We’ve almost entirely forgotten about the Anthrax letters that were mailed out during the 9/11 attacks. We’ve completely forgotten about them, because this was probably the biggest screw up of those conducting the 9/11 operation within the walls of the United States government. These corrupt factions, that we like to called non-American citizens regardless of their opinion, mailed out envelops full of military grade anthrax spores that were opened by people who had personal beefs with various individuals. We assume that they were unwilling to either go along with various covert objectives, or were criticizing specific elite family members, and just like the wild west, it was pay back time.

Now in the end we all know what happened. A scientist by the name of Bruce Edwards Ivins was accused of the crime, murdered, and case closed. Of course the public that had already lost interest in one of Agatha Christie’s best clues for 9/11 being a false flag, went about their business not thinking anything of it.

Today, as the United States government is ramping up all dormant FEMA concentration camps, we have the announcement of a new bird flu synthesized by the bioweapons division, using tax payer money might we add, and we have something else to fear going into Christmas. Of course there will be no hearings to ascertain blame for who made such a virus, it would appear that they are always keenly proud of their creations. Nevertheless, we will add this deadly strain of bird flu to the many reasons why so many brain dead Americans continue to fund their military without question, not realizing or taking into account that they are paying for their own demise.

Have you had enough of these covert factions that end up threatening your lives? Have you not noticed that we have done nothing by invading countries in the name of European bankers? Are you willing to have more children in your forties to supplant the lost children you gave to Iraq and Afghanistan? Are you truly going to allow wars that were started based on blatant lies go unpunished while you lost your children to these goons? What will it take before you stand up in protest and tell your story to the world? The internet is free. You can record your loss, and post it for millions to view. The occupy groups had nothing but a complaint, some of you have losses. Losses that are unjust, and unfair, and capable of fueling an uprising to hold those accountable who lied under oath.

It is time to unite under one flag of freedom. Freedom to live a full and rich life without those who are equal to you, claiming otherwise, and luring your offspring into peaceful regions of the world to start wars that will last centuries if we don’t terminate the virus within our own lands. Defend your nation before it’s too late. Before every family is forced to send their child into war to consolidate the greedy under one reign. You have the strength within.

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