Today April 19th, 2012, the shadow factions that are spraying our otherwise clean air with aluminum and barium oxide are having a field day of death. The entire horizon from east to west is plastered with thick choking blankets of toxic powder. Today would be a good day to cancel that trip to the beach despite the warmer weather.

We urge you to get out your cameras, snap shots, and email them to We do not track who you are, and will delete your original email upon receipt. We simply need the location down to county level, and a date. That will allow us to add your photo to the arsenal of photos that will bring these criminals to justice. Whether it is pollution or something more nefarious, we deserve to have our skies clear and blue as they were in the 1990s and prior.

Remember to get out your family photos and try to find chemtrails from 1996 and prior. Prove to yourself that this is a recent phenomenon that needs to be stopped. Expect psyop fakes, but you’ll know your photos don’t have them. Believe only your own collection.

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