Chemtrail Assault On SoCal Mar 28th, 2012

Today March 28th 2012 we see some of the most aggressive spraying of the year. Metric tons of toxic chemicals fill up the Southern California sky for four counties reaching from Ventura to San Diego. Soon a population will start to exhibit respiratory illnesses, throat infections, and for some, terminal illnesses that would have otherwise been successfully beaten by their natural immune system.

Regardless of where you are, and what you believe, you deserve to breathe fresh clean air. If you believe these trails are due to bad fuel, a shield on global warming, or geoengineering to spray 72 degree sunshine on the populous, you do not deserve to have your lungs full of aluminum and or barium oxide. You have not authorized government spraying of any kind, and yet you are paying for their experiments with your health, and perhaps your life.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our chemtrail gallery. We have miles of evidence proving that these trails are sprayed intentionally. We have images that demonstrate the spraying not only starts and stops suddenly, but that meticulously constructed geometric shapes are carefully created to test wind drift and thus develop targeting strategies above and beyond previous techniques.

Whether or not you have a skeptical mind, we are certain that if you carry a camera and take pictures for a month, you’ll soon understand why we campaign against these chemical death trails hidden in plane sight. As you take photos, you’ll notice that some planes at the same altitude leave no trails, while others billow huge payloads of white powder that wisp into what appears to be clouds minutes later. Tell your children that clouds don’t come from planes, and demand from every artery of government supervision that these trails be analyzed and dealt with. They have the charter to serve and protect. Currently, they aren’t doing either.

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