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If you have just happened on this website, or you’re a loyal visitor, we wanted to breakdown how this site is designed. The short and skinny is that this site is designed to save your life. We know that’s a bold claim, but it’s a scientific fact that the more you read our articles, and open your mind to their Truth, the more everything in the world that was chaotic and unpredictable will immediately come into focus and seem like a well oiled plan.

The sad news is that the world population is under attack. A small group of people that we refer to as the elite are right now several decades into their plan to poison the world, destroy our freedoms, our health, and thus continue their strangle hold on us. This website is the single best place to arm yourself with how and why they do what they do.

We are not right, we are not left, we are not tea party, we are not libertarians. We fight for the human race, and believe that the United States Constitution in its original form was the best approximation of how to ensure freedoms within a nation. If you read something that makes you feel like we’re loyal one way over another, please understand this is your internal indoctrination fighting to end the debate prior to discovering the culprit.

Even though we use a blog WordPress layout, and even though we have topical articles throughout the month, all of our content is designed as a reference of freedom. Every article has a single goal, and that is to alert the public of what we call a “Pattern Of Deception.” This would be a formula that is designed to trick the public into a way of thinking that robs them of their liberties.

Many people believe that greed and incompetency is at the heart of all that is wrong. We think that once you focus on how your freedoms are being systematically destroyed, you will soon discover the patterns we write about so much. The elite of the world are gaining ground on repressing societies using technology and financial systems that are con games at their core. We as a people can defeat these patterns as long as we recognize them.

We ask that in the name of freedom you promote our website however you can. On your Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, or anonymous posts in any public forum. You’ll notice we do not have a personality you have to worry about. No one is yelling through a bullhorn. No ads. We aren’t interviewing UFO abductees. We aren’t predicting martial law or a police state. We aren’t selling hopelessness and despair. We have created to provide a place where normal people can refer their friends without being associated with the embarrassing content that tends to follow.

We simply work every single day to distill down the misdirections and manipulations on society. We want your family healthy and free. If there ever was a time in history for you to ask what you can do for your country, it is now. Regardless of where you live, you need this information to help expose the elite and their agendas. They will fall in a single day once the consciousness of the world overflows with knowledge.

Click on any article, because it is sure to open your mind in some way. Above all explore, and be a part of the movement to set man free. Use the “Recommended Path” to the right to get started.

OnePageNews-TheBigPictureWhen asked how far the rabbit hole goes, we sigh with the sheer tonnage of areas that the general population of America and the world are under siege. In an effort to better explain the multitudes of conspiracies that are present in our lives, we have created and image called “The Big Picture.”

A typical fallback position of a person who resists the notions of conspiracies claims that all that is wrong with the world is due to incompetency and greed. Even though this does represent a crucial ingredient in the moral fiber of those who are participating, the individuals who create the agendas that rule those with these social ailments are anything but incompetent. They toil for generations to carry agendas of world domination and political control to the maximum extent allowed by the people who are falling victim to the many distractions that re-prioritize their lives away from reality. We hope this image helps paint a picture of where America in particular is under attack. You may find if you live in other regions of the world that your country as well is suffering some degree of the same agendas.

We want to cover this image briefly to ensure the best possible understanding when promoting it with friends and family.

The Elite

The Elite are the controlling families that own the banks in Europe that control the majority of the world. Their bridge of control into the United States of America was completed in 1913 with the false ratification of the 16th Amendment. This Amendment allowed for the formation of the IRS and legal unapportioned tax on American citizens, as well as turning over the creation of American money to the European bankers using bonds of debt. Once the money supply was controlled by Europe, they controlled our political parties, our politicians lives, corporate growth, and the overall repression of all Americans forever.

The Agenda To Destroy America

We have written several times about this agenda, and we realize how disturbing it is to discover a silent war that has been raging since 1913, and especially since the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963. Nevertheless the rationale goes as follows: Europe and the monarchy of Europe paid for the founding of America. It was to be their prize possession. Then our forefathers double-crossed the controlling tyrannical Elite by taking the land for themselves in the mid-1770s. This led to a war we know as the Revolution, and as we also know, Europe’s defeat.

This loss was the beginning of a war that lasted until 1913. Once the private for profit bank known as the Federal Reserve came into power, the Elite of Europe have worked tirelessly to hatch agendas that destroy the very fabric of our uniqueness. Our culture, our education, our invention, our economy, our freedoms have all been systematically destroyed, and the saddest part is that we’ve been tricked into helping them.

Our citizens have been convinced that if a catchphrase exists to surrender to our losses, then no solution need be sought. “Politicians are all corrupt.” tells Americans that we should never demand that integrity be restored to representation. “Everything causes cancer.” tells Americans to give up on clean organic food that keeps us healthy. “Freedom isn’t free.” tells Americans that every other race on Earth hates our ways and we must rationalize killing anyone who is different from us to protect our xenophobic tendencies.

This must stop. We must take back control of our country. We must help our fellow man see the patterns of deception that are being used to undermine everything we think we’re accomplishing by making failure a fad. As easy as 50 million people fell for the scam of KONY 2012, surely we can get 1% of that population to fall into truth about this conspiracy on our country.


We know our educational system is flawed. Teachers unions protect ignorance as the rulers of Europe laugh at our coddling of teachers who can’t speak proper English. Our students who graduate college with $80,000 in student loans often have degrees that couldn’t get them a job flipping hamburgers. Letters written home by farm boys during the civil war take college professors to translate, because our overall grasp of English has diminished to under 1,200 words for the average high school senior.

Food Supply

The FDA has declared war on small farmers who believe in organic food, while paving the yellow brick road for fast-food corporations to remove food in lieu of inert fillers that have no nutritional value. Tooth rotting diabetes causing soft drinks are perfectly fine, while water fluoride filters are banned in some states. Toxic genetically modified crops are silently replacing natural seed supplies to quietly sterilize a population within a few generations. You eat food, and if you don’t start fighting now, you’ll lose your ability to eat healthy for the rest of your lives. Your legacy by way of children will cease to exist, and all the contributions of your people will vanish. It’s do our die.


Every single day new articles and studies are published that scream out the dangers of vaccinating humans with toxic preservatives. Every single day citizens across America experience horrific losses at the hands of government bureaucrats, and yet in 18 months this country will surrender its healthcare system to the same undereducated underpaid layer of society that will lack any level of compassion for your sick and dying family members. As a state run agency all of the individual doctors we’ve known since the foundation of the country will be 100% controlled and forced into prescribing whatever medicines that government deems appropriate for your children. Corporate greed will escalate to levels we’ve never seen before. Vaccines will be one World Health Organization mandate from complete and utter mandated distribution less you risk losing your health privileges all together.


As America is convinced that a boogeyman that does not exist is out to get them, our parents will sacrifice their children into war where they will unanimously die for a banking cartel. False Flag operations will continue to be the method to scare a complicity baby boomer generation who lack the maturity to step back from the attacks and ask the question of who benefits from each individual act. We must throw out any President or Congressmen or Representative who acts against the United States Constitution. Today we have allowed the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, NDAA, and HR-347 to gut the very freedoms our soldiers are supposedly fighting for. Yet while they fight our President is signing away centuries of accomplishments by our forefathers. We must take back our country in its entirety.


In the 1930s the Elite of the world orchestrated our downfall with the stroke of a pen and some well placed yellow journalism. All sanitized by a century of revisionist history. Today the Elite were faced with the internet, so they were relegated to creating a scandal with the same contracting money effect. In comes the subprime loan scandal. This hoax, which barely effected the bottom-line, scared an entire planet into creating more than $20 trillion in new debt owed to the European banking cartels. America had already signed away jobs using NAFTA. The funny man in Texas with a French last name promised a sucking sound would destroy this country, and he was right. Every small town in America with a Walmart near by knows that their town had a heartbeat before this European owned multinational corporation moved into town. Now its sadly the only source of income, and with the lack of any local economy, its low prices are the only thing keeping people alive. And if we attempt to work within the current system, the Elite of the world have the option to drop the ultimate bomb on the world sending everything into chaos…the derivatives bubble. More than $800 trillion in sum at its smallest estimate would flatline the entire planet’s money supply, while the Elite who have been hoarding gold will have the only backed currency on Earth. It is time we replace our money.

Banking Cartel Expansion

As we mentioned earlier, American men and women are being used to take over foreign countries and hand them over to the IMF and World Bank. The Elite families that own and control these two institutions use this mechanism to expand. The very money supply they use to control America is derived from these acts of world domination, and we give them our offspring to commit crimes against humanity all the time rationalized by attacks they committed against us on days like 9/11. You need to wake up and wake up others. America needs to pull out of the military until the military can be reformed under the guidelines of the Constitution of the United States. We must cut off the hand that serves Europe and its Elite families.

For anyone of us to survive the coming decades, we are going to need to open our eyes and see what has been hidden in plain sight. Please do what you can to distribute “The Big Picture” to help others understand that America is under complete and utter attack.

An armed man is a free man, an unarmed man is a slave.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. As The United States of America is infiltrated by corrupt factions that insist on selling out to European banking cartels, it is up to us to guarantee that their illegal mandates do not result in incarcerated citizens. We must reinforce our network of patriots who are willing to risk their lives to ensure that misguided or corrupt police and or military factions fail in their attempts to cease weapons, detain American citizens, and install unlawful checkpoints to further erode our Constitutional freedoms.

To these corrupt factions, the Constitution is the enemy. The Department Of Homeland Security has deemed all United States citizens who attempt to use the Constitution in their defense of inalienable rights as terrorists. We must empower ourselves to resist what is coming. The National Defense Authorization Act is aimed directly at United States citizens and not the fake boogiemen of Al Qaeda.

Inquisition 2.0 has begun, the foundation of recently passed illegal legislation signed by our illegal alien President. The next phase is implementation:  the arrests, the detaining of legal citizens who know their rights, no judge, no jury, no excuses, no shit. We’d better make sure as a nation we don’t end up like the people in the Warsaw ghettos. Look what happened to them.  They didn’t have guns. They hoped the Tiger would eat them last, but they turned out to be the appetizer.

Listen: Buy a gun. Learn to use it. Practice at firing ranges. Buy ammunition. Know your neighborhood. Establish relationships with your local police, so that they will know who you are, and what you stand for; you’ll find they stand for the same thing. For those of you that have never fired a weapon, head to the range and rent a few firearms, see what you like. Go shooting with a friend that shoots. Don’t discount an entry level shotgun as your firearm choice, as they are on average less expensive than handguns…and have one hell of a business end.

Buy a weapon that has a great performance record. Buy a caliber that is common. Buy more than one weapon designed for close quarter combat. View this as your obligation as an American. Do not brandish your weapon. Do not use it to settle petty conflicts. Don’t rack the slide to make the neat “clackitty-click” sound you see in movies to look like a bad ass. It’s a great way to get yourself shot. Keep your firearms out of reach from children. Teach them to shoot when they are old enough to respect the weapon. Leave it cleaned and maintained, ready for action in the event that the enemy cons American soldiers or police to violate their oath to the people. By all means attempt dialogue prior to force, but if Americans are being snatched off the street and dumped into DHS vans, the time will come to declare War. It will be a quick fight, for few will be willing to risk everything to gain nothing.

You’ll find that on the firing range you’ll meet like-minded people, far more than you would with the pizza eating herd in the parking lot at Costco, and that you’re having a great time taking control of your destiny.  Before long you will sharpen your skills with your weapon, become confident with it, feel the security it provides when you’re home at night. It is our opinion that all women should be adept at handling a handgun. You may have to defend your children one day, you may have to repel an attacker. There are plenty of classes for firearms instruction available that cater specifically to women.

Gun up girls. If you live in a “free state,” get your concealed carry permit. It’ll straighten your spine and you’ll sleep better at night. For all of you hipster men that giggle and snicker at the gun culture while you stumble around with an iPad in one hand and a latte in the other; sack up. It’s in your best interests to learn how to defend yourself. You will get eaten by the Tiger if you’re ninnying around like a little girl if the shit goes down. We’ll be addressing your eunuch subspecies in a future article, rest assured.

Talk to your family members who are in the military. Educate them on what they are fighting for, and what they are not. It has been our unanimous experience that no soldier is willing to violate the Constitution. The elite will soon discover this once the orders come down from on high to transform America into a military state. They swore an oath to the Constitution and have far more interest in upholding it than the corrupt gang of 525 on Capitol Hill.

Don’t fall for acts of terror that accuse home grown citizens of becoming terrorists. Don’t fall for the media spin that anyone mentioning the Constitution is an extremist that needs to be silenced. This very idea alone should send waves of nausea through all red-blooded Americans. Understand that in order to make change, real change, we are going to have to gut our nation’s capital. The corrupt puppets of the Oligarchs must go, as Patriots must replace them with ideals that made this country the greatest experiment in human Liberty. We have the choice right now to elect a President like Ron Paul or we can allow the criminals to use voter fraud and their lapdog media stooges to install yet another Bilderberg hired candidate to sign yet more legislation that will make America a living prison.

As long as we’re slamming down the diet coke and existing comatose at the heel of the 55 inch TV’s, we’ll never pull out of the tailspin. This isn’t a movie. This is real life.  It’s happening right now. Sorry it’s happening on our watch, but that’s the hand we’re dealt. The Second Amendment enforces the First, and defends Liberty against Tyranny.

Time to grow up America.

Avalanche Into Tyranny

Our ancestors need to be proud of us. As they faced tyranny, oppressive government control, and out of bounds taxation, they made a stand against the iron fist and fought to break free. We must do the same.

Now here we are, 220 years after the ratification of the BILL OF RIGHTS, seeing the heinous NDAA bill passed by congress. Only in a country so neutered by its pleasures can the public be so largely unaware that their government has turned against them. This is a grab at total tyranny, allowing in writing, in law, the US Military to prowl the streets, abduct American citizens under trumped up charges of “terrorism”, and toss them into some dark prison hole never to be heard from again.

The East Germans dealt with a total foreign takeover and a serious full throttle Police State at the hands of the Stasi. Even they would not have put up with being groped at the airport by nitwits. They endured the destruction of war, the horrors of starvation, the insult of foreign occupation and total isolation. They managed to break free, topple the government and demand their freedom. How did they do this?

Largely, it was because the military refused to go along with the establishment any longer.

To our friends in the US Armed Services: your job is difficult, but your loyalties are clear: you swore an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Well, we have a serious domestic enemy: the gang of 525 and their Executive figurehead that thinks they can run roughshod over our founding documents and have zero accountability for doing so. When our own government and its enforcement tentacles (Homeland Security for example) begin to label patriots and veterans returning from the wars they started as potential terrorists, you know right away that it is THEY that are the bad guys, not us. When they pass a bill that will allow Americans to be whisked away to shadowy prison camps without their right to due process of law—guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, and the president signs it, it is clear that they have declared war on us. Uphold your oath. Do the right thing. Do NOT enforce these unconstitutional mandates and turn against the greatest nation ever built, and help us prevent it’s avalanche into total tyranny.

This is very serious. Be on the right side of history. The world is watching.

This is very serious.

Another sword was thrust into the heart of The United States of America last night. The US Senate approved (93-7) The National Defense Authorization Act. What this means is that you, as an American Citizen, if you are so much as SUSPECTED of a terrorist act or of allying yourself with “terrorists” you can be swept up off the streets by the military, hauled off to a secret prison, no rights, no defense, no legal representation. You will be treated as a foreign enemy soldier in time of war. This is direct military intervention in the legal process of the United States. The true nature of our Government is now exposed for all to see: the goal is total lockdown of liberty run through the fear filter of domestic terrorism while the economy is destroyed by design. We are being pushed further into a corner while the corrupt crime syndicate that masquerades as our leadership wraps itself in the US Flag under the false pretense of protecting our “freedoms.”

A large part of the population is not going to tolerate this if these acts are implemented. Once a false flag terrorist attack is staged against the people of the United States, and patriots start being swept up off the streets and the military attempts to confiscate weapons…we’re going to have to decide on what side of history we will reside. They are trying to pick a fight with us. We will not be treated like subjects and hauled off to camps. Sorry. Ain’t gonna happen, Hoss. Be careful what you wish for, New World Order. Paybacks are swift.

ATTENTION U.S. MILITARY: You will be used to attack your own countrymen under this false, fake, manufactured “War on Terror”. DO NOT violate your oath to the US Constitution and engage the American People. We must stand together against this inevitable attempt at full-blown tyranny. DO THE RIGHT THING AND STAND WITH US.

Below is an interview with Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oathkeepers, on the InfoWars nightly news. He breaks it down quite well. Take the 45 minutes and invest in the truth of what’s happening.

To Protect and Serve

This is how the Police have come to act in the United States. The video links provided below more or less tell the story. Unarmed protesters, unhappy with having their livelihood stolen from them by the venemous banking cartel, are dispersed by the police in full riot gear. But wait…there’s more…the protesters get to experience the joy of batons, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and all around police thuggery. This is how your first amendment right of Freedom of Speech and Lawful Assembly are treated.

ATTENTION: POLICE OFFICERS COMPLICIT IN THIS- You may think that since you serve in the enforcement wing of the establishment that you’re in some way immune to its predatory nature. Not so. You too will be consumed, head first, by the dragon once your purpose is served. We need all of our type-A Alpha Male leaders to serve on the right side of history, not to wield the tools of oppression and dictatorship. Think about what you are doing. This isn’t Falujah where you thought you could get away with zero accountability. The world is watching.

Your Image Here

So you want to be a hero? You joined the military or some other intelligence agency so you could feel important, and exercise your God given right to be a patriotic citizen of your country. The only problem is that you’re most likely serving a banking cartel that programs your minds into hating your fellow man based on falsified evidence and propaganda.

Well, we’re here to let you know that there’s a job opening for HERO, and it’s still available. All you have to do is root out the nefarious factions within your own institution and we’ll dedicate every waking hour until there is a statue of your deed in every single city in the free world.

You want to be a hero? We’ll make you the biggest hero of all time for the very definition of a hero is measured by the trials and tribulations endured by those to become them, and now is a better time then ever to sleigh Goliath in the name of true freedom.

So where do you start? Let’s start with the Constitution of the United States, or your respective Magna Carta if you’re in Europe. Study the inalienable rights handed down by our forefathers that ensured that we have freedom of speech, the right to bare arms, and the right to not be eavesdropped on without a warrant. Any and all actions that conflict with any of the 10 Bill of Rights should be grounds for a full investigation if not immediate arrest of those who would attempt to censor in any way these basic freedoms.

Let us also not forget the monetary system that rapes every citizen of this world. Most countries come with laws that serve and protect the citizens against such despicable acts of usury. Any and all individuals or organizations that engage in unlawful or unconstitutional acts should be immediately detained and put behind bars.

Back in the 1970s, there was a secret whistleblower code named “Deep Throat.” The time has come to create 10 thousand such informants who are empowered by suitcases, mobile media, or publicly displayed fragments of truth that will set the world free to rule itself. Regardless if they threaten us with doomsday weapons, we need to take whatever steps necessary to eradicate these individuals from power. If we need to wade through their global attacks on society, then this is what we need to do.

It has been said once, and we’ll say it again, “Give us freedom or give us death.” We’re willing to take Omaha Beach all over again. This time from all sides. Do your part to become a hero, and we’ll make good on naming every school or government building after you. We can give you more fame than any elitist can ever give you. Make us proud soldier.

Muammar Gaddafi

It has long been the policy that countries cannot assassinate other countries leaders, so the elite get around this annoying constraint in the moral fiber of the world by paying mercenaries to do it for them. We believe that to call yourself an American, or any country’s citizen that follows the general code of Magna Carta, one must offer the same rights to anyone in the world before capital punishment is allowed.

A foreign leader might be guilty of all his media accused crimes, but without due process, we will never know for certain. Crimes are committed by members of government and military agencies around the world, and we do not murder the leaders of those countries as a response. We need to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that a person is guilty of crimes punishable by death.

It will most likely be recorded that the citizens of Libya killed their own leader. What you should remember is that the entire movement was stimulated by foreign funded bankers that fueled the uprising. United States Special Forces are on the ground as this article is being written, and their purpose is to organize the local factions to revolt against their country, and to provide weapons and intel to conduct their operation. The only thing that perhaps America did not do was pull the trigger on the Gaddafi personally. However, aiding the movement is as criminal as the executive order 11905 is suppose to enforce.

Executive Order 11905, states: “[N]o employee of the United States shall engage in, or conspire to engage in political assassination.” 

This year’s presidential debate has turned into an all out attack on the one candidate the believes there should be a purpose in teaching the Constitution and Bill of Rights in mainstream schools in America. If any of the candidates running against Ron Paul or the current acting president achieve or remain in office, the principles our forefathers fought for will remain a description of an era of freedom that is long since past.

It is our responsibility as United States citizens to uphold the founding guidelines that has allowed America to be one of the most liberated countries in world history. As parents send their children off to war, they need to understand that they are enabling banking cartels to take over those countries and install financial slavery that we now experience in America in 2011. We have a decision to make, and it’s very simple decision. Demand that any candidate you support uphold the Constitution or get out of the race. It is clear that currently, only one such individual exists.


Ever wonder why some American flags, especially those in your courts of law, police stations, and even in the lobby of Walt Disney Corporation all have a gold fringe? It’s not to make the flag look more regal, but to make sure that those who are governed by the law of that institution are NOT governed by the United States of America Constitution, but by the bylaws of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION.

The Corporation is a headless beast that strives to create profit. Profit to a laymen is money. Profit to those who control the world is control. The gold fringe on any American flag is the greatest level of desecration one could have. This goes for state flags as well. It says to the legal world that you are under the law of the Corporation and NOT the country.

Ultimately when you walk into a court of law, you are being governed by the bylaws of a Corporation and not by your Constitution. There are courts that decide if a matter is Constitutional or Unconstitutional, but they are merely looking out of their legal domain and into ours, for we the people, are the only body or group that considers itself under the Constitution.

Have you ever wondered how the 2nd Amendment, the Right To Bare Arms exists, yet so many restrictions exist on guns? It is made possible because individual Unconstitutional bylaws supersede the inalienable rights handed down by our forefathers. In addition our 4th Amendment has been completely destroyed by the Bush administration and now re-certified by the Obama administration. These are rights that cannot be changed unless there is a gold fringe on the flags in the courts presiding over the laws being passed; the “bylaws” of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION.

Next time you are forced to enter a court of law and stand before a judge, look over his or her shoulder and if you see a gold fringe on the American flag, ask that judge to explain the legal implications as it relates to your rights before allowing them to pass judgment over your actions.

Maritime Law

The gold fringe originates from something called Maritime Law. This was a technique that countries used back in the days of Naval fleets that needed to barter and or sign treaties between nations. Each ship flew a flag of its country to denote its legal domain. This flag was honored as the legal domain over that ship. If one were to step onto that ship, one was subject to the written and recorded laws of that flag’s country.

The gold fringe on the United States flag is legal holdover from these times. When one walks into the courtroom or any other institution with a gold fringe, one has surrendered to the bylaws of that Corporation and NOT the Constitution.

The Value Of Guns

The mainstream press ceaselessly bullhorns about the perceived dangers of guns. Some firearms (hunting rifles and shotguns) are given a free pass. Other weapons (mostly handguns and black military style rifles) are deemed lethal dangerous weapons, purely by either how they look or how easy they are to conceal. The forefathers of the United States of America came to understand the crucial value of being able to defend oneself by living through the tyrannical rule of King George of England and the assorted hegemonic monarchies of Europe. They bloody well knew what they were talking about when warning of the dangers of dictatorial rule.

The Second Amendment of the Constitution is the second most vital provision our forefathers gave us. A lot of people will tell you that The Second Amendment enforces the First. The Bill of Rights is a formal statement within this nation’s founding document that illustrates our inalienable rights–rights that are bestowed upon us by our Creator. If you’re religious, Creator can mean God. If not, Creator can mean Nature. Whatever you believe, that isn’t the point. The point is this: These rights can not be taken away from you. They belong to all of us.

Fear’s foundation is the unknown. Virtually all individuals who believe in gun control or abolishing the Second Amendment have never held a gun in their hand, let alone operated one. The very fear of that unknown experience–using a firearm either for recreation or defense–provides a growth medium for the hubris that permeates the Anti Second Amendment Movement. The creators of our Constitution knew the hand of Tyranny, they didn’t live in fear (read: the unknown), they took action. They put their lives in jeopardy so that we could have the arrogance of considering to lose the security that very right provides.

A shrewd enemy attacks where and when you least expect it. When is the last time you envisioned your government attacking you? When was the last time you thought of your country turning into a dictatorship? And if your country did choose by way of corrupt control to switch backwards in time to a primeval monarchy, what power would you have to reverse that outcome if you didn’t have a weapon?

Currently America has several bans in place to restrict access of law of abiding citizens from various weapons. In order to rightfully protect a household or a nation being taken over by hostile forces, one would have to be properly armed. Legal restrictions, passed under the guise of “public safety measures,” put the squeeze on this ability. In effect, these laws restrict your inalienable right to defend yourself.

Some citizens have allowed their government to completely abolish this right, while the criminals in their respective nations have unlimited access to firearms. So those who use these weapons in a rare but urgent scenario to lawfully protect themselves, are now 100% at the mercy of those who routinely use these weapons to control and dominate the individual into submission. These societies have been effectively neutered.

The politicians of the world and their controllers–the bankers, and their controllers–the ruling few, have demonstrated a complete disregard for your sovereignty, your right to own your land and to conduct your life as you see fit. Giving up guns removes the last barrier to their total and complete control over you.

What will you use to get your rights back after they’re all gone?

A strongly worded resolution voicing your disdain?

Or what has always worked since the first foundries lit their furnaces?