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Chemtrail Update: The Awakening

Los Angeles, CA - Oct 3rd, 2012October 3rd, 2012, will go down in history as a day when the Geoengineers single handily woke up more citizens to the covert and highly illegal poisoning of citizens around the world. In Southern California alone, the sheer tonnage of toxic spraying hit record levels unseen prior. news feeds exploded with loyal readers submitting their photos, asking questions, and reporting that they had just found our site for the first time.

If you are aware of Chemtrails and their purpose in the world, it is imperative that you take time out of your day and tell others. If nothing else, point to the sky and ask those around you to look up. An aware society will demand that these trails be stopped. If you can, inform police, military, and political officials. Request that they do something to protect us from these deadly waves.

To our loyal readers who send in pictures, thank you. Without you, our movement would be at a crawl, but instead we have been providing tens of thousands of readers with the evidence and tools to prove to themselves that these are indeed intelligently sprayed and scheduled events. Please keep your photo contributions coming.

Sky Crimes kick off for the Fall Season!

On August 29th, 2012, the campaign to reduce population through aerial spraying re-launched with a vengeance. Instantaneously the population of America erupted with respiratory illnesses. The pharmaceutical companies began enjoying the yearly surge of antibiotics, cold, and flu medicines flying off the shelves. Unlike previous years, the schedule has been pushed up and the risk of GeoEngineers being exposed has increased dramatically. The population has now coined a phrase to make it all better, the “Summer Cold.” Now here we are on the Fall Equinox, and our eugenic friends have taken it upon themselves to spray massive quantities of poison all over Southern California.

Doctor’s Are Mystified

Each year members of our writing staff come down with the chemtrail illnesses as soon as spraying begins. Each time we are forced to visit our physicians, and purchase antibiotics in order to chase away the infections. With each visit we engage in conversations regarding the cause of the illness. We secretly scrape all the theories that doctors use to rationalize these sudden outbreaks.

This year we had an interesting conversation with a doctor that admitted he couldn’t understand the cause for this late summer cold explosion. He sat there struggling to explain that it wasn’t flu season, nor was there any surge in pollen that should have caused his clinic to fill with sick patients. When we suggest that it might be the aerosol spraying outside that started a few days back, we suddenly see an educated man with a PhD turn his head like a curious puppy, and make the connection.

We bring you this story to ensure that you do your part to educate your physicians who have the vocational ability to do their own research, study the patterns of spraying, and make the connections. Physicians have money, attend conferences, and usually contain ethics rooted in saving humanity. You might also try policemen, soldiers, preachers, and anyone else that communes with large groups, who have charters to protect and serve. Eventually, the masses will wake up, and the perpetrators will be hung.

Pop Culture Theories Regarding Chemtrails

Recently we promoted a chemtrail documentary “Why in the world are they spraying?” However littered with great insights and observations, we have later determined that misguided theories have been sadly embedded within. One is the systematic alteration of weather. If one lives in an area of the world with weather conditions, this theory will seem 100% plausible. However, as we’ve mentioned several times in our articles, living in Southern California eliminates this theory to its core.

Southern California is known for its consistent lack of weather. We live in a temperate zone that enjoys 72 degree days with no clouds nearly year round. For those of you who have never lived here, you need to understand that rain is consistently sparse, forcing us to get our water from either the Colorado River, or Northern California reservoirs.

We believe the constant spraying of Southern California is proof that the intent is to make us ill, and promote life shortening sicknesses. If there is any truth to the plastic fiber evidence discovered in New Mexico, we might just be inhaling biological material that could be changing our DNA.

People Are Waking Up

There was a ray of hope however, as one of our staff members, standing at a gas station and pointing his camera to the sky, heard a woman yell from across the street:

“What in the world are they spraying?”

“Barium Oxide!” He called back. “And other biological weapons!”

“You know it!” the awake citizen replied with a vigorous thumbs up, and she drove off.

So, others are waking up. It is our hope that OnePageNews is assisting in the global awakening to the horrendous agenda unfolding before us. As the fall aerosol campaign gets underway, stop anyone; a stranger, a friend, and ask them to just look up.

Take Photos And Send Them To OnePageNews

At a minimum continue taking photographs and send them to OnePageNews. We will share your photos with our readers as they come in. Please know that any photos need to capture trails at their earliest stage. We know what a chemtrail looks like after 30 minutes, but new comers might confuse such photos with normal cloud cover and fail to grasp the severity of the situation. Also, any photos that contain personal identification information such as license plates will need to be edited by our staff before posting. Try to avoid house numbers, and commercial building brands and information.

Above all, keep taking photos! Eventually our collection of dated and located images will lead to the capture and arrest of all members who are participating in this deadly assault on mankind.

Chemtrails are a tough concept for new comers to accept. The assertion that shadow programs are spraying all of humanity globally with life threatening metals is a big pill to swallow. This documentary gets to the heart of the motives behind WHY those in power want to remove more and more rights from humanity.

The goal remains the same, control. By killing off good natural and organic crops with infected bio-engineered replacements designed to make humans sterile in just a few generations, the elite get to kill off those who can’t afford to live healthy. You have a choice when it comes to Chemtrails; either get on board passing this message around, or take a good long look at your children, friends, and relatives, and say to yourself, “This is it. We end humanity now.”

There’s an easy way to alert others: next time the spraying begins, when the criss-cross pattern litters the sky, stop a stranger in a parking lot and say “Look up.” They will.  Then say “Remember when we were kids and contrails only lasted thirty seconds?  I do.” You’ve planted the seed.

Planting seeds can go a long way…not every one will take, but that’s why our numbers (which are far more vast than those that seek to destroy us) are one of the most powerful weapons we have: solidarity in exposing the criminal agenda above.

Make the right choice, your country needs you.

Southern California, July 10th, 2012

Today a massive mid-summer spraying campaign has been dropped on Southern California. All residence are encouraged to take pictures, then go inside. Anyone on the verge of getting sick should load up on good healthy foods, vitamins, liquids, and get plenty of rest. Today asthma suffers are going to struggle to breathe. Within the week, many citizens will come down with throat pains, colds and flu like symptoms, and a variety of other illnesses.

And for those of you telling yourself these are contrails, today is in the mid-80s and nowhere near the atmospheric conditions to turn plane exhaust into permanent clouds of crystalized vapor.

Breathe safe!

New Chemtrail Type

Today one of our readers submitted a new chemtrail type spotted over Huntington Beach, CA involving separate vehicles that synchronized their spraying mechanisms. The image provided is a classic chemtrail marker that is used to monitor drift of wind speeds, and if desired, start and stop points for additional spraying.

We’d like to ask anyone who sees this new type of trail to capture it using any means necessary, and send us your photo. Chemtrails usually cease spraying during summer time seasons. The mild resurgence of spraying has resulted in local population sickness with cold like symptoms. If you are sick, then you are most likely a victim of this mid-summer campaign to poison the population.

For the last several years chemtrails have ceased their spraying by the end of May and begin again in September or October. The reason for this pattern is that chemtrails make the population sick. An entire population getting sick in the summertime would raise questions about why.

Some people think the sudden loss of trails in the summertime is due to the temperature that would chase away “contrails” that are ice crystals that form behind a normal plane. This isn’t the case for Orange County California. When Walt Disney researched and chose the location for Disneyland, he settled on Orange County California due to its extremely stable weather with very little rain. For those of you who have never been or never lived in this area of the world, you should know that our summers come very late in the year. June is typically a month virtually identical to the months March through May. Our temperatures are roughly the same, and in some cases even colder and wetter than previous months.

However, the month of May does kick off the season of summer, and with summer is the conclusion of FLU shot campaigns that fill your body with deadly mercury poisoning, and Theraflu commercials convincing everyone they need to load up on over the counter meds. If a population was saddled with this regiment over a summer season, questions would start to raise. As the temperatures rise, the synthetic spraying of toxins would contradict the cover story of contrails.

Should they decide to break the cycle of non-spraying summers we will be there to capture their planes flying from San Diego to Ventura. We encourage each and every one of you to look up into the sky, study the trails that follow airliners. Use your cell phone or digital camera to track their spraying and send us your evidence. When they least expect it we will haul them into court with conclusive physical evidence that indeed these are chemical laden trails from non-commercial flights poisoning an entire population year after year. Chemical samples taken from the sky, photos of planes with no markings, and years of spraying techniques and schedules will send the scientists and military individuals sworn to serve and protect to jail for life.

Be a part of history. Clean up our skies. Protect your family since our military won’t.

Meet Your Fellow Man

Today we share with you an example of a man who’s heart was exactly where it needed to be. He regretted the situation we had got ourselves into, but knew that a solution was possible. We hope that chemtrails did not play a role in his eventual passing.

Before we begin, let us say that we assume that any human with an average intelligence can look into the sky and want it to be devoid of pollution from planes. Or they can follow a car and imagine a day when all vehicles run on hydrogen where water vapor is the only exhaust. Or perhaps all our electricity comes from tapping the mantel of the Earth and boiling clean water through turbines in geothermal plants to create infinite free energy. So why hasn’t this happen?

You know the reason. The reason Tesla’s free energy plans were halted, why the electric car was killed, and why dirty coal and toxic radioactive solutions are our only choice. The elite power-hungry monarchs who desire complete and utter control need to convert every natural resource into a financial weapon of repression. They get to ascend, while we are forced to pay the highest price they can legally charge for all the above.

What drives the green movement?

The green movement is a very interesting phenomenon. On one hand, we the people want our planet cleaned up from their choices. On the other hand, we didn’t choose any of these solutions. We didn’t choose our forms of energy, fuel, we don’t sit in our homes and beg for mercury laden lightbulbs built with PCBs. Yet the elite of the world are funding green movement groups to guilt trip an entire planet to finance their upgrades to cleaner solutions that can be rationed to the people at even greater costs.

What do we do to become green?

Initially we must remember, we didn’t choose the horrible technologies that are polluting the world. We didn’t choose to dump megatons of toxic chemicals into the ocean and bury nuclear waste in undisclosed landfills. Any solution that is to achieve the end goal of being green needs to be certified by the people, and the first goal of any solution should be to strive for free or nearly free solutions to every dilemma we face.

The key reason we mention the guilt factor is that it reveals the lack of connection between the citizens of the world and their controllers. The world evolved organically to allow corporations to control vital resources such as water, air, the land we live on, the food we eat, the educations we receive, and the sources of power that bring this planet to life. The next round cannot be controlled by the corporations. The next round must be controlled by the people. We must demand that all vital resources are of the utmost efficiency.

We must demand our air stays clean, and forbid the planes to spray massive chemical trails that cause countless illnesses. We must demand our water is not toxified by fluoride and other medical treatments that have not been authorized by the masses. All sources of electricity must be derived from clean sources such as geothermal plants, and not be controlled by oil companies that have rebaked the schematics to expose the world to toxic fumes that need not reach the surface. Our cars and planes need to run on water fracturing technologies that convert tap water into pure hydrogen that burns into steam.

We have all these inventions in the public domain. We need to sever the connection between big banks and their minion corporations and take on these objectives outside of draconian tax programs that further suppress everyone but the elite. People like Al Gore need to be put on trial for propagating lies on the public to instill mass hysteria that could have led to a bankrupted society that had to beg bankers for more fiat currencies to gain resources to survive.

Where do we go from here?

The current green movement needs to end. The factions that have come together to clean our planet have been duped into carrying the agenda of the 1%. The droves of products claiming to be green are not unlike the mountains of food that remain highly processed, but sport the logo of organic to convince an unsuspecting population that they’re going to be healthy if they consume it.

We must cease the demonization of CO2 gas in the atmosphere and focus on sheer pollutants. Corporations that get caught dumping toxic chemicals in the air, water, and soil need to be shut down, and their CEOs and Boards of Directors thrown in jail for life. Penalties and fines should never be acceptable methods of payment for compromising the health of the planet for in some cases millions of years. Armies should be forbidden from using depleted uranium in their ammunition and vehicle construction, and those that do need to be stopped, and those who approved the use of such radioactive materials should be thrown in jail.

We know the names of the corporations and organizations that are making the bad choices. We need to gain the guts to haul them into prisons. To put them on trial. To dismantle their infrastructure of death. We will need to arrest those who are striving to manipulate the world before we’ll be able to rebuild a true green movement that is run by the people and not any one government. It can’t be left to our corrupt Bilderberg selected officials to do the right thing. It will take decades to correct the problem, but the witch hunt for those who have destroyed this planet should start today.

The Power Of A Discussion

We get asked routinely what an individual can do to change the world. Our answer is simple, get informed, and open up the discussion. If it helps, use our website to gain the upper hand on cliché catchphrases that are used to cleanse patterns of deception. You are being guilt tripped into giving up your money to fix choices that were made for you. You aren’t choosing the replacement technologies in the current green movement. This is a crime, and it must be different this time.

Talk with your fellow-man. Get them to understand the absurdity of the current movement. By all means suggest solutions, but try to avoid repeating the knee-jerk sound bites handed down by corporations and bankers who want to co-opt the movement from the people. This time it’s up to us. This time we must choose. Now spread the word.

Today April 19th, 2012, the shadow factions that are spraying our otherwise clean air with aluminum and barium oxide are having a field day of death. The entire horizon from east to west is plastered with thick choking blankets of toxic powder. Today would be a good day to cancel that trip to the beach despite the warmer weather.

We urge you to get out your cameras, snap shots, and email them to We do not track who you are, and will delete your original email upon receipt. We simply need the location down to county level, and a date. That will allow us to add your photo to the arsenal of photos that will bring these criminals to justice. Whether it is pollution or something more nefarious, we deserve to have our skies clear and blue as they were in the 1990s and prior.

Remember to get out your family photos and try to find chemtrails from 1996 and prior. Prove to yourself that this is a recent phenomenon that needs to be stopped. Expect psyop fakes, but you’ll know your photos don’t have them. Believe only your own collection.

When dealing with new information and especially conspiracies a common barrier can get between you and your ability to believe, and that is the question of Why. This single word continues to plague individuals from engaging their reality, mitigating the detrimental effects on their life, and funneling any thoughts into actionable items that can help to spread knowledge. We’re going to take a moment to help break you through this invisible barrier.

The youngest child in the world starts with the question why. Initially they are prone to believe whatever they are told, which is where humanity gets superstitions, religions, and other bad information that confines reality and robs man of their true mental freedoms. When the why is regarding simple questions with simple answers, the process resolves quickly in most cases. However, there is a valuable conundrum that arrises when conspiracies enter the picture.

The conspiracies we focus on at OnePageNews are often related to vital information that if not heeded, lead to the demise of individual destinies, health, and indirectly the freedoms that our forefathers have died for. Our challenge is that not all conspiracies come with documentation and or history books. We see things happen, we can easily in many cases deduce that the official stories submitted by profit seeking mass media or nefarious groups benefiting from the conspiracy are false. We can in many cases prove scientifically that the official stories are lies. We can recreate how many events physically occurred down to the last explosive, or the last financial policy change that allowed an economy to implode. What we cannot do in many cases is explain exactly why the event happened, and it is this reality that all truth seekers have to deal with. Does that mean we shouldn’t believe what our information tells us? No.

For example, when you read or examine photos of chemtrails you will probably defend the notion with the question of “Why would anyone do this?” or “Why are they spraying us?” In the event the person telling you about this lacks the overall big picture, you might retreat to the safe side of your emotional spectrum and volunteer your disbelief due to the uncertainty that a lack of full explanation would provide. We would like to suggest that a truth seeker does not cease exploring a theory simply due to a lack of reason. Many things in nature are unexplained, however, we as a population continue to believe the effects of storms, earthquakes, deaths, and natural phenomenon that occur every year.

The event of September 11th, 2001 remains a mystery to some extent. We think it is clear that the only factions benefitting from the attacks are the European banking cartels that have systematically used United States soldiers to take over Middle Eastern nations and destroyed the freedoms in America by passing executive orders to rape the Constitution. Osama Bin Laden didn’t prevail. The Taliban didn’t prevail. The Arab world as a whole didn’t prevail. Only bankers and major corporations that are owned by those bankers have prevailed. If one subscribes to the edict of following the money and or benefactors, the official story of who attacked us must be rejected. We’re of course ignoring the obvious scientific impossibilities of the event as examined by literally hundreds of millions of citizens who now know the event to be an inside job.

But again, if a skeptical person wants to hinge their intellectual prowess on the age old question of “Why?” and demand that all facts that are hidden by those involved must be divulged in full before they will consider the alternate reality, then the elite win. It is this simple fact that drives us to beg you to reconsider the process you use to find and accept the truth. We don’t ask you to subscribe to our assertions of why. We have our ideas based on tracking the financial gains of those involved, but we would encourage you to come up with your own reasons as trivial or complex as they might be. This is a group effort. The world is at stake the more we allow the elite, who will always hide their agendas from the public, to get away with heinous crimes simply because we the victims cannot explain their intent in full.  If the question of “Why” is the only form of doubt a person needs to reject otherwise empirical evidence, then nearly all belief systems would be erased in a day.

So as you go about your journey reading not only our website, but others, we urge you to consider how many beliefs you already possess that lack a reason why. Then ask yourself how you accept the news you see everyday without a reason why. People who are mugged often never get a reason why from their attackers. The same goes for victims of all shapes and sizes. The elite do not publish their intent. They are cowards who hide in the shadows and use their financial powers to manipulate the ignorant into selling out their own people for a momentary blip of monetary gain.

We have the power to create a bloodless revolution. A day when the nefarious weak bankers are hauled away into prisons for the rest of their lives. Where the families that have benefited from the deaths of so many soldiers who are tricked on a daily basis to kill for cover stories that serve bankers are stripped of their wealth. We can change the world. We simply need to change the way we take in reality. Be the first person in your clan to make that change, and help others around you understand that they are defending their own demise with the power of a single word.

What Clouds Really Look Like

Before you forget what real clouds look like, we thought we’d post a picture of a normal California sky. The temperature is in the low 60s and the planes are miraculously not leaving giant chemical trails behind. Instead we see a single plane with a tiny eight second contrail in the distance. It is important that you understand that family photos prior to the late 1990s did not contain chemical trails. Clouds where made of pure water vapor, and if you lived in Southern California the sheer number of photos with no clouds during summers dominated photo albums. If you doubt this assertion, and you live in an area where chemtrails are the norm, pull out your old family photos and try to find trails in the sky. You won’t. However any photos you’ve taken during the 21st Century will be littered if not packed with synthetic trails of toxic powder if you lived in a highly populated area.

The routine assault on Southern California during the spring of 2012 has been the most aggressive we’ve seen in the four years we’ve been tracking this phenomenon. Reports of chronic illnesses based on respiratory conditions have skyrocketed. Strep throat, nasal infections, mouth sores, and asthma like breathing problems are hitting the population on the same day regardless of exposure levels. It is time to start spreading this message. Ask your fellow man to look up and question where the powdery manmade clouds came from. They aren’t contrails.

The race is on to demonize anyone who doesn’t believe the elite’s assertion that CO2 contributes to global warming. Unfortunately for Al Gore, the Earth has demonstrated for nine years that things are cooling globally. The problem for the elite is that they are trying to get their legislation passed to tax the entire planet into complete and utter submission using whatever “Climate Change” theory they can before the world finishes waking up on the matter. First, lets review the facts.

How much CO2 is in Earth’s greenhouse gas layer?

The answer is .054%. If that sounds small, it’s because it is small. Very small. Imagine cutting a sheet of paper into 54,000 equal sized pieces small. One of those pieces would be the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. The highest estimate we’re aware of is 9% of the .054%. So take 9% of that tiny piece of paper you cut out. That’s how much man contributes to this infinitesimal amount. And what is the other 53,999 pieces made of? Brace yourself, water. Just try to ban that.

The bottom line is that there was a surge in heat in 2003 when this ridiculous story was spewed at the people. The elite tried to get all the carbon taxes passed globally as quickly as they could. Now we’ve seen emails that prove that the data was falsified, and that scientists flat-out lied about their conclusion based on political pressure. However, that doesn’t stop them from continually revisiting the false theory as if no ill intent or malice was found. It was, and it is still a fraud.

The right-wing excuse for denial

As the largely sleeping public comes in and out of the debate on global warming, albeit without doing a single ounce of personal research save watching Al Gore’s film of propaganda, a simple two-party paradigm is being used to label anyone who knows the truth as a Rush Limbaugh fan. We are not Limbaugh fans. We aren’t right wingers. We aren’t left wingers. Yet we know the scientific facts behind CO2 levels in the greenhouse gas layer around Earth.

Recently many pandering celebrities have used their on air time to accuse those who know the truth of being holocaust deniers or as of recent racists. The assertion is that to know the truth is to continue the now freshly branded “climate change” from “global warming,” and that when the world boils away due to CO2 emissions, it will be us to blame. To these traitors we say, do we get to prosecute you each year that Southern California drops a few average mean degrees? Because it has. In 2003, Southern California experienced unusually high temperatures reaching 100+ for weeks. Sales of air conditioners exploded. Natives to the region realized that something was different, and so Al Gore’s message was well received. Then something happen. It got cooler.

Each year since 2003, the summer highs in Southern California have been increasingly cooler. Researchers who are familiar with the 150 year cycle of the mini-iceage have warned that by 2020, the temperatures in several warmer areas might indeed be extremely cold during winter, and cooler than spring during summer. But who cares about historically tracked cycles right?

Before you allow your blood to boil, or your voice to raise, please remember that this isn’t a debate. The world is not warming. Climate changes every single day, but has nothing to do with anything the U.N. or Al Gore are trying to push on the people. Should we clean up the air? Sure, get your government to stop spraying chemtrails every single day. Should we clean the water? Sure, stop adding toxic fluoride that rots your teeth, bones, and pineal gland. Should we stop using coal and nuclear power? Sure, stop demonizing geothermal plants and revert back to Caltech’s original design. Should we stop using gasoline? Sure, dig up Stan Meyers water fracturing technology.

The world is not warming. CO2 doesn’t cause warming. A lie does not become truth simply because you’ve believed it in the past. Stop being duped by all sides.

Chemtrail Assault On SoCal Mar 28th, 2012

Today March 28th 2012 we see some of the most aggressive spraying of the year. Metric tons of toxic chemicals fill up the Southern California sky for four counties reaching from Ventura to San Diego. Soon a population will start to exhibit respiratory illnesses, throat infections, and for some, terminal illnesses that would have otherwise been successfully beaten by their natural immune system.

Regardless of where you are, and what you believe, you deserve to breathe fresh clean air. If you believe these trails are due to bad fuel, a shield on global warming, or geoengineering to spray 72 degree sunshine on the populous, you do not deserve to have your lungs full of aluminum and or barium oxide. You have not authorized government spraying of any kind, and yet you are paying for their experiments with your health, and perhaps your life.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our chemtrail gallery. We have miles of evidence proving that these trails are sprayed intentionally. We have images that demonstrate the spraying not only starts and stops suddenly, but that meticulously constructed geometric shapes are carefully created to test wind drift and thus develop targeting strategies above and beyond previous techniques.

Whether or not you have a skeptical mind, we are certain that if you carry a camera and take pictures for a month, you’ll soon understand why we campaign against these chemical death trails hidden in plane sight. As you take photos, you’ll notice that some planes at the same altitude leave no trails, while others billow huge payloads of white powder that wisp into what appears to be clouds minutes later. Tell your children that clouds don’t come from planes, and demand from every artery of government supervision that these trails be analyzed and dealt with. They have the charter to serve and protect. Currently, they aren’t doing either.

Why don’t more people believe in conspiracies? Why do people go on believing in absurd tales that control summer gas gouging, wars in the Middle East, elections made of cartoon characters? The reason is simple. Their minds are not prepared to enter the realm of pain caused by the truth. This article is going to explain a natural barrier that the elite use against humanity to live behind a curtain of genetic defense.

There is a little rule about the mind that the public seldom discusses. Pain is the caretaker of the mind, and controls what you desire and more importantly believe. Your mind will always avoid a direction of pain when possible. Several motivational speakers use this reality to help individuals envision roads of failure that lead to a painful existence, to get them to course correct towards a better path of rewarding success.

However, there is something darker and deeper about this truth, and it has to do with a layer of reality that isn’t seen by the masses who are yet to cross the threshold of pain. If one were to think of our beliefs on a scale from euphoric to horror, one would get a glimpse of this mechanism.

Have you ever thought for a moment that there might be a reality that you can’t see? Many films have been based on this idea from The Wizard of Oz to The Matrix, writers have had fun with the notion that something is going on behind a shield of reality that the normal populous can’t observe or detect. What if we were to tell you that this is actually occurring, but that instead of a yellow brick road, or a field of hibernating humans being converted into batteries, it’s simply built into your mind.

Now even in The Matrix it had semblances of reality. People walked the streets and lived their lives feeling like they were real. They were safe as long as they didn’t wake up. As long as they were content with being completely and utterly controlled. We want you to know that virtually all the agendas that control your life are on the other side of the “Reality Threshold,” and most people are unable to accept the painful nature of these realities, and thus choose to never believe in them.

What this little secret about the human mind allows is a place for elite agendas to be hatched against the population. From Chemtrails that fill your skies with toxic particles and perhaps biological weapons, to mind controlling cellphone towers and remote antennas such as HAARP that have the power to cause earthquakes and hurricanes, reality is patently more intense than the average human is willing to accept. Therefore the elite get an exclusive zone to develop and execute agendas against the world, and the world can’t see their actions.

When you hear someone say that September 11th, 2001 was an inside job by conspirators within several nations including the United States, Britain, Israel, and Pakistan, you have now read a sentence well within the RED zone of the reality spectrum. Your mind wants to refuse this fact from ever being recorded as truth, for to do so will demand that you accept the toll of pain that will splash over your heart.

However, if someone can disguise this horror with a cover story that sanitizes this reality under the guise of a hidden boogeyman known as Osama Bin Laden, a man you’ll never see again, who has been murdered in the propaganda eye, then although painful, you don’t have to fear factions within your own government. If you thought for an instant that your elected officials were involved, or that military top brass were allowing 3,000 people to die, you would have to change your daily activities to purge this filth from your homeland, and no one wants to die. No one wants to go to war, so we comfortably allow the matter to stay on the side of acceptability.

The good news, if there is any, is that once you dig deeper than the horror of the event, you can soon find very clinical explanations of why the elite do what they do. In the case of 9/11, banking cartels want to control a region of the world they currently don’t. They don’t want their own kind to die, so they attack the United States galvanizing the public against the bankers common enemy (sovereign citizens of Eurasia), and we send our children off to die so that a country can be taken over by banker appointed politicians who have already agreed to enslave the people of the region.

There are many agendas hidden within the RED zone of the reality spectrum. As of now, they get to exist with very little accountability. They get to exist, because the population cannot accept, or won’t accept the pain that will descend on their hearts should they choose to believe.

We urge every single one of you to pass this article along. Help the world see what cannot be unseen. Cut and paste these images all over the web and help your fellow-man wake up. Help them understand that they may still live in the Matrix. It only takes a few tweets, Facebook posts, Google+ posts, emails, to create a wave that cannot be undone.

Let’s wake the world up. Let’s press the reset button together. Let’s set an entire planet free.

Southern California Mar 4th, 2012

The world government is at it again. The 80+ degree weather in Southern California was met with metric tons of chemical toxins dropped from the tail end of planes. If a survey was given to children of the era as to where clouds come from, we’re certain that an overwhelming amount would claim that they come from planes. As parties rage on the public sits outside breathing aluminum dust that will likely not leave their bodies until they are absorbed by the Earth itself.

Their spraying techniques are more and more blatant. Their careful formations and dotted line techniques of 2011 have become the norm in 2012. Citizens are starting to look up. They are starting to take photos, and they are starting to become acutely aware that these trails from planes are being sprayed intentionally. They are not contrails. They are chemical clouds that cause numerous respiratory illnesses including strep throat and latent cases of asthma.

As a tiny tidbit for all of you clinging to the notion that these are indeed contrails of ice crystals. You might find it valuable to know that planes are not allowed to fly into the path of other plane’s contrails. A cloud of ice has profoundly dangerous effects on a plane when struck at 550+ miles per hour. Yet, Chemtrails are crisscrossed and intentionally struck by other planes as they lay down markers and boundaries. Thin clouds of aluminum and barium oxide can be flown threw, contrails cannot and never are.

It is time to wake up, and time to wake other people up. We have found that simply posing the question usually leads to a person who no longer looks at the sky the same. Look up. Take pictures. Breathe safe.