-car and felt less responsibility for bringing it back in tip top condition? The same phenomenon occurs when an individual is out of their hometown of accountability. Soccer fans who riot in a city where they don’t live. College students that ransack a hotel on spring break. We have individuals in power that come from outside lands that do not possess the patriotic heart of a naturally born citizen. For these individuals, loyalty is not rooted on American soil.

So what about those that were? We think you’ll find many of them consider themselves expatriates. Individuals that blame the citizens of America for being lazy, ignorant, and other undesirable qualities, all the time forgetting that America was shaped into this dismal form by the controlling elite who have worked to poison our food supply, our drinking water, and our coveted educational system. America has fallen to the wayside because of these corrupt invaders.

For many retaliation is the motive. They perhaps did not enjoy their youth and simply wish to attack a populous that ignored their mental prowess. If you check many of the highest ranking politicians and or their administrations, you’ll discover an overwhelming collection of people who were prodigies as children who are ridiculed by the press for not being attractive or socially hip. They live to destroy and enslave the ignorant who are incapable of valuing true brilliance over shallow materialism.

Others simply live for greed. For them a paycheck is enough to disembody their moral obligation to man and wreak havoc amongst the world. As the Joker said in Batman, “Some people like to watch the world burn.” These individuals are the most dangerous for they are the manipulators, the deceivers who puppet the previous roles of corruption.

How do we stop war?

We stop war by educating ourselves about why these wars are occurring. Right now the Middle East is being dismantled before our very eyes. Each country is being sabotaged from the inside, by mercenaries who are being paid well to overthrow their governments and help usher in an era of total corruption and enslavement. They have been promised Robin Hood riches handed down from above, and all they will receive is an IMF and World Bank controlled country where all that was their fathers will be stripped to the bone, sold for pennies on the dollar, and liquidated back to the European bankers that instigated their demise.

We need to stop encouraging our children to join armies until we’ve had time to rebuild our government that sends them into countless wars. Protecting our homeland should be the number one priority, and yet we fear fake boogie men in far off lands.

What are the repercussions?

There are those who work night and day to keep this illusion alive. They write articles for the press, they watch the reaction of the people, and they take action when the people cease to believe. They plan and execute falseflag operations and blame them on factions that have nothing to do with the aggression. We must as a people be willing to fight through their attacks, endure their clever manipulations, and continue pushing until we have overcome their ancient method of repression.

Above all, we need to halt their patterns of madness. Raise your children with the knowledge that man does not wish man harm. We do not want to war. Cease forwarding emails of hatred about political groups that don’t control our country. Cease forwarding emails of racism that bares no meaning when it comes to our overall happiness in the world. Work to free all countries, and watch the natives flock back to their homeland.