Who doesn’t like Coast to Coast AM with George Noory? We certainly do, but we wanted to impart on you some important information about why we think the show exists. If you’ve listened to Coast to Coast for any number of years, you’ll undoubtedly have noticed that many guest speakers get caught telling tall tales and sometimes called out by callers as bold face liars. To some degree this is expected, because Coast to Coast never makes any factual claims to their content, and overall the nature of the show in our opinion is to entertain, which it does quite successfully.

However, lately a format has emerged where a substantial level of toxic fiction or dare we say propaganda leads off each show from George himself. Reports of foiled terrorist plots read to the audience as if there could be no other truth to the story is example where we take caution. The overall reach of Coast to Coast is massive and therefore very powerful to sway the beliefs of literally tens of millions. When government propaganda is pushed into the mainstream sector as truth, it can drive rationales for more surveillance and tyrannical rule. The latest scam from the CIA was that Al Qaeda had created yet another more sophisticated underwear bomb that was targeted to blow up a plane. George read this over the air without a single hint of caution to his audience. For a show about the paranormal and UFOs, this agenda seems extremely out of place.

Keep in mind that all talk shows have an agenda. Hosts are given the opportunity to have their shows as long as they carry their agendas into the mainstream. With most politically oriented talk shows the purpose is to keep the left right paradigm in motion. For a show like Coast to Coast, the purpose is to put truth next to absurd fiction on such a regimented level that the audience can’t tell fiction from fact. Several Truth movement leaders have been given ample time on air at Coast to Coast, only to be followed up by Crystal Skull collectors and Big Foot enthusiasts. There is a reason for this; it dilutes credibility.

Disinformation Bullhorn

We’ve also heard ludicrous pop-science guests that attempt to sanitize lies that we’ve been told for decades. Take for instance the lie of going to the Moon. NASA has never been to the Moon in a manned mission. This is fact. Yet Coast to Coast cannot complete a week of programming without having on a guess that attempts to validate the Moon missions by proxy through stories about UFOs. The most famous formula being astronauts who have become so good at lying and so desperate to continue being famed for fake accomplishments, that they’ve turned to revising their experience of low Earth orbit fakery by adding UFO sightings to their fiction. There are even conspiracy groups that meet in Malibu California that have at least one “Moon” astronaut who frequents to discuss this extraterrestrial claim.

One of the most humorous tales was between George Noory, a NASA scientist, and Joe Rogan. George, being the obedient servant to propaganda, pushed the representative from NASA against Joe regarding the Van Allen radiation belts that encircle the Earth. Joe pressed the question of how a human being could be exposed to such radiation without dying in the process. The NASA rep then tells the most absurdly misled lie we’ve heard to date on the subject stating that, “The Saturn V rocket flew through the hole at the top of Earth’s Van Allen belts where they are the thinnest.” If one knows anything about the Van Allen belts, and magnetic belts in general, your gut should be sore from laughter. Artists render magnetic polls around spherical objects with a vortex at the exit and entry points of the magnetic particle systems. However, there is no hole. In fact, the level of radiation at these points is more volatile and rapid in emission / absorption than any other place in the lifespan of a belt. Yet, the unknowing wishful public that desperately wants to hang onto America’s domination of space, buys this propaganda hook line and sinker.

So the next time you hear a guest on Coast to Coast AM go on about UFOs, listen for the couple hundred references about the NASA missions to the Moon. It’s all garbage, and should be strictly understood as fictional entertainment.

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