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Have you noticed the recent trend to try and convince people not to buy computers in lieu of portable devices? Industry leaders are replacing desktop units with handheld technology as if the two compare. There is a reason for this migration. What should be a companion piece of technology is being thrust onto the public as an imperative. We urge you to resist for a number of reasons.

Sovereignty Ends At The Cloud

We never thought we’d see the day where a hard drive would take on the value of sovereign land, but it has. The control hungry of the world want the right to snoop on everything you do. They have legislated 4th Amendment violating laws to force mobile carriers to spy on every packet of information going over the web. It is law that they must track this information to turn it over to the NSA for analysis by huge super computers that if enough keywords are found, they escalate your information to individuals for human review. As government controlled websites continue to lure individuals into using free email accounts, spreadsheet software, and many other solutions that track your every move, society is forgetting the vulnerabilities that are being opened up. If the current trend continues, all your data will be stored in the cloud, you won’t own a computer with any storage, and the companies that have complete possession of your life will have the ability to turn on a pay service you can’t afford. In the end you’ll lose all your photos, all your personal information, correspondence, everything if you can’t pay the bill. We urge you to maintain the desire for a computer with local software, and local storage devices that do not connect to the cloud.

Stealing Identities

To add insult to injury much of your photo and video software has face recognition features that can’t be turned off. Social networking sites can scrape the faces from your photos without telling you, because in the end they own your content the second you upload it to their sites. What you need to understand about face recognition software is that all the faces being scraped from your photos are being stored in a database on your local computer and made available to intelligence agencies that ping your computer for data. This data is transmitted in a binary fashion to the querying computer without the ability for any local software to detect the transmission. In many cases these invasions of your privacy have been pushed on the public without the ability to turn them off, and as long as one person allows this to continue, and you just happen to be in their Disneyland photos, you are being tracked. Remember too that most cameras track GPS location information with timestamps. Should the elite determine that you are a problem for their concealment of truth, you could be tracked without knowing it.

Carrying Your RFID Chip

For those of you who are new to the awakening, you need to understand that for more than 20 years the elite have been discussing viable techniques to get every human on earth microchipped. They want to do away with hand held currency and control your entire world by banning your chip privileges. Should you manifest a sickness due to ingesting their diabetes ridden fast foods, your chip would limit your purchasing power due to this medical development. Should you not want to go along with a new agenda of tyranny, they could turn your chip off all together rendering you powerless to eat, sleep, or travel outside their control circles. It sounds far fetched, but it’s already happening around the world.

Portable Devices Never Turn Off

It used to be possible to turn an electronic device off. Now we put things on stand-bye. Not only do they continue to work, but in the case of household items, they continue to consume a ton of electricity while waiting to be turned back on. When a device is powered down by holding down buttons and sliding virtual switches off, the core of the machine continues to operate, just in an idle fashion. This means that it can take in information and carry out tasks without your knowledge. Hollywood soon taught the public that removing power supplies was the way to kill this ability, but very soon after this knowledge spread the phone manufactures started designing their phones to enclose the batteries without the ability to remove them, thus keeping them powered on constantly.

We don’t write this article to instill feelings of hopelessness or paranoia, but to bring you up to date on how the world is being dumbed down before your very eyes. One might contest that we’re old fashion and denying the future, but our assertion is that we the people should be given choices to continue with private information being stored within our homes. The elite have turned every utility in the world into a pay service and the people have accepted this like sheep. Our technology needs to be defended as well as the sovereignty within these domains. The cloud is flawed due to horribly slow internet connections in America. We’re yet to meet an individual who uses face recognition software for their personal needs. If the bankers have taught us anything, it’s the value of sovereign money. We should be able to own a device without being spoofed by an intelligence agency.

Our forefathers had it right, “Don’t tread on me.”

So you look out at the world, and you see complete and utter chaos. All things that are wrong are one party affiliate from accurate blame, but that never seems to explain why your political party of choice never does anything to complain or highlight the massacres against the United States Constitution. We know the feeling. It’s called being asleep. This article is going to take a stab at waking some of you up, and hopefully aligning the chaos into order.

Raging Wars

We could start anywhere, but we thought it would be nice to start with one of the most volatile areas where people are dying senselessly. America is engaged in a forever war against the “evil” Eurasian population. Every American believes that every human on Earth who is Middle Eastern is one trigger push away from blowing up their kids and stealing their “American Way Of Life.” This bill of propaganda has been sold to you by the elite controlled press. The benefactors are the World Bank and their many arms of control such as the International Monetary Fund.

What is their end goal? Total and complete control over Eurasian mobility. Right now Eurasian countries have billions of barrels of oil under their monetary control. Given that every monetary unit in the world is attached to the sale of a barrel of oil, the elite can’t simply drill off the coast of Alaska, Scotland, and Brazil to kill the demand for Eurasian supplies, because that would corrupt the fake fiat currency power that the elite have over the world. No, they must keep the supply of oil down, pretend to have peak oil problems, and attack all Eurasian countries using innocent American families under the flag of “Freedom Isn’t Free” mottos.

America is the club for European banking cartels. Our children are being sold by ignorant parents who think that sporting scores and reality shows are more important than actual freedom. As our Neo-Nazi President Obama passed unconstitutional laws in the secret of night (see NDAA 1031 and HR 347 for starters), Americans pat themselves on the back about how patriotic they are, and how much we need the Patriot Act and radioactive body scanners to stay safe. The entire population is being herded like sheep into draconian slavery.

Election 2012 Scam

On the home front we have a thrown election in progress. The GOP have been told that Obama will continue to reign over America. Despite his reenactment of Nazi Germany circa 1935, Americans are okay with Obama hammering away at the Constitution as dictated by his European masters. The GOP have worked diligently to push to the forefront their least apt candidates to ensure once again, that change never happens.

Senator Ron Paul is being systematically snubbed by the press. Despite winning in the polls time and time again, he is left out of headlines while his competitors who sometimes rank below him are labeled as “leaders” and or “front-runners.”

The Bilderberg Group will get another four years off as they interview to find the next United States President. Someone who is willing to sell out their country as the African born Obama is now. What can’t be controlled by press blackouts will be mopped up by electronic voting machine fraud.

Let us make this very clear. You do not elect your President. Your President is headhunted by a group called the Bilderberg’s. The elite controlled press then quarantines all candidates outside of this circle to keep the public in the dark. If a candidate like Ron Paul manages to squeeze through the constraints, a smear campaign kicks into effect to ensure that the population believes the thrown election results. Should a candidate manage to get past these measures, something that has rarely happen since the take over of the United States in the early 1960s, the individual is murdered by the same controlling elite. Sad, but true.

The Attack On America

Meanwhile, America is under complete and utter attack. The elite controlled politicians and military personnel are meticulously chipping off every provision of freedom set down by our forefathers. Americans who have been convinced that a mysterious boogeyman “Al Qaeda” is out to get them, shamefully support the erosion of freedom. The two-party system that breeds senseless loyalty pushes half the population into a defensive stance for any tyranny that Obama signs into law. The mere fact that the overwhelming majority of the midnight signatures are unconstitutional is completely missed by a population who would rather know a batting average or Jersey Shore fact than an Amendment to the Bill of Rights.

We need to understand that America only won a single battle in a war that has raged since the first settlers landed on the shores of America. We have since been under constant barrage by the bankers that demand that no possession including your sovereign life be anything other than their property. They own you. They own your children, and they believe wholeheartedly that only their offspring are entitled to prosper. If you consider yourself a parent; if you consider yourself a patriot, you must shake off the lies you’ve been told since birth, and join the forces of true freedom that are aimed at restoring the original dream of America.

These forces control what your children learn. The news you read. They control your lack of nutrition. They poison your air, your water, and your medicine. What is outlawed in their European homeland is legal for us to consume. What is revolutionary is forbidden by our bought off FDA and CDC. Our money is fake. Our gold has been stolen. Our military has been deceived. Our politicians have been bought off. Our jobs have been exported. There has never been a time in history where more facets of reality have been co-opted by elite controlled mechanisms, and yet people still fear being labeled conspiracy theorist. Wear the label with a badge of pride. For it is the conspiracy savvy that will save the world.

Remember, America is an idea of freedom for all nations. We must secure a single example of this idea on our own soil. It will not be necessary to impose our will on others once they see what freedom looks like. America isn’t dead yet, but if things don’t change soon, it will become more and more difficult to ever convince our grandchildren she existed.

Wake up people. The clock is ticking.

Imagine for a moment that someone could convince you to worship something that symbolizes everything that represses you. Something that symbolizes the enslavement of a population, and by proxy all the nefarious deeds of its true owners. In America, there are tons of these symbols. In Europe, even more.

Before we get started, let us explain why we’re writing this article. It can be argued that there are more important matters to focus on. We don’t disagree. What we do object to is the graffiti that remains a stain on an otherwise great country of America. What we are going to propose in this article is a rise in consciousness about a ritual that goes back hundreds of years. A ritual that should meet its end, and remain unpracticed. The symbols we are going to outline pay homage to the power structures that control us, and by allowing them to continue to exist embolden their resolve not to mention their arrogance.

The controlling elite who own all the major banks in the world, and who therefore buy and sell politicians that control every nation, like to stamp the Earth with symbols of ownership. Now before we continue, let us stress that OnePageNews does not subscribe to any spiritual power or other supernatural attributes of these symbols. We use the word evil to describe their sociopathic intent, and not a mythical being out to get humans. They are merely symbols. Symbols of serfdom and slavery, and the more we as a people worship these symbolic shackles that bind us, the more they laugh a hearty laugh and toast to total and utter control over societies globally. So what symbols are we referring to? There are countless structures that mark their territory, but let us bring three to your immediate attention, and before we do, we know this is tough to digest if this is your first venture into the proverbial rabbit hole, but bear with us.

Statue Of Semiramis

Statue Of Liberty (dedicated in 1886)

There is a reason she is in the Jersey Bay and not on land. America used to have informed meaningful and righteous politicians who fought for America’s wellbeing. Not like today’s complete and utter sellouts who would harvest your baby for a snack if it were legal. Let’s review: we were taught the Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom that calls out to European migrants to move to America and take up their dreams. This couldn’t be further from the truth, but lets start at the beginning.

The Statue of Liberty was given to America by the French. Hasn’t that always sounded a bit strange to you? Why would a country that just finished trying to take over the United States turn around and award us with a gift? Was it that they felt guilty, and didn’t want any hard feelings? We think not. The Statue of Liberty goes back literally thousands of years.

Babylonian Queen Semiramis 4500 B.C.

The female figure we know as The Statue of Liberty is older than most people realize. She has been worshiped by the controlling elite as far back as 4500 BC. She actually went by another name when she was first printed on currency in the Babylonian times. Her name was Queen Ishtar, or more commonly known as Queen Semiramis. She was imported into Europe once the families of that era migrated north from Eurasia. Soon she was given the name “Reine de la Colombe” in French, which translated reads “Queen of the Dove.” She was not altered in appearance since her first minting some 6,000 years ago, and the bankers of France have worshiped her ever since, and it was these bankers that “gave” a likeness of her to America.

The gesture was meant to accomplish two things: One, to mark the land. France owns America. Two, to overlay onto this symbol a passage that would ring in the hearts of migrants around the world, “Give me your tired, your poor/Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” This message was secretly meant to break the back of America. It was meant to invite all the poor and what the elite thought worthless into the new lands and stress her resources and employment potential. It backfired. America turned the onslaught of migrants into a haven of those seeking freedom and who were fed up with the tyranny of cowardice European rule. Nevertheless, she still remains a symbol of ownership by the elite and must be removed.

Nimrod's Phallus

The Washington Monument (dedicated in 1885)

Another controlling faction of America are the Freemasons. These days the Freemasons reign over America is easier to prove given the hundreds of statues, paintings, and other symbolism they built all over Washington D.C. What some folks haven’t yet realized is that the Freemasons are simply an extension of what used to be one of the most powerful organizations known as the Knights Templar. They still exist, but they have chosen to hide their history under the Freemason umbrella for safe keeping (it makes them feel special, don’t tell them).

The Knights Templar or Freemasons took the symbol related to the biblical character Nimrod. The story of Nimrod and the symbolism we’re going to mention has to do with at least one tale of his death. The story goes that he was cut into pieces, found by his wife who attempted to reassemble his body, but could never find his phallus. The legend continues that Nimrod rose to the heavens and joined the sun, and some suggest that he was married to Queen Semiramis and that from this vantage point impregnated her using sun rays that then resulted in a child.

The Freemasons adopted this missing phallus as their symbol of strength. This phallus was then translated into an obelisk, and every geographical location they control by either force or financial means is marked with this symbol, hence the Washington Monument. We would also like to note that the elite love the fact that the citizens of the native land actually participate in creating the structures of worship to them. We slave to build them, and most definitely to maintain them over the years. It is time we cease this madness, and bring them down once and for all. We’d like to suggest that all like symbols be forbidden except to educate the youth on their meaning in museums of ill intent.

Wise Old Owl

The Owl

The incestuous journey continues. Legend has it Queen Semiramis had a band of owls who acted as her mentors and advisers. Always by her side, they kept her path tried and true. It is from this ancient tale that we get the images of owls that litter our currency (it’s not a spider), and much of our government symbolism. However, there is one owl that most people have never viewed for it can only be seen from the sky.

Right in the heart of Washington D.C. is a mammoth owl that surrounds the United States Capitol building. It has to be seen to be believed, and we suggest you link to Google Maps and get a bird’s eye view of this stain on our country. It is not a statue or unified structure. It is drawn literally out of sidewalks and filled in with lush green grass and shrubbery. In the belly of the owl contains the wisdom of those who follow its greatest protege Queen Semiramis, or in our case, the leaders who serve the bankers of Europe.

Capitol Building Grounds

We understand how crazy and pointless this all seems, and it is this exact reason why we would like to suggest that these symbols of control and manipulation and slavery be dismantled. We might be a few hundred years ahead of the masses in this article, but the seed has to be planted. The suggestion has to be made. A free society cannot harbor images of tyrannical control. These symbols must be brought down lawfully by the people as a whole, and not by some maniac acting on is own. The country must vote these objects and symbols out of use, and replace them with certified images of freedom and liberty. New symbols that preserve the concept of a sovereign country with citizens that possess inalienable rights that can never be removed as dictated by the Bill Of Rights. Spread this wisdom to all you know. It is important that we live unpolluted by repression of any kind, even if it is merely symbolic.

When one grows up in America, one is inundated with the responsibility to take on the worlds problems both near and far, and offer up our land, resources, and personal lives to ensure that others never suffer. Sadly this mantra was instilled on the United States by the European bankers that knew she could not withstand this attitude indefinitely.

If one travels the world, one will soon realize that every other country in the world practices the near complete inverse of what American youth are taught. Germans live in Germany. French live in France. Jewish people live in Israel. The list goes on. With the recent introduction of the European Union, the proliferation of “melting pot” mentality has finally started to make people outside the United States think. We would like to suggest that there is no moral imperative that a nation coddle or offer refuge for others unless a temporary emergency has been declared, in which case every measure should be taken to reinstate the source country with its sovereign foundation.

America needs to end this devotion to being the world’s savior and more specifically the world’s police. We need to ensure that the American way of life stays intact, and does not get diluted by outside forces. This does not mean that individuals from other countries can’t migrate lawfully into the country, but each citizen does need to understand intimately the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and be willing to sacrifice his or her life to ensure its safety.

A World Without Culture

One of the scariest notions about a world where the guilt inflicted “melting pot” tagline is used is that we as a people lose our individual cultures as a result of its proliferation. We lose our rituals, our forms of entertainment, our stories of centuries past, our food, our language, all of it. As a race we need to continue to strive to keep our individual differences alive, so that as a people we don’t grow impatient with a lack of exploration within our own limited realm. The Internet has already accelerated the shrinking of the world. We cannot afford to further accelerate this to the point of no return.

As a matter of immediate concern, America needs to shed this saboteur concept that we have to rescue the planet. As third world countries are overrun by multinational corporations that enslave their people and engage in human trafficking, America is expected to take in the citizens willing to escape what should be morally repulsive. We as a people should refuse these corporations to make our products in sweatshops in South America, China, India, and Mexico. When you see a product that comes from these sources, refuse to buy it. Look for American made brands before they run out. Eat at small local restaurants. Shop at local stores regardless if they have all the fancy wares you’d rather have. If you can get by, DO IT.

America has the RIGHT to be America. This does not mean that she’s not made up of every race, color, and creed. It just means that she needs to cease taking on immigrants that are illegally crossing her borders. It means that our domestic and foreign policies need to reflect America first. It means that for the first time in 100 years, she should take care of herself for a few decades. Pull our troops home. Shut down all wars. Replace our currency. Kick out our politicians. Root out all corrupt government workers. Revoke all terrorist based legislation created since 9/11. Shut down the Federal Reserve. Kick out the banks. Hunt those who have done wrong until all are brought to justice. Feels good just reading it doesn’t it?

So we have a fake currency. A fiat replacement for what once was real money, backed by gold, limited in quantity, and judiciously distributed. So how do we fix this problem? How do we replace our money with real money that has value, and that isn’t corrupted by the few. We have a plan.

In this article we are going to outline some beginning steps that need to be taken to replace fake money with real money. What we will not do is back this new currency by gold, for all of America’s gold was stolen by the elite during the mid-1930s. We must create a fiat currency as Lincoln did back in the 1860’s; a currency that is backed by United States manufacturing, the value of the products we export and consume within our own lands, and backed by the value of our sovereign assets. Having said this, there will be issues to resolve, but we must do what it takes to make those changes without corrupting our money system further.

Step One – A New Constitutional Amendment – Ban Private Bankers

Before we can fix our money system, we need to ensure beyond the shadow of a doubt that whatever system we develop is free from Elite manipulation, that their representative factions are unable to infiltrate and corrupt our new system. We would propose an amendment that reads something like this:

“All legal tender that is to serve as a United States currency both domestic and abroad shall be managed by, without exception, bonded government employees that lack previous connections or proxy to private institutions related to the management of interest baring currencies. Anyone found to be acting against the sovereign value of legal tender shall be tried for treason and subject to a lifetime in Federal prison if found guilty.”

Step Two – A New Constitutional Amendment – Ban Compound Interest

The key to a sovereign currency is the abolishing of compound interest, or usury. This entire concept must be removed from the American economic lexicon and outlawed categorically. Children must be raised with the fundamental understanding that this is an impossible mathematical equation that can never be escaped, and therefore will never be tolerated for as long as our great country lives. This second amendment should read:

“From this day forth, all acts of compound interest both private and federal for monies loaned shall be outlawed and punished to the maximum extent of the law.”

Step Three – Abolish The 16th Amendment

It should go without saying that the 16th Amendment of the Constitution should be revoked on the same day that these two new Amendments are added. As well, any policies or statutes that conflict with the two newly drafted Amendments would also be revoked instantly.

Step Four – Replace Existing Currencies

Now that we’ve installed these new guidelines, it’s time to replace the dirty money with newly forged GDP backed clean money. There are many ways to go about this process, but we would suggest that all concepts adhere to the Amendments drafted above, especially in the area of non-interest bearing currencies.

We would propose that all monies not involved in pre-existing interest bearing loans be immediately replaced with solid newly minted fiat currency issued by the United States, owned by the United States, and protected from any forms of compound interest by the United States.

What does this mean? If you had $100 in a bank account, you would get $100 in real currency on the same day. This money would have no connection to foreign banks, would be devoid of any interest bearing payments to said banks, and have more buying power than any currency in the world.

Step Five – Dealing With Existing Interest Bearing Loans

Yes, it is possible to replace existing loans with real money, and not upset the balance of the world. The key risk involved is the individual or corporation losing assets as a result of their loan being null and void. This does not have to be the case. Every asset in America has a value; a car, a house, a business, etc. These assets can be valued and backed by real currency, and all interest bearing loans from criminal banking cartels can be wiped from the map on a single day.

Let us give you an example of how to deal with the banks in Europe. If a drug dealer sells an illegal drug to an individual, and both of them are caught in the process, the drug dealer does not get his payment as a result of being caught. The drug dealer is thrown in jail, loses his or her money, and the person who received the drugs is not responsible “legally” for the payment. This is similar to how the United States has to handle its European captors. Once we have freed ourselves, the Military can reconstitute to protect us from the banks and their War Of 1812 mentality, which attempts to bribe or bully countries under their control to take back America and reinstate their corrupt interest bearing money system. This would be the same as putting the drug buyer under protective custody from the hit that might be put them for failing to pay the drug dealer. In other words, the U.S. Military would now be charged with their original mission: defend the sovereignty of the United States of America.

Our initial proposition for Step Five, which will have to coincide with Step Six is for the United States government to ascertain the value of every asset in loan against the payments already made by the borrower. All interest to the previous regime would be credited to the borrower as principle payment. So if a person bought a home for $100,000, and had paid $50,000 in interested and $30,000 in principle over the term of the loan, that individual would be credited for $80,000 total towards the value of the home, and simply owe the remaining $20,000.

Step Six – Determine Overall Money Supply

The overall money supply is a key element of a new currency. This affects most importantly the value of our money, and will constitute the most severe alteration of how we handle purchases moving forward. Given that the banks of Europe have controlled our money since the late 1700s, our money supply is entirely out of control. The effect of gaining control over our money means that every dollar will eventually gain value, and thus, an individual will need far less to conduct business on a daily basis. This will most likely mean that products and services will reduce to fractions of their previous costs, yet in the end retain their true value at all times.

Let us give you an example. If your house today costs $100,000, it might list as $10,000 after we as a nation adjust for the runaway inflation that has gone on untamed for centuries.

So how would we determine the amount of currency needed to replace the previous corrupt Federal Reserve Notes? Simple, but there is a catch. We must print TWO currencies to solve our problem: one to deal with the immediate replacement of illegal money, and one to replace this initial currency once we’ve determined how to adjust for inflation. At no time will individuals or businesses lose money, or empirical value to their products, services, savings, investments, and the like.

Step Seven – Replacing The Replacement Currency

The initial step is to replace the existing illegal currency. This immediately cuts off the banking cartel in Europe from controlling the United States population, and its ability to grow and prosper. However, we are still left with their inflated over supplied money system. The simple method of upgrading to a more valuable currency is to offer an individual a legal tender that has more value than the previous system. What this means is that a $100 bill in currency A, might be replaced with $10 in currency B, because B will be worth ten times the amount of A. This will allow America to return to the age when a nickel will cover the cost of going to the movies, and a home can be purchased for $15,000.

Why do this? It is true that America could stick to the current value system that exists today, but with a value system similar to the rest of the world, and similar to our corrupt past, it will be tougher to monitor corrupt factions that might try to infiltrate the system at a future time. If American citizens can see a movie for a nickel, go on a date for a couple of dollars, it will be instantly apparent when those prices rise due to corrupt techniques that try to alter in any way our monetary system.

Did we just suggest a Federal bank? 

Yes we did. This will be the FIRST government-run bank since the take over in 1913. What you’ve been sold is that the government can’t manage money. Even though most people who are awake know that the Federal Reserve is a private bank, many still leave with the impression that it was run by the government. It is important to remember that the Federal Reserve is NOT run by the people, but a cartel of bankers in Europe who call themselves the “member banks” of the Federal Reserve. This is where a lot of tail grabbers write off the criminal accusations as moot. They think that because normal banks make up the Federal Reserve that they are instantly upstanding organizations. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Once private bankers are ban from participating in banking, and once the crime of compound interest is outlawed, the foundation will be in place to move in scholars to develop money systems that if turned corrupt, would be instantly easy to identify.

How does someone borrow money?

This might come as a shock, but money can be borrowed without interest. What can be considered a fair charge would be the labor involved in processing the loan. Individuals and businesses alike must prove they have the collateral necessary to obtain a loan, that or they must produce a business model, or earnings record that demonstrates their financial ability to pay back the loan’s principal debt.

Loans could also be given based on how they would be spent. Imagine a business needing a payroll loan. This would mean that as long as the employees are American citizens, this money would be put back into the economy. What if a loan needed to be invested overseas? Then a loan of “foreign investment” could be made with special stipulations and monitoring to see that the currency translation is made properly.

What if a loan isn’t paid back?

As with today’s loans, there are methods of dealing with unpaid debts. These methods need only be modified to account for the lack of interest baring profit that a bank would normally accrue. In a closed system of supply, monies spent into the system would be recirculated back into the economy as a whole. Without interest as a key operating principle within the profit model of acquiring money, new practices previously unthinkably fare would come into play.

Loans against assets would result in the asset being sold to the next buyer, with the principle amount being returned to the original owner. We know this sounds crazy and fair, but that’s what happens when a fair money system is created. Your wages are your property as the Constitution already declares.

Loans against services would be taken as a loss, and the individuals responsible for the loan would be recorded as having created either a bad investment, or an investment that was deemed unpayable due to normal market conditions.

Loans made as investments would simply be that, investments with risk that may or may not be repaid. The government as a whole may be inclined to rarely loan money based on this model for repayment. Private venture capitalists would have the opportunity to invest into a business as an owner that could reap a dividend if such an investment yields a profit through normal services rendered.

Why would a bank invest in anything?

Who says that an arbitrary business called a bank should make profit from your hard work? We say they don’t. Does that mean banks no longer exist? We say perhaps. Traditional banks must migrate their business models from raping their customers with interest rates to investing directly in their businesses like free market capitalists do. If a plumber wants to expand his business, he can either go the slow route and own every dime of his company, or share the ownership of that business with the investor or bank against all profits earned. At a later date, the individual could buy out the bank with profits saved. All these mentioned practices happen on a daily basis today. All we’re doing is severing the ties with illegal usury practices that strangle individual mobility.

What about interest bearing investments?

Interest bearing investments are different from interest bearing loans. Interest bearing investments work from an existing money supply, and do not require the creation of money to satisfy. If a product or service is rendered and gains a profit, that profit can be distributed as a dividend to investors, or translated into stock options as part of an ownership program in a corporation or asset. What must be deemed illegal under all interpretations is interest bearing loans, for no individual or corporation can be permitted to “invent” money from nothing.

Once money ceases to inflate due to a highly controlled money supply, savings accounts and retirement programs will hold more value year over year. A gallon of milk would be nearly the same value a hundred years from the time the money was saved.

What about increasing population?

It is very conceivable that the money supply could be adjusted based on the overall population. This would require that our census data be gathered from hospitals and morgues on a yearly basis. Again, there will be contingency issues that will need to be dealt with, but as you can see from the simple principles presented in this article, once the corruption is eliminated, solving monetary policy becomes increasingly simple to manage.

What about supply and demand?

The beauty of this newly suggested money system is that the normal market fluctuations still control the value of individual products. If a resource becomes scarce, then its price will increase, true too is the inverse for prices that fall. What will be immediately apparent to the people is the power of bartering products. Instead of allowing printed monetary units to dictate phantom value, the people will translate the value of money via the foundation that will be the products and services created and exchanged. One will be able to look at a nickel (in the case of our currency B formula) and see perhaps a gallon of milk in their hand. Today, we worry minute by minute that the dollar in our hand buys less and less, because we have no control over its value.

The other key result of this new money system is that American manufacturing would explode past all previous levels. A product created would dictate the value of our currency, and thus be the most desirable form of monetary support. Exporting jobs would only kill the value of our currency. Americans would proudly create anything from a Rubbermaid trashcan to a new Plymouth Fury, and use that product to trade against the value of their currency. American corporations could more easily plan long-term strategies for product sales based on the direct connection between their products value and the currency that they would generate as a result of its sale. In today’s market, corporations have to factor in the fluctuations in a currencies value to hedge bets against potential losses should the dollar fall due to the typical European manipulation.

What do we do about foreign-owned assets?

This is where the United States makes the biggest and boldest change in history: We deem all the cartel banks that have participated in the Federal Reserve system null and void. All employees of these banking institutions must be tracked and forbidden from ever engaging in banking practices for the remainder of their lives. This may sound harsh, but this is the first step in ensuring that corrupt proxies and old ways do not infiltrate the thinking and tolerance for previously criminal practices.

Just as in the TARP days where the United States invested in and took over the operation of private corporations, the same government would suspend all payments to said banks permanently. Damages would be assessed and international criminal charges would be filed in all respective countries to bring any and all bankers to answer for their deeds. They would be immediately imprisoned if in America, and extradited where allowed. At a minimum their presence in our country would be forbidden.

All loans pursuant to property ownership backed by fractional reserve banking would be immediately owned by the buyer to the degree they have addressed their loan payment responsibly. Any outstanding balance would be managed by the government once the property or asset was reappraised.

Banks that can prove they made sound loans backed by real monetary assets would be able to “appeal” for a hearing on whether or not they could be compensated in newly minted currency once the loan is eventually processed. A panel of bonded judges acting exclusively as Constitutional defenders would rule over the matter and investigating claims at the expense of the bank in question for the remainder of the hearing with no means of compensation should the bank be awarded a judgment.

How would we handle foreign-owned currency?

It will be a sad day for countries that have invested in Federal Reserve notes as “reserve currencies.” After America makes the sweeping changes in this article, these countries would be redirected to take up their losses with the cartel owners in Europe. Provided that the citizens of Europe follow in suit, countries such as China will have to follow in suit to ensure that their currency need not rely on former oil backed cartel notes. The simple solution is that everyone in the world would have to follow suit or find themselves raped, while the citizens of the United States prosper uncontrollably.

How would currency exchanges work?

First and foremost, all exchanges of newly minted clean money from the United States would have to be heavily tracked as it enters foreign countries. The secondary issue would be the currency to exchange for. It might be that until countries follow suit, and believe us–they will, the ability to exchange clean fiat currency for corrupt interest baring fiat currency is simply illegal and or impossible.

However, exchanging assets worth money for real currency would provide a means of real value, and rely on the GDP exchange that backs the newly minted money. If a car is worth $5,000 in newly minted currency, and is simply made in China, then China could exchange a car for said amount. At all times America would need to track how much money has been taken out of circulation and set policies to ensure that our money is not diluted or worse contracted in ways that could harm her population.

We would encourage the direct exchange for assets and not the exchange of currency. If this means that the newly minted money is no longer part of a currency market, then so be it.

What roll would the United States military play?

The military would be encouraged to take a heightened state of alert as the retaliation of said banking cartel would undoubtedly be swift and severe. All intelligence gathered on banking cartel owners and their controllers would be made public as to allow the citizens of all countries to monitor their movements, their conversations, and their monies to pay off those who would execute crimes against America or her allies.

We would encourage a reevaluation of all members of government who have served banking interests in their lifetime. All military officials, politicians, and or other government employees having served either as employee or consultant will have to find work outside of government paying jobs. Depending on their degree of participation in banking related activities, their activities may need to be tracked like child predators until a period of obsolescence can be determined.

In the end, we must view any and all banking employees as potential criminals as we did with Nazi soldiers who thought they were doing the will of their leader. They were still criminals. Whether they simply closed the doors on trains, they still played a key role in killing hundreds of thousands of prisoners.


We hope that you’ve found the suggestions in this article useful. We encourage you to spread this article as widely as possible. It is time that we started to think different, and in a big way. Have the courage to repeat the ideas on this page. The banks are NOT too big to fail. They must be deemed illegal, and eradicated from existence while all forms of usury be written into the deepest forms of taboo.


Less than 100 years ago, people knew how to raise children. We have largely lost this ability as the nucleus of a family is divided by priorities of self. The benefits of being a father or a mother no longer share clear boundaries and therefore lead to households in dispute over who is responsible for what. They are now expected to share all responsibilities and feel righteous in defense of any suggestion to the contrary. The overwhelming result of this change in the 1970s has led to a society of wandering zombie children who gain wrinkles of age, but no sooner act like an adult, than raise one. Public places have turned into playgrounds for parents who never had control over their children. Good people who would otherwise raise well balanced offspring cringe at the sight of undisciplined children and assume that all kids are uncontrollable nightmares.

The transition from independent businesses to corporations

Less than 150 years ago, the world was filled with personally owned and operated businesses. People purchased plots of land, offered their trade skills, and survived 100% on monies earned. Today we have allowed the basic necessities of life to be usurped by giant multinational corporations that destroy all forms of personal enterprise where possible. Small towns in the mid-west fuel giant store chains such as the European owned and operated Walmart that exports all product contracts to overseas sweatshops in China and India. Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart explicitly mandated that his stores be filled with American made products. Soon after his death, his children succumb to bank pressures to release the company in the hands of the few to gut Sam’s original charter and turn what was once a backbone to American health into a menace on society.

We mention this transition to highlight the fact that families have greatly suffered from losing their ability to rule their own destinies through privately owned businesses. Citizens around the world in just a few generations have almost entirely forgotten how to start and operate their own ventures. If they have the idea, they lack the business knowledge to make it successful, for the high schools refuse to teach basic math past 8th grade, and colleges offer business degrees that are null and void of any savvy entrepreneurial skills. If we are to give families a chance, it is vital that we resurrect the private business enterprise.

The choice that has been removed

As Aaron Russo noted so well in his many conversations with Nick Rockefeller, the feminine revolution was engineered by the elite to tax the other half of modern society and to force children into the school systems at the earliest possible opportunity. This early enrollment led to instant indoctrination by the elite written school materials and to sever the connection of child and parent leaving the family empty of a deep connection. The Robin Hood promise of giving women rights resulted in every female living the horrible rat race than men have struggled to retire from since the beginning of time.

Previous to the feminine movement, families still had working women. The mothers gave birth to their children early in life, raised them until they entered school, met them after school for a few years, then entered the work force to pursue their destiny a more rounded and purposeful person. It should be noted that many women began their work life more mature than their husbands who had started without any previous experience and or responsibility. Every household was able to survive on a single income, and the extra money was used to live a far richer life, and facilitate retirement in the last twenty to thirty years.

Lower IQs means less freedoms

What about the children? We throw them into school as soon as possible to ensure that Mommy and Daddy have plenty of free time to get to work and pay the bills. The child is sometimes lucky enough to be put into good local pre-schools, while most enter assembly line dwellings where you child takes a number and waits for the mechanical dispassionate caregivers to give them their sustenance. Learning is relegated to workers who are either doing part-time work with zero educational credentials, or who have only managed to get their daycare license and pretend there is a school curriculum to learn.

In the last 25 years schools have reduced the overall time per day kicking kids out at early afternoon straining the parents ability to scoop them up and move them to safe after hour care. Teachers take numerous days off throughout the year leaving parents with gaps to fill further raping them of funds that could be better invested. Core subjects such as mathematics become optional in middle school, while frivolous classes such as sex-ed courses replace vital subjects that used to be a mainstay of k-12 learning. The bottom-line is that citizens who grew up in public schools from 1975 and before, graduated with far superior knowledge and higher IQs than children of today who have amazing levels of technology at their disposal.

Low IQs translates to less understanding of what freedom means. How is that the American people have had their entire Constitution gutted since the false flag 9/11 attack? Were we trying to help the terrorists kill America, and everything it stands for? Don’t the proponents of 9/11 war mongering tell us that the Arabs can’t be trusted because they want to attack our way of life? Why would they have to attack us, when we’re doing it to ourselves. The truth is that no Arabs have attacked America in the last decade. Only European bankers have attacked America, and successfully so. It is time that we as a people wake up to this charade.

As we raise more citizens that lack basic skills to survive, we are filling the coffers of police and military positions that are instantly misled into wars or domestic riots that benefit the bankers. In the theater of war, we see battles raging to dislodge entire nations from their sovereign way of life, thus handing their monetary systems over to the IMF and World Bank. In terms of police, we see more and more peaceful protests turning into bloodbaths where mindless drones who couldn’t recite a single Amendment to the Constitution being convinced that those who are “book smart” are merely domestic terrorists who need a beating.

What do we need to do?

Above all, we need to take back control of our lives. We need to do whatever we can to fight the public educational system and ensure that after each child returns home, that he or she gets the additional education needed to rule their individual destinies. We need to raise our children with the guidance that is taught to them to be repeated to their children. We need to recapture the spirit of private businesses, by either starting one ourselves, or supporting those who have. The more small businesses that succeed, the more society as a whole can reflect those opportunities back to everyone. Small banks that see private ventures succeed, will be more apt to loan funds to other private businesses, and that could be you. Colleges need to prove that their degrees have employable results before stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from students in tuition fees.

The military and police academies are preying on young undereducated teenagers to do their unconstitutional biddings. The more we pass information between us, and eventually to them, we will severely impact their ability to create a mechanical army of mindless humans. Knowledge is the ultimate power. Please spread the word.

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So you want to be a hero? You joined the military or some other intelligence agency so you could feel important, and exercise your God given right to be a patriotic citizen of your country. The only problem is that you’re most likely serving a banking cartel that programs your minds into hating your fellow man based on falsified evidence and propaganda.

Well, we’re here to let you know that there’s a job opening for HERO, and it’s still available. All you have to do is root out the nefarious factions within your own institution and we’ll dedicate every waking hour until there is a statue of your deed in every single city in the free world.

You want to be a hero? We’ll make you the biggest hero of all time for the very definition of a hero is measured by the trials and tribulations endured by those to become them, and now is a better time then ever to sleigh Goliath in the name of true freedom.

So where do you start? Let’s start with the Constitution of the United States, or your respective Magna Carta if you’re in Europe. Study the inalienable rights handed down by our forefathers that ensured that we have freedom of speech, the right to bare arms, and the right to not be eavesdropped on without a warrant. Any and all actions that conflict with any of the 10 Bill of Rights should be grounds for a full investigation if not immediate arrest of those who would attempt to censor in any way these basic freedoms.

Let us also not forget the monetary system that rapes every citizen of this world. Most countries come with laws that serve and protect the citizens against such despicable acts of usury. Any and all individuals or organizations that engage in unlawful or unconstitutional acts should be immediately detained and put behind bars.

Back in the 1970s, there was a secret whistleblower code named “Deep Throat.” The time has come to create 10 thousand such informants who are empowered by suitcases, mobile media, or publicly displayed fragments of truth that will set the world free to rule itself. Regardless if they threaten us with doomsday weapons, we need to take whatever steps necessary to eradicate these individuals from power. If we need to wade through their global attacks on society, then this is what we need to do.

It has been said once, and we’ll say it again, “Give us freedom or give us death.” We’re willing to take Omaha Beach all over again. This time from all sides. Do your part to become a hero, and we’ll make good on naming every school or government building after you. We can give you more fame than any elitist can ever give you. Make us proud soldier.

History Of America: Part I

The history of America is a very interesting and largely revised collection of half-truths and downright lies. A child going to school today will grow up their entire lives believing things about their world that give them an ignorant view, and deaden their perceptive abilities to see the truth, let alone understand it when they hear it. We are going to take a moment to recap some of the more important developments in history and break them down on a decade by decade basis. This will not include all the areas on its first publication, but as we add more, we will move the article to the top of the pile for reading.


The Decade Of The 1770s

One of the most romantic lies about America starts from day one. From the day we signed the Declaration of Independence, European monarchs and money changers were furious. They set out a goal to take the war to America in a purely financial way until we the people were owned by their intellectual concepts.

What you need to know and take away from this article, is that the Revolution did not end in 1776, it merely began.

The Decade Of The 1830s

President Andrew Jackson

This was President Andrew Jackson’s decade. He was the first and last President that beat the banks of Europe. We define this as not using their fake money, not paying their interest rates, and surviving to die of natural causes after term.

During this same decade, America gained the first cancer known as the Skull and Bones. The founding charter for the Skull and Bones was to take over America by any financial means necessary. President Andrew Jackson was aware of their nefarious plan and gave orders to deport anyone found to be a member. To our knowledge, no one was found.

The Decade Of The 1860s

This was the infamous decade that harbored the Civil War. Europe found a way to fund the southern plantation owners into a revolt that would lead to many of their deaths. America was strained to fight the well-funded and well equipped south, and thus President Lincoln had to make some fast decisions.

Wars take money to fight. The elite are well aware that most countries don’t have the savings to fight prolonged combat without going broke, so they quickly offered Lincoln money at 36% interest. Lincoln being an exceptionally brilliant man, refused the offer and decided to do the one thing that every country should do, print its own money.

President Lincoln gave the order to create and print the Green Back. A sovereign currency backed by the United States of American GDP. European bankers were terrified. Lincoln was showing the entire world and every country just how easy it is to live outside their debt based money system.

In comes John Wilkes Booth. An actor who was impressed by status and prestige.  John having entertained some of the wealthiest men in his life, managed to gain an invite to a group of men that needed to know that he was one of them. Criminals believe that the only way they can trust you is to have you commit a crime that they can then hold over your head.

Various members of the elite conspired to negotiate Booth’s escape from the states after the murder of Lincoln. One of the men could get Booth to the shore of America, but no further. Another man could get him from America to England on boat, but no further. Another had a cottage off the shore of England where it is thought that Booth spent his final years writing back to his family sporadically.

On the night of the murder, John Wilkes Booth did shoot President Lincoln. He did leap down and break his ankle. He did not however burn up in a barn. It was not his body in the casket, but a red-head gentlemen who had his hair dyed black, and had a far more receded hairline than Booth.

President Lincoln was murdered by the bankers of Europe for refusing to use their money system, and daring to show the world that we don’t need their usury tactics to survive.

The Decade Of The 1890s 

One interesting thing happen in 1893. A bill very similar to the 16th Amendment was attempted on Congress. Congress being largely full of reputable politicians with genuine backgrounds refused such a bill, and sent the bankers on their way. Nevertheless, the bill was coming.

The Decade of The 1900s

This was a critical time in the life of America. The seat of President was about to get its first Skull and Bones member, and thus one of the most corrupt moments in world history.

Philander C. Knox

Let us first introduce you to one Philander C. Knox. Former attorney to the Rockefellers, the Vanderbilts, the Morgans, and through proxy, the Rothschilds. Knox was an attorney who had served his masters well. He helped form and bring together the monopolies of oil, railroad, and steel. He was the Henry Kissinger of his day. Trusted with any effort that was of the utmost importance, and usually of the utmost level of difficulty.

In 1904, Knox became the U.S. Attorney General under President McKinley, and soon into Theodore Roosevelt. The purpose for Knox was the serve in a capacity he was extremely qualified for, and generally get close to the role of President for his next goal was of paramount importantance to his still employers.

In 1909, Knox was promoted to a fiscal role of U.S. Secretary of State. This is important, because Knox would oversee the greatest moment in European might and the end of the Revolutionary war between Europe and America.

Between 1909 and 1913, Knox oversaw the installation and false ratification of the 16th Amendment to the Constitution. President Taft, Skull and Bones member, lobbied for four solid years to bring this bill into fruition, but ultimately failed. It wasn’t until the duped President Woodrow Wilson was tricked into ushering in this legislation that it became real to the American people.

It should be noted that the 16th Amendment was not properly ratified, and was introduced during a Christmas vacation when politicians were home seeing family. The Hurst corporation also aided in printing the false news as if it were true. America soon bought the lie, and has suffered every day since.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria

The Decade Of The 1910s

This decade was about one thing, debt. With the false ratification of the 16th Amendment, America was getting all its money from Europe at interest. On June 18th 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated, and the world was told that this one man’s life was so dear to the entire planet that they were going to pile into a world war of because of it. If this sounds ridiculous, that’s because it is. The war was being set into motion by the European bankers that desperately wanted America to borrow money to fight the war. We didn’t…at first.

In 1917, America finally gave into the pressure and spent a small portion of a year hauling troops on filthy boats creating a horrible strand of influenza that killed nearly 17 million people world-wide. The goal of America borrowing money had started, but ended far too soon for the satisfaction of the money changers.

The Decade Of The 1920s

This was known as the roaring twenties. What was really going on under the radar was the complete and utter gutting of America’s new elite. Toxic investments were paraded in front of eager investors who had no knowledge of the con that was headed their way. Soon, they found themselves upside down in debt, and their family fortunes lost. The decade ended in 1929, when the bottom was pulled out from under the financial markets of America killing off the final folks who hadn’t seen the writing on the wall.

The Decade Of The 1930s

The Great Depression. The elite of America has already been gutted, now it was time for the bankers to go after the middle class. There was a run on the banks back in 1929, but overall, people still had money. If the bankers were to gain complete and utter control over America, it needed to enslave the population without the chance to fight back. Fighting takes money, and without money, you have slaves that have no social status, and very few options for improving their lives.

On April 5th 1933, President Roosevelt signed and executive order making the ownership of gold illegal. Why the American people put up with such an absurdly obvious tactic to strip them of all their sovereign currency is beyond our comprehension, but they did, and with that America lost the last bit of real money they had.

Fort Knox

The gold was put on trains and shipped to Fort Knox. We can only assume this was named after Philander C. Knox, not Henry Knox as it is romantically told, for his deed in helping to “clean out” American wealth. The gold was soon shipped around the world, and largely out of the United States and into the coffers of European money changers. America was literally stripped of their wealth and unable to compete with the money changers without using their fiat currency.

At the same time the bankers were getting nervous. For decades they had tried to infiltrate the neighbor to the east, Russia, but had failed to throttle their aggression to the west. They needed a way to defend themselves, but to leave things in a way that once defended, they could remove any leader that would have gain power to do so. At the same time the bankers still needed America to borrow more money from their fake currency system. A war was needed to accomplish all of this.

Germany in the mid-1930s was largely destitute with catchphrases like “A whole life savings could not buy a postage stamp,” and yet during this financial crisis, Germany managed to build an army so powerful it took three world superpowers to stop them nearly a decade later.

Hitler was a solution for many objectives. Entirely funded by the bankers, he got his start listening to an advisor that worked for the elite. This advisor was later re-characterized as a psychic for Discovery channel, but in simple terms he was a handler. Hitler was in the right place at the right time until the end of his life.

The Decade Of The 1940s 

By 1940, the world was in chaos. America was still refusing to get involved and thus borrow money from Europe in any mass quantities. Then an idea came to mind. Conduct a false flag operation to get Japan to attack Pearl Harbor on a Sunday on December 7th 1941.

President Roosevelt gave the order to embargo Japan’s cargo fleet, and to force two naval fleets to patrol barren waters north of Hawaii thus creating a huge pocket where the Japanese fleet could sneak into American waters and make the attack. The day that lived on in infamy was entirely staged. America was now in the fight.

During WWII, America borrowed more money than had been created to date. The world lost 60 million people, and all due to bankers, some who may still exist to this day.

By 1945, the war was over, America had fed the beast of European bankers, and we were allowed a short reprieve until the cold war came.

In 1949, the CIA, largely made up of all Skull and Bones members started to spy on the Italian drug cartel. They had learned that the mafia had means of making money with no paper trails, and that was exactly what the CIA needed to fund its shadow operations, and to eventually control the repression of citizens around the world.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

The Decade Of The 1950s

The 1950s were largely composed of spying on the mafia, and building up the machine known as the cold war. Americans were taught how to “duck and cover” which would of course do nothing for their safety. American troops were scattered throughout the world to start the never-ending world police role, or as we like to call it, billy club for the bankers.

Also during this decade we gained a President Dwight D Eisenhower that woke up to the devious plots being conducted by largely invisible outside forces. In his closing speech to America, he warned of the impending doom that would be falling on his beloved country if we did not take steps to dismantle the growing power of what he called the “Military Industrial Complex.” Eisenhower was right, but what he didn’t realize was the momentum these factions had already achieved.

The Decade Of The 1960s

We started the decade with a transition from the old to the new. Eisenhower was out and John F Kennedy was in. Lynden B. Johnson, then Vice President was furious that he had lost the bid for President, and began quickly plotting to murder his boss.

Kennedy believing that common sense and an intelligent approach could convince the American people and the world to turn a good leaf, attempted to do just that. Before long he was overseeing the infiltration of foreign countries such as Cuba, the dismantling of the Italian drug cartel led by his brother working with the CIA, and the next pocket of war developing in Viet Nam.

Kennedy fought tooth and nail against the CIA. He tried to use his right hand man, J. Edgar Hoover, to take out CIA mercenary camps that were being setup to train soldiers against Fidel Castro, who had successfully enlisted the help of the US State Department to help him overthrow Fulgencio Batista. JFK knew that the CIA was full of corrupt cronies that were tied to bankers outside of the United States. He knew that the Federal Reserve Bank was a privately owned bank that was holding the American people hostage.

By 1963, JFK had made many enemies simply by trying to follow the Constitution and serve the American people. LBJ by this time had struck a deal with the CIA’s controllers to have them assist him in killing the President. In exchange LBJ would launch a full-scale war in Viet Nam, thus driving up debt to the bankers, which is all they wanted in the first place.

Lyndon B. Johnson

On November 22nd 1963, with a walkie-talkie in hand, LBJ coordinated the hit on his running mate and partner JFK. The President was shot at by more than a dozen gunmen. CIA crews swooped in to clean up the evidence of multiple shooters, kidnap and murder anyone who saw their plan, and finger Lee Harvey Oswald for the crime. Oswald, who was rumored to be the mole that J. Edgar Hoover used to expose the CIA training camps, was blamed for the murder and later killed by JFK hater Jack Ruby, who was known for being the liquor and sex supplier for LBJ and his cronies.

The assassination was successful. LBJ started the war in Viet Nam to reward his accomplices, and CIA successfully put a major dent in the drug cartels of the mafia.

In 1964 Martin Luther King Jr. was the youngest person to received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work to end racial segregation and racial discrimination through civil disobedience and other nonviolent means. Dr. King began to inspire a generation to think for themselves, and value human rights regardless of race or sex. In doing so, he also attracted the attention of the CIA who through their banker employers forbid heroes to exist if they are not entirely controlled by them. In a multi-year attempt to pin lie after lie onto Dr. King’s back, the decision was made within the CIA to have him assassinated. A replacement Jessie Jackson was hand selected to take over his ministry and thus pose no intellectual harm to the elite.

By 1968, Dr. King was murdered. Robert F. Kennedy, on target for a sure-fire President win, was also murdered by a CIA hired police officer. The assassin shot Kennedy from behind as the room’s attention focused on patsy Sirhan Sirhan, who was busy shooting the ceiling, as the Ambassador Hotel manager was gripping his right wrist in an attempt to wrestle the gun away.

During this decade the CIA decided to dabble in their own release of a drug known as LSD or acid. This drug was simple to make, and soon became known as the drug of the 60s. There was only one problem, it didn’t repress, it liberated. Americans and the world suddenly became aware of their existence in the universe and no longer feared death, and no longer believed in war. The CIA ceased making the drug thinking that their lack of production would end the problem, but the drug was too easy to make, and thus continued well into the 1970s.

Worried about a shortage of oil? Think that oil is a limited resource? Still believe that dinosaur bodies and squashed ferns from prehistorical times make oil? Well, you’re going to be glad to finally clear this up once and for all. We cannot speak for your frustration after you find out where it does come from.

To cut to the chase, oil is created when the Earth compresses explosive methane gas at around 20,000 feet below the surface. The Earth has an infinite supply of methane from the Sun. The Sun’s rays penetrate second by second the crust of the Earth dropping off particles or atoms that combine with Earth’s atoms to create methane at subterranean levels. Therefore the Earth will never run out of oil unless the Earth itself loses its ability to compress.

Having said this we want to make it clear that continuing to use oil as a fuel on Earth is something we’d like to see end. Our focus is on the undeniable source provided by the CALTECH designed geothermal plants that tap the Earth’s natural heat to spin turbines and generate inexhaustible supplies of power. One geothermal plant could supply and entire continent with several thousand times the power needed.

Expanding Earth

You might be interested to know that the Earth expands about 19 centimeters every year. This is reported in science journals all over the globe, but seldom ever explained. There can only be two theories to explore. Either the substance is on the surface of the Earth, or somehow the substance is INSIDE the Earth.

Most of you have lived enough life to know that at no point have you discovered or anyone else discovered a place in your backyard that hasn’t been touched for a year that has 9.5 centimeters of some substance on it, yet the fact that the Earth grows remains a reality. So what else could be causing it?

Simple, the Earth expands every second of every day, and has since its very beginning in space. The larger the Earth grows, the faster it continues to grow. Eventually the Earth’s crust will rupture and it will become a gas giant like Jupiter and Saturn, but we’re probably several billion years out from this moment, so sleep well in the meantime.

The Earth expands because the Sun injects atoms into the center of Earth. This causes Earth to grow, and this is consequently the reason for the growing oceans the shifts in continents. Yes, we’re telling you with 100% certainty, that the theories of continental drift are sadly misguided and wholeheartedly wrong. If one shrinks the world getting rid of all the oceans yet keeping all the land, you will see all the continents come together in a perfect ball. No oceans, only land, and it all fits together without reshaping the continents as they exist today. This is not science fiction, but easy to reproduce fact.

So Just How Old Are Those Oceans?

A group of scientists have recently discovered a problem with the age of the oceans. They have discovered by means of measuring the salt levels of the ocean that in order to maintain the continental drift theory the salt levels would be so high that no life could benefit from trying to swim in its quicksand composition.

After studying the slope of gradual increase in salt, they have reverse engineered the predominate lifespan to that of around 60 to 80 million years old. This is in reference to the mile deep oceans that we know today and not the swampy more shallow sea that the dinosaurs most likely benefitted from.

As we come to realize the Expanding Earth theory, we realize that only some regions of the world had any ocean at all. Given that ocean dinosaurs have been discovered along with ancient fish, we have to assume that portions of Earth’s oceans did form early, but never gained any major claim on the overall composition of Earth’s surface.

How Were Dinosaurs So Big?

Some Paleontologists are coming to the conclusion that dinosaurs could not have existed in the gravitational pull that is our world today. When scientists reverse engineer the size of the Earth 200 million years based on the Expanding Earth theory, they come up with an Earth that was 1/4 the size Earth we know today, and thus, 1/4 the gravity that we have today.

This reduction in Earth’s size allows dinosaurs to do two things: wonder the entire surface of the Earth, which their bones suggest happen, and two, run at full speed and turn on a dime for predators that needed such abilities. In today’s gravitational pull, dinosaurs would experience their necks breaking due to the enormous weight of their skulls and surrounding tissue.

Scientists have also wondered why birds migrate from continent to continent. Given that we now believe that birds are descendants of dinosaurs, and that back when these birds were huge lumbering creatures they could migrate on foot from colder areas to warmer areas, it is safe to believe that the paths haven’t changed, but that the means they use to migrate have taken flight.

In conclusion:

The world expands. It was much smaller in the days of the dinosaur, and as a result of the Sun’s rays, we receive infinite oil that should have little to no value over the cost of pulling it out of the ground, refining it, and shipping it around the world. Should we continue to use it? Probably not where possible, but we shouldn’t be controlled by it at all.