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Banking Cartel Lifer

The recent PR campaign by former CIA Director Michael Hayden to drum up more propaganda against Iran should read as text book as it gets. Somehow the retirement factor is being pushed on the public as a characteristic of truth. Iran is not the single greatest threat. Our own politicians are the single greatest threat. Our illegally elected President just signed into power the National Defense Authorization Act, and completely unconstitutional bill that enables compartmentalized goons within our military and intelligence agencies to detain American citizens without due process.

Now we don’t want to suggest that a person lose their write to dislike another human being, but what we do oppose is the mass media and or military act of injecting lies into the public to manipulate them into sending their children to die for banking cartel objectives. This is exactly what former CIA Director Hayden has done with his recent statements about Iran.

For those of you who are geographically impaired, let us remind you of a few things. Iran is on the other side of the planet. Iran does not have nuclear weapons despite the many claims by the “weapons of mass destruction” liars in government. Iran has something the bankers in Europe cannot stand, FREEDOM. Iran is a sovereign country, and they can’t stand the fact they don’t control them. This entire smearing campaign against Iran is to gain support from an unknowing America public (not European mind you) to support sacrificing our kids into the meat grinder. Hayden has decided somewhere in his life to exchange dignity for status. He is aiding the criminal act of lying about another country. For each soldier that dies or is injured attempting to attack Iran and her citizens, Hayden must be held for war crimes at that time.

We want you to see this pattern before it costs you someone you love. As long as our military is being used as the billy club of European bankers, we must withdraw our children from this organization. We must refuse to kill indigenous people all the while calling them insurgents. If you know someone who has died, or been injured, you are looking at a person who has paid the ultimate price for a bank’s profit margin and control. Spread this pattern of deception to all you know.

That’s right, we want YOUR Chemtrail photos. Phoenix. Dallas. London. Los Angeles. Madrid. Manchester. Berlin. Lyon. Wherever. This worldwide crime against humanity needs to be exposed. Remember: evil likes to hide in the dark, snicker and wring its hands because it thinks no one is looking. But guess what? We ARE looking, and we aren’t shutting up about it, either. Got a phone? Good. Chances are then you also have a camera. Point it skyward when you see the planes belch out their poison and upload your photos. Are you an airline passenger or pilot? Let us see the evidence from your unique point of view. We want it DOCUMENTED that the power obsessed anti-human control freaks that run our society are exposed for the cockroaches they are. You don’t have to tell us your name. We will not save your email address. You will see your photos added to our gallery as quickly as possible. We are the faceless millions that demand a clean atmosphere, and that’s enough ID these criminals deserve for now. Include your location, and date. Upload to And thank you to the dozens of you who submit on a daily basis.


This is very serious.

Another sword was thrust into the heart of The United States of America last night. The US Senate approved (93-7) The National Defense Authorization Act. What this means is that you, as an American Citizen, if you are so much as SUSPECTED of a terrorist act or of allying yourself with “terrorists” you can be swept up off the streets by the military, hauled off to a secret prison, no rights, no defense, no legal representation. You will be treated as a foreign enemy soldier in time of war. This is direct military intervention in the legal process of the United States. The true nature of our Government is now exposed for all to see: the goal is total lockdown of liberty run through the fear filter of domestic terrorism while the economy is destroyed by design. We are being pushed further into a corner while the corrupt crime syndicate that masquerades as our leadership wraps itself in the US Flag under the false pretense of protecting our “freedoms.”

A large part of the population is not going to tolerate this if these acts are implemented. Once a false flag terrorist attack is staged against the people of the United States, and patriots start being swept up off the streets and the military attempts to confiscate weapons…we’re going to have to decide on what side of history we will reside. They are trying to pick a fight with us. We will not be treated like subjects and hauled off to camps. Sorry. Ain’t gonna happen, Hoss. Be careful what you wish for, New World Order. Paybacks are swift.

ATTENTION U.S. MILITARY: You will be used to attack your own countrymen under this false, fake, manufactured “War on Terror”. DO NOT violate your oath to the US Constitution and engage the American People. We must stand together against this inevitable attempt at full-blown tyranny. DO THE RIGHT THING AND STAND WITH US.

Below is an interview with Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oathkeepers, on the InfoWars nightly news. He breaks it down quite well. Take the 45 minutes and invest in the truth of what’s happening.

As we all get forced into yet another unfounded war far far away based on no evidence and politicians lying minute to minute, it’s a good time to take a step back and understand that society as a whole is getting duped yet again. The tender hearted baby boomers are cowering into the corner of xenophobic propaganda and blindly shoving the youth of the world into a foreign region regardless if any of their hand appointed representatives are telling the truth. This will be America’s third giant war where men and women who are alive today to read this article, will die senseless deaths in a country full of people who meant them no harm to begin with.

So as you sit in restaurants and bars and listen to stodgy old men lament their rationals for going to war, look them in their eye and tell them “Iran is not making nuclear weapons. Iranian people do not want to kill you. Stop sending our youth to early graves simply because you won’t do your homework and figure out who’s running the world.” We’d like to add some choice vacation resorts you could suggest they visit, but we digress.

There is no threat from Iran. The bankers of Europe want the Middle East sovereignty to be destroyed, and they are using the traitors within the United States government to make it happen. Keep in mind these aren’t true American citizens, but people who have infiltrated American or turned since birth to serve banking cartel members overseas. It is time we route out these criminal agents within our country and make an example of their acts of treason.

How do we find the traitors? 

Very simple. Anyone who supports a war with Iran is a traitor. They will use more lies just as they did with the war on Iraq sighting weapons of mass destruction, and without everyone pushing for arrests, these individuals will get tens of thousands of American’s killed just like before and never see a day in prison. General Colin Powell trusted the criminals and pushed the button killing thousands of young soldiers. Let’s not make the same mistake again. Refuse to support any war with Iran. Make a list of all politicians from the highest order who support such a ridiculous assertion that simply gaining nuclear energy instantly means nuclear weapons. Let’s also take a step back and understand that we have no business restricting others from having the same weapons we have.

The Power Of A Lie

We want to urge you to take a moment and think about what a lie means to you. You know people tell them all day. Sometimes to others, sometimes to you, and sometimes to themselves. Each lie takes energy to keep in motion. One must remember the lies they’ve told in order to sort out the fake reality they’ve created from the real life they are living.

Now lets think about the size of lies. Some lies are big, and some are small. Some are obvious, and some never see the light of day. Some lies lead to the deaths of millions, while others create a few unsightly pounds on the hips.

Now lets think about how we discover a lie. The overall opinion of the world is that lies are sought out by all, and that once found, they are exposed, and eradicated. When an individual lies to themselves, we can usually see it in their behavior, in their actions towards others, and their willingness to take care of their own health.

Now lets take a moment to think about lies that are never revealed. Both big lies, and small lies. Big lies contain endless facts that weave a collage of reality that deceives entire populations. Small lies are responsible for putting poisons in our bodies.

Let us ask you, are you informed about the lies that control your life? Are you aware of the plots set forth by bankers who want to control your money? By medical organizations that want to turn your suffering into profit? How about lies that only a few folks at the top of society’s most wealthy know? Do you know those lies? Do you think their employees would divulge such lies to you?

We’re writing this article to remind you that you are surrounded by profiteers who survive almost entirely on false realities set in motion and kept alive by spidering collections of lies. We want you to realize that if you don’t constantly explore reality, you most likely are unaware of the lies that are impacting your life.

Truth About The Human Mind And Lies

The human mind is not engineered to be able to process lies. In fact, it is engineered for the exact opposite. The human race, and all other races for that matter, rely exclusively on taking in information and processing it as truth. If a species were to doubt its reality, it would not survive the mountain lion running directly at it. It must accept the visual input, and respond with fight or flight. The human mind is exactly the same. We have to learn patterns of deception to intellectually understand a lie, and this basic principle of the mind has been lost on man. You must learn how to decipher a lie from the truth. It is a skill like any other.

With this information, we’d like to list a few lies you may or may not know, but that effect every minute of every day you’re alive.

Lie #1:

America has to get its money from foreign countries and pay debt in the form of bonds paid to the member banks of the private for profit Federal Reserve.

Reality #1:

Your country can create its own money debt free forever.

Lie #2:

The food you consume on a daily basis is guaranteed by government agencies to be healthy and non-toxic to your body.

Reality #2:

The organizations such as the EPA, FDA, and CDC have been put in place to protect the profit margins of corporations that create food, and lobby to inject your children with toxic vaccines that cause brain damage. Eat the freshest organic food possible. Avoid any processed foods, fast food restaurants, and get a steady supply of meats to ensure your body can duplicate the proteins that you are made from.

Lie #3:

The water you drink is healthy; especially if it’s bottled.

Reality #3:

Most water is fluoridated and therefore extremely toxic to your body. SMART water is the only safe water in a bottle we’re aware of. Buy a fluoride filter for your house and cease drinking anything out of the tap unless your community refuses to fluoridate your water supply.

Lie #4:

America is made up of Democrats and Republicans that represent two opposing sides of American belief, and voting for their candidates means democracy is working.

Reality #4:

The Democrats and Republicans are no longer independently self controlled groups. All senior officials in top cabinets have been bought off with status or financial gain or both, and answer to a consortium of controlling bodies dictated to them by the elite bankers of Europe. All voting in America is 100% controlled by them through means of voter fraud, and media controlling tactics that prevent outside candidates from appearing on television or in some cases, as with Ron Paul, from being able to claim post debate poll victories.

Lie #5:

America is the land of the free.

Reality #5:

America was free, and now due to the xenophobic tendencies exacerbated by the false flag events of 9/11, we have allowed our country to be pushed into a tyrannical phase of Orwellian rule where freedoms laid down by the United States Constitution have been sacrificed to fabricated fears given to us by the bankers media systems. You do not own your land, do not have free speech, and are spied on constantly by your government.

Lie #6:

People are living longer.

Reality #6:

The reality is that every citizen born after 1940 have been subjected to decades of unhealthy processed food, injected with toxic FLU shots, toxic sugar substitutes, increasing levels of stress, and hundreds of other life threatening elements and thus live shorter and less satisfying lives. It is imperative that you see our “Immediate Health Risks” article and detoxify your bodies. One can study the obituaries of small town America newspapers and see clearly that people born in the 1930s and before are living more often to ages near or beyond 100, and with their minds and physical bodies intact. Today’s elderly are most often diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s due to brain rotting toxins they’ve ingested over the years.

Lie #7:

If something bad was happening, you would know.

Reality #7:

One of the biggest misconceptions is that the world has somehow retained a majority population of whistleblowers who are willing to sacrifice their status and personal ridicule to bring you the truth. The reality is that the intelligence organizations of the world specifically recruit individuals who have a disproportionate amount of loyalty and carry out operations without questioning their controllers. Media is filled to the brim with “Reporters” who are largely “Repeaters” and who think reading a Reuters or Associated Press feeds is journalism. Bottom-line is that you are not safe by proxy. Your wellbeing is not being protected by anyone. You must take your life into your own hands, and control every aspect of the information you take in.

Lie #8:

The Revolutionary War ended in 1776.

Reality #8:

Not only did it not end, but today America is under attack from European Bankers more than ever before. We would argue that the entire planet is under attack by the bankers, and if we don’t hunt them down and imprison them quickly, the damage we’ll have to repair in re-establishing a money system that works will be monumental. America has to revoke the 16th Amendment. America has to replace that Amendment with one that forbids any and all foreign participation. Every action involving the creation and manipulation of money must be above board and accessible by the people.

Lie #9:

You are protected by the Constitution of the United States.

Reality #9:

America is governed by a foreign country called Washington D.C. Washington D.C. is the property of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, and her bylaws…NOT the Constitution. Every government building that flies a gold fringed flag, and has police or military officials wearing the same desecrated symbol of this country are individuals who serve the corporation and not the Constitution. The corporation of America has owners that make up the bankers of Europe. When your rights are eroded every year, it is do to this fact and this fact alone, your Supreme Court does not answer to the forefathers, but to their controllers who put them in place.

Lie #10:

At least we have the internet to help us.

Reality #10: 

There are plans in motion to greatly restrict the internet in the name of freedom. The recent media obsession on “bullying” has been strategically elevated to one day locked down who is allowed to post and where. It will be politically incorrect, and more important lawfully illegal to make statements against our corrupt areas of government once their plan has been fully executed. If we don’t fight to replace those individuals who downplay the value of the Constitution as it was initially written, we will end up a country where citizens quietly disappear in the night for having said anything against tyrannical rule.

The current Administration is in crisis mode attempting to commit America into another war, this time with Iran. This has been a long planned objective and now with President Obama at a historical approval low for any serving President, and his Administration up on charges of conspiracy to sell weapons to drug cartels, his controllers have decided to pull in all the favors and accuse Iran of unsubstantiated claims of assassination plots.

Today’s “No options off the table” comments about a potential military response to Iran for alleged assassination attempt is merely the second step in a long string of pre-plan rhetoric designed to suck loyal left right paradigm supporters into another bloodbath that will result in massive casualties globally. Let’s be fair to Iran, banker loyalists attack America during 9/11, and uses this false flag operation as a precursor to invade a sovereign nation. The United States and its allies are then sucked into war while tens of thousands of innocent young men and women are killed in the process, and any indigenous people in that area who defend themselves are labeled “insurgents” and immediately guilty of crimes worthy of death by JDAM missiles.

America has been duped into thinking that the Middle East was involved in attacks that have done nothing but leave America a tyrannical contradiction to the Constitution of the United States. Our politicians support the initiative because they were put in place by the same factions that conducted 9/11. The very goal of America was immediately lost with the Military Commissions Act that legalized eaves dropping on Americans, a violation of the 4th Amendment, and the torturing of children to extract information from their parents, regardless of guilt. In addition, the Patriot Act I and II have also legalized the utter stripping of the Bill of Rights which makes America the special place it was before 9/11.

It is time to cease our beliefs that makes killing innocent people who are different from us okay. We need to stop sending psych-op emails glorifying the death of native Arab nation citizens by military means. We need to stop sending our children overseas to conquer countries in the name of bankers who want to enslave us and our children.

Understand that Iran is not Iraq. Iran is a very resourceful country that will inflict extremely heavy casualties should she be attacked. Iran may have beliefs that do not correlate with your own, but that does not give you or anyone else the right to change their sovereign right to be different. For Americans, it’s always good to remember that we represent 5% of the entire world’s population. If we set the precedence that the most powerful has the right to rethrow a country to match their own, we encourage you to buy a “How to speak Chinese” or “How to speak Hindu” book today.