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We’ve been very cautious to jump into the conspiracies surrounding Flight 370, but we believe that Bill Still has finally created a paper trail of convincing proof that many factions are working together to hijack this plane, kill its occupants, and get away with it having pitted the crash in the Southern Indian ocean.

Regardless if Bill Still is right, this is what real reporting feels and looks like. Demand that your local “reporters” do the journalistic exploration that Bill does on a daily basis. And if you can, donate to Bill Still on a monthly basis. Subscriptions start at $12 a year. You might be broke, but you’re not that broke.

We’re pretty sure this ‘freedom’ in Kiev is nothing more than a tactic to push them into another form of regional tyranny and to further isolate Russia from the rest of the world until they give into EU directives, but at least the people are going to enjoy some pleasant idealism in the meantime. Smoke em while you got em!

UPDATE: Bill deleted his original video after telling President Obama that our military will not obey his orders to take over this country. He also made a great point that we echo, those 1.6 billion rounds of ammo are going to turn into ammo for us the citizens of the United States to fight our banking controllers back into their complicit home better known as EUROPE.