What Clouds Really Look Like

Before you forget what real clouds look like, we thought we’d post a picture of a normal California sky. The temperature is in the low 60s and the planes are miraculously not leaving giant chemical trails behind. Instead we see a single plane with a tiny eight second contrail in the distance. It is important that you understand that family photos prior to the late 1990s did not contain chemical trails. Clouds where made of pure water vapor, and if you lived in Southern California the sheer number of photos with no clouds during summers dominated photo albums. If you doubt this assertion, and you live in an area where chemtrails are the norm, pull out your old family photos and try to find trails in the sky. You won’t. However any photos you’ve taken during the 21st Century will be littered if not packed with synthetic trails of toxic powder if you lived in a highly populated area.

The routine assault on Southern California during the spring of 2012 has been the most aggressive we’ve seen in the four years we’ve been tracking this phenomenon. Reports of chronic illnesses based on respiratory conditions have skyrocketed. Strep throat, nasal infections, mouth sores, and asthma like breathing problems are hitting the population on the same day regardless of exposure levels. It is time to start spreading this message. Ask your fellow man to look up and question where the powdery manmade clouds came from. They aren’t contrails.

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